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  1. In spells they are playing some decent stuff and are comfortably matching Leeds. The big difference is that in the final third we are shocking and Leeds look dangerous.
  2. Agree with this 100%. As stated above Pears had next to nowt to do tonight. Their keeper was heroic.
  3. We're sitting so far back their keeper is going to get mom.
  4. I thought it was a decent performance. One positive was young Pears. Didn't have much to do but what he did have he did competently, although his kicking needs to improve. The club have said don't expect any big spending in January but if they could find a decent striker then I have no doubt the effect of someone actually providing an end product would have a positive effect on the whole team,certainly enough to finish mid-table. The striker in question doesn't have to be an expensive world beater, just someone who is better than what we have would do, can't be that hard surely.
  5. There were two marking him, neither went with him when he went for the ball, one move central and the other stood still.
  6. He's in for a shock when we go into the 20th minute of injury time.
  7. A poster on FMTTM has just put up a link to the club shop and it turns out that you can no longer buy a shirt with his name on it. His name is there but greyed out and not active. Coincidence?
  8. My understanding is that Gibbo and his brother fell out after Steve blocked Ben leaving. He wanted him to stay for a season, which he did and after that he was off to the highest bidder. Whether or not there is any residue I have no idea but I was also led to believe that Ben's dad "retired" from Bulkhaul over it.
  9. A bloke on another site is complaining that he couldn't get in with his ST card. Had four goes at re-activating it but failed each time with the queues of people in a similar situation getting larger all the time. He's at home watching it now and not happy. I wonder how many more didn't get in?
  10. I don't. As I read earlier that bids had been accepted by both clubs. So I'm taking it for lazy Journalism.
  11. So we haven't bid for Bryan then? Is that what you are saying?
  12. Their chairman is already getting grief from their fans so this might be a ploy. Walk away, state again that he's not for sale, we come in with a stupid amount (as is our wont) and then he can turn round and say "well we wanted to keep him but boro just blew us away with the amount they offered" Alternatively, he might not be for sale.
  13. I'm not a fan of Traore by any means but I think if it were me I'd get him on. The Leeds players are so up for this they would end up kicking him all over the park, the outcome of which could be positive.
  14. It just may be that the most important signing of this window is the one that took place last year. It is probably significant that Gaston didn't get his move and is stuck here for six months at least. As long as he gets his head screwed on he could be the difference.
  15. Sat here thinking the same thing. I'm convinced that we will score, but can we keep them out. 3-3 anyone?
  16. Given that much space I could have delivered that!
  17. Money on Brighton.............the bookies are most welcome to it.
  18. you're too optimistic. Birmingham are playing for nothing therefore as Rowett says "owe it to the league to play well". Derby have plenty to play for - but not in this game. They are playing Hull. Why would they go for it and risk injury etc after all the players they have lost this season? So Derby go to Brighton and roll over, get a real good spanking? What do they do the following week at home to Ipswich? Do they rest players again, saving them for the play offs and risk another spanking at home. And what would be the result of these spankings in terms of confidence going into the play offs. Just some questions for you to ponder.
  19. It seems to me that there is an anxiety and as a consequence the decision making process of individual players is what is costing the team. Picking the wrong pass, not making the right pass when it is on, continuing runs when there is a pass on.
  20. billsykes

    Karanka staying!

    Nobody knows but probably nothing. However as this is a fantasy someone will be along very soon to tell you: What they think/know/heard he has done What they hope he has done What they read on here on post #97 that he might have done What that bloke off FMTTM who is ITK says he has done
  21. billsykes

    Karanka staying!

    There is no smoke without fire! There often is actually, very often at what looks like a fire and regularly in any environment that involves twitter, facebook or an internet forum. I picked the post above as an example. First line; "Sounds to me (if true)". Fourth line "(this is just my feeling)". This thread is littered with guff like this. Another favourite "I've heard off (insert anything from goldfish to aunty who lives in Azerbaijan)", is a firm favourite. All examples of smoke without fire. It is being reported by Sky so it must be true. No it is not! Sky mention it on their Middlesbrough FC page. They are not really reporting anything as there is no detail, they are just repeating what has been reported on twitter. The Gazette; nothing. BBC; nothing. I looked at FMTTM this morning and found madness, came over here for some sanity and found everyone had turned into Lemmings; more madness. Need to play golf.
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