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  1. 🎶 Announced in the morning! He's getting announced in the morning... announced in the MORRR-ning.... He's getting announced in the morr-ninng🎶
  2. I imagine we are thinking of Dijksteel, Howson and Peltier as out RB options until whenever Fisher is back. Maybe we are aiming to play 4 and the back this season.
  3. Dunno, looking at his YouTube clips, he looks a decent player! Got a great left foot.
  4. I wasn't listening that closely to the press conference yesterday but I thought Warnock seemed to suggest Crooks was carrying an injury from the last game. I wonder if he'll be in the side today. Can't see him trusting Payero enough to start the game.
  5. Did he really never play at the Riverside? I was sure he played there once. Maybe for Ipswich?
  6. True, but the point is a premier league team rated him. All I'm saying is I could see it happening.
  7. Well, Ashley Fletcher went to Watford. I wouldn't say he's been absolutely stellar at championship level.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tav go, to be honest. If we're looking at wide players and have Payero for the right side of a midfield three, I do wonder if we might let him leave if there's a substantial offer from a Premier League club. And he'd probably want to pursue that.
  9. He's there, but it's a Secret Escapes summer saver deal rather than transfer related.
  10. Rainbow also featured ROD, Jane and Freddy (doing aerobics). Rod is obviously a clue that Muniz has signed.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2105390/Andros-Townsend-Spurs-cutting-short-Leeds-loan-spell.html Pretty sure it won't be Boro based on this. He left Leeds when Warnock was in charge and he wasn't impressed.
  12. Before we all get too excited, Ledesma and Marinelli only had bit-parts during their time at the club. And I know he was Uruguayan, but Carlos de Pena was another player who just couldn't adapt. What I'm trying to say is: just buy Warnock's former players from his old clubs.
  13. This one from Ronaldo is one of the best long range screamers that I've seen (apart from Emerson).
  14. Put Marvin Johnson back in. He's been one of our better players this season and has chipped in with the odd goal. If and when he's fit enough, play Ashley Flecther alongside Britt. The latter has been pretty poor all season but Fletcher seems to bring out the best in him.
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