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  1. Are you not the poster (I was going to label you sanctimonious, for that is an opinion I have derived based on your posts, but that would be disrespectful, even though well founded) that recently called someone an idiot. Practice what you preach.
  2. Not been on for while, but hey, fantastic performance, Ayala and Gibson are a potent partnership at the core of our defence. Friend, Kalas and Leadbitter resolute. Stevens and Downing outstanding. The gulf in technical ability, ball control and physical presence between the indomitable Nugent and ineffective Kike is immense. Sorry if I'm wrong. All these opinions are derived from a streamed broadcast of the game. No doubt you where all at the game, so are better informed???
  3. Can someone explain to me what is going on with this forum. I have posted a thread , that I think identifies what appears to be a dominant clique on the forum. Don't you agree, well lets take Red Rocket as an example. Joined in Jan 2014 and has been awarded an unprecedented 32 rep points in that time, could it be the fact that she has never posted anything controversial ( I cant think of anything, can you, help me out here? ) and lets say " tows the party line". Well done Jen. Or is it just a fact that the keyboard Casanova's are having some impact on this situation. This forum, last
  4. What have I missed/ what did he say? What page is it on? Is he going to have his anabolic steroids withheld for the duration?
  5. Yes that would make sense. Financially and logically.
  6. Its obvious now that JR as always been the No1 striker target. The bean counters must have anticipated the potential problems of dealing with chicken farmers. They must have sensibly already shown an interest and made enquiries about another option if it doesn't come off. I hope its not another Juan Foreigner, we can't afford a season of acclimatisation, A la Kike.
  7. Didn't we pay quite a bit for Tomlin? £1.5M, what are we saying he is worth now £4-£6M. Bargain.
  8. I always thought that an imbecile was someone that couldn't spell worth. :D
  9. We as Boro fans appear to like a bargain. We tend to idolise and perhaps overestimate the quality of players that we have got for nothing or very close to it. Leadbitter, Friend, Tomlin, Adomah and Ayala etc. Shortly after joining us they have arguably become potential PL players, even though they wheren't anywhere near that when we took them on. Magic perhaps. We are not so forgiving when a considerable transfer fee is involved. We expect those players to hit the ground running and become an instant success. Jordan Rhodes is in for a rough ride from the fans if he doesn't turn it on from
  10. did you go the man city match? Is that your little evidence.
  11. I have nothing against Tomlin, I think he is, at his best a good, but more often than not a mediocre championship footballer. Premiership footballer? I would be surprised if he made the grade. But there are those that espouse that he PL quality, with little evidence to support the theory, I might add.
  12. Tomlin is worth a lot more than £3 million Well thats your opinion i thought i was being very generous saying 3m to be honest. He got 10 goals and 11 assists last season. What've you got against him? Sorry i might be being harsh but i can't stand him what kind of professional football player cant maintain a healthy weight? hes fat lazy and trys to many 'hollywood' passes to make himself look good, yes he can be amazing but that happens 1 in 10 to 15 games and goes completely missing in the rest and his attitude stinks and you can clearly tell that's the case given his weight. Don
  13. is Glen Murray still available. Must be surplus to requirements with Bamford at CP. Relatively cheap but I realise he is getting on.
  14. Turns out they are a bunch of *** Or are they just playing chicken?
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