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  1. I've been going to the matches for most of the season and as soon as they went on sale they seemed to just go! Understandably! Fingers crossed but I haven't got my hopes up.
  2. Hello! Myself and two friends failed to get tickets for the Brighton game! We had no idea they would sell out so fast but I'm feeling the pain of not being able to go now! I know it's a long shot but if anyone has a spare 2-3 tickets, under 18's or Adults they wish to sell then please drop me a message! Thank you
  3. I personally WOULD be very happy with Crouch... He'll score goals in this league and with the type of service we would expect him to receive from the three who would play behind him, I could really see him getting a bag full. He's not the fastest, but your joking if you think Rhodes is fast, neither was Lambert or Daryl Murphey. Crouch would be a top class signing in my opinion.
  4. Hooper has been quoted as 3-4 mill. Gestede is 8 mill. So he may be better but hes twice the price If that's true then I apologise.. I thought the rumoured price for Hooper was around 8M.
  5. I definitely do not want Hooper.. There are better strikers for less. Wells, Gestede, Lambert (although he wouldn't come).
  6. Going to put my head on the block and say I don't want Rhodes.
  7. Am I the only one who would much rather have Gestede + the extra 4 million or whatever we saved from not going for Rhodes to strengthen the squad elsewhere?
  8. Who's craving to be ITK? barlowboro has just passed something on that he's heard, it's up to you whether you want to believe it or not Thank you. I've said that he's not always been right in the past. I'm passing on what I've heard and am in no way claiming to be "ITK".. Who wouldn't pass it on?
  9. Can't take anymore of this *hides behind sofa* I feel the same! I'm trying to convince myself to doubt what he is saying as it will hurt far too much if it was rubbished.... Never had reason to doubt him until now. I JUST WANT THIS OVER WITH!
  10. DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER... I just heard from my source who claims to be ITK. He has got stuff right in the past and any information I have passed on in the past has come from him. He has text me to tell me that Rhodes has signed a 4 year deal with us, subject to a medical which he thinks will take place tomorrow morning. I hope he is right! I can't take the excitement anymore!! Just want to know one way or the other what is going on.
  11. Oh my god I hate the transfer window! That flurry of excitement you get when news might be imminent!
  12. 6* :) What size and colour T shirt do you want Atokus? :) Can I have mine coloured, err I mean black :blush: We just got back on track :( *** storm imminent. Nice one CT :'(
  13. Anyone else still convinced we are not in for Jordan?
  14. Haven't heard his name mentioned yet, which surprises me seeing as we are all sure that we are looking for an experienced Championship striker... I hate to say it, but who would have Ross McCormack?
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