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  1. What would stop the club sending him on gardening leave while they run an 'investigation' into the downturn in performance/results? Effectively removing him from his position without paying compensation prior to the expiry of his contract. Assuming that it's up at the end of the season. Woody gets the gig till the end of the season, which in all likelihood was the plan after Pulis anyway.
  2. Feels like i’ve just spent £15 to watch a £2 show. Hugill and Wing looked like the Northern league is about their level. Braithwaite not interested and you’ll go along way to find a player who can tackle themselves as well as George Friend. (Those not mentioned weren’t any better) This was the first game I’ve attended since the equally turgid cup exit vs Accrington. I think it must be me. Where to from here?
  3. A good win tonight for sure. The overall performance was solid with two noteable errors, a soft pass at the back by Friend which went unpunished and then Besic turning his back on the corner they scored from. Not sure what was going on there. To me it appeared there was more of a plan going forward with passes in to space, they weren’t always successful but it was better than the balls to feet and sideways/backwards movement followed by long ball to Hugill/Britt i’m used to. Batth looks as steady as Ayala but without the tendency to concede niggly fouls or to argue with the ref/opposition. I enjoyed watching it.... for a change.
  4. In Launceston, Tasmania all set to watch the match on an iPhone with the sound turned down. I can not afford to wake the house up! #UTB
  5. The positive thing so far is it's still 0-0... other than that we haven't really looked like we know what to do when we've got the ball, and have been poor all round.
  6. Pretty ordinary so far.. No movement or support for the player in possession and far far far too many long balls. I'm prepared to give Vossen the benefit of the doubt. If he gets the ball played to his feet it would benefit everyone. If we concede early in the half I think we're screwed. UTB!
  7. Once again, for anyone exiled in Australia the game is being televised live on ESPN then replayed in full at a more reasonable hour. I'm not looking forward to a day at work after a 3am start, but bring it on! ***nal 3 - 1 Middlesbrough, I hope i'm wrong but i'm not expecting to get anything.
  8. Wow! (For all us fans in Australia, the game is being broadcast in full on ESPN now!)
  9. Setting the record for refreshing the BBC website.. Refreshes automatically, I don't think so. C'mon Boro!
  10. The tide is definitely turning.
  11. I used to love Soccer AM's 'Boston Goals' skit. Maybe they are just ripping that off.
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