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  1. Why did Monk persist with a system in which the current squad were clearly uncomfortable? One shot on target in 95 minutes is not a system which will smash the league.
  2. Unchanged in three? Didn't Ayala play against Wolves?
  3. Well done the lads, Aitor and SIr Steve - so proud we made it at last! After last season's playoff final I couldn't bring myself to watch today's game until the last two minutes of injury time. What a long two minutes! Lee Percovich's dramatic face at the end showed the depth of his passion. Truly wonderful. Surely this will put an end to rumours of Karanka's exit?
  4. Paul Walsh is ugly on the inside, has an accent like Ray Winstone, and lets his distaste for northerners show - just the kind of objective reporting we need - 85% clichés and no original expression. He has been studying with Merson for too long. Contrast with Michelle Owen who actually reports, is articulate, succinct and cliché free. We have too many inarticulate ex-players who only speak in clichés. (Rant Over.)
  5. When those players you mention are back to fitness - it would be better for team spirit and morale not to buy in more players but to stick with the present squad. My theory is that it was dented team spirit when Mowbray was at the top of the Championship at Christmas 2012 that caused the slump in 2013 when we only won one(?) game, after shipping in mercenary loanees Ameobi, Miller etc.
  6. Kevin Davies will bundle Tomas Mejias into the net, holding the ball, for PNE's goal.
  7. If I was the Sheffield Wednesday manager and had watched Boro against Leeds I would be concentrating on putting a lot of high balls in to our box and relying on Meijas to make more mistakes.
  8. This is getting boring. We need some more food for speculation. Vector, Vector, wherefore art thou, Vector?
  9. I can't see Boro being a Premier League club in 5 years' time. If we get lucky and achieve promotion at the end of year 3, I can see us relegated after the first season in the PL, resuming Championship status in year 5. Naturally, I hope for better but if I had to money on it, the Championship in year 5 would be my bet.
  10. Where do we go from here? Surely a new team needs half a season to gel - though it never will if it's lost confidence in the manager's tactics.
  11. What's the point of a new manager at this point in time? He will want to spend two seasons rebuilding the squad getting in his own players? That'll be another two season in limbo. Why not give the current manager that time ie at least a couple of seasons more? You don't build dynasties by changing managers every verse end.
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