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  1. Been fantastic reading on here the last 48 hours. I’m new to this site (hi ?) but not the Boro. At one stage we were batting of bids left right and centre for our prized assets, and we had four potential incomings. We had the Woody presser that mentioned probably only one incoming yesterday. We must have poured everything we had into that deal as the four horsemen of the Boro-Apocalypse were on station at six AM. So at the end to have manfully fought of all advances for our Multi Million £ stars it was a job well done??
  2. Tierney to Arsenal is back on, could that windfall for Celtic lead to them firming up Assombalonga interest?
  3. How unsettling must it be for the players though. We can come on here and throw our 2p in. But for players in training, get back in the changies and switch your mobile on and have 23 messages from your agent. Tomorrow you might be in a different city, country, league with less than 24 hours notice. It must affect some more than others but I can understand taking those players out of training
  4. Anyone keep tabs on incomings into Teesside Intl?
  5. I'm from Nottingham. And until a couple of seasons ago had never seen us beat them. Bit of a derby game for me, hope we wallop them
  6. Lived in Newcastle for ten years you will get 95 fm fine
  7. It's the next five months that worry me. Could easily be in the bottom three by New Year. In answer to your question though I would like us in the next three years to out a sustained challenge for promotion from the championship. To qualify for the play offs would be a major achievement How sad is that
  8. Well that was fun while it lasted. I had forgotten we didn't have a manager. Same time next week?
  9. Time to stand up and be counted now Boro. Pretty Pretty football in spells but no end product is very worrying. We are a 'nice' team not a good one. Bournemouth is a massive game, and that is a ridiculous thing to say seeing that it is only mid September .
  10. I've had time to reflect on my earlier post. And after careful consideration I think we'll get zero points.
  11. My apologies. My hand held internet device only showed the latest six threads.
  12. Traditionally these are two grounds we get very little from, especially Forest. If we could keep our unbeaten away record after these games would be a good effort. Sadly I can't see it myself and think we will lose at least one, and maybe draw the other. The league table would make grim reading if that were to pass
  13. Goods points CT, but if in Feb we are 6-10 points off sixth there will be a massive clamour for Mowbrays head. I'm no apologist, I'm a Boro fan first and foremost and I'm desperate for us to go up. But I can't see how we are going to achieve it looking at our squad. We are not going to jump from 16th and falling apart at the seams to 2nd in the space of three months. This season has to be an improvement on the end of last season, it has to show that going to the Riverside can be enjoyable again and that a really good season, August through to May is possible.
  14. Anyone see the Hammill video on you tube he looked ace. Let's judge Butterfield by his performances for us. A very nasty injury and a year not doing much at Norwich will take some time to find some form.
  15. First couple of posts so I thought this was the norm, glad to hear it is quiet. You mention hitting highs. Honestly,we haven't hit any highs so far this season. Potential is there but that is all it is at the moment
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