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  1. The only argument i'm constantly seeing from people who are trying to defend AK is that our team isn't good enough for the PL. So can you please enlighten me why we struggled so much in the championship to create and score goals? We was one of the highest spenders and had one of the highest wage bills compared to everyone else.
  2. Whole scouting team can follow ak out the door. They've all been dreadful.
  3. I don't know how they do things in Denmark, but over here, we'll keep the faith until it's mathematically impossible for us to stay up. Think its just your household
  4. If were looking at a domestic appointment I would prefer Wagner or Brenden Rodgers. If foreign hopefully someone who playa attractive attacking football. Dont want anymore of this defensive dull boring football we've played past 3 years.
  5. I dont think he'll be sacked l, if he leaves he will walk again. if he goes I think we have 3 options 1. Go with someone with pl experience and try keep us up this season 2. Go with someone who has a history of getting teams out of the championship in preparation for next season 3. An unknown quantity similar to Steve mclearn and aitor kranka appointments (hopefully the scouting network has been doing their homework home and abroad regarding this type of appionment)
  6. I agree, think he'll walk (again) before the board gets a chance to sack him
  7. 19 goals in 27 games wow that's worse than i thought we had
  8. I just can't imagine AK was told this was his last game and would still be willing to take charge..
  9. I had us third bottom I had us qualifying for Europe :rolleyes: *** brilliant. Do you get in Europe for bottom three now !!!!!!! :) I think it was his prediction from when claudio ranieri takes over and wins the tittle after AK gets the sack :D
  10. I just bought a 1tb external hard drive for my xbox one. No idea if you can do the same for ps4
  11. Are you saying you want us to lose so Karanka is sacked, or want him sacked if we lose? No I don't want to lose, I want to stay in the Pl. I want Steve Gibson to pull the trigger on AK if we do lose though.
  12. Can't see us winning, maybe a draw if were lucky. Hopefully a defeat will force's gibsons hand.
  13. Gary Neville on MNF last night said out of all relegation candidates he is most worried about boro. How worried are you that we're destined for the championship again?
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