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  1. As a dorset exile, the upside for me next season will be the ablility to get tickets for bristol, reading, qpr, fulham etc whereas I would have had no chance of tickets for chelsea, *** etc. I hear that drakula stream has had it's plug pulled so I will be limited to Boro+ when we get promoted.
  2. Is this a racion of albondigas, or have we moved on from the tapas theme?
  3. There will be a boro shirt on the earlier train. I am leaving dorset at 8.35!
  4. You would be lucky to get a pub lunch anywhere near wembley. For those parking at an outer tube station, what works for me is to pick one near a wetherspoons or similar and get a brunch before heading to the ground.
  5. Having proved himself to be a bit of a linguist while working for fc twente, he would probably be able to converse with the geordies with ease! I look forward to the bonny lad's first interview.
  6. Don' t forget Adam Reach. He did well on the big stage at Liverpool
  7. 124/23 should be splendid, but as long as it's more comfy than brizzle city, easier to get away from than millwall and a better result than bmuff I will be happy!
  8. The other end of the 182 route is Harrow where there is also supermarket parking. Its a 20min bus journey to Wembley, or an hours hike.
  9. Only been to wembley once and parked right at the stadium for an Eng friendly. Getting out was brilliant, all the official car parks were in a funnel system and it was quicker than the dockside road on a saturday against Wigan!! Or am i just deluded as i have already paid the £30 to park and trying to convince myself?? I have paid £25 to park in a multistorey right by the stadium before. I didn't prebook and it wasn't very busy at all. Traffic kept moving as half the fans leave 40 minutes before the other half!
  10. 1st class, franked, from Manchester. I assume from ticketmaster HQ, not Boro. Mine were ordered Sunday morning. Arrived Tuesday.
  11. I was surprised they came by ordinary post. I went to a play-off final a couple of years ago and am sure the tickets came by recorded delivery. I assumed the extra charge on top of the ticket price was covering that? Ordinary post seems a bit risky for such valuable items.
  12. Yep, Kike to start for me as well, but tell him that if he gets booked for taking his shirt off it had better be for an injury time winning goal! It could be quite a robust start to the match and I would rather see Bamford safe on the bench to bring on if necessary later on.
  13. I agree that a tour of an empty sterile wembley is no preparation for a place packed with partisan nutters. They would be better off going for a pre-match meal in wetherspoons! And why is it that no team chooses to play in brown shorts? Ideal for a first game at wembley.
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