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  1. Demanded a meeting with Gibson and Bauser to discuss the missed targets.
  2. Apparently Bauser has scuppered 6 deals this summer. The last one over £500 a week. And in other Boro news, Robbie Keane/Woodgate may be heading to the MLS (LA/ATL), I wonder if that frees up any cash.
  3. Average wage in League 1 is 8k a week? Not a chance. Those figures would be far more reflective on the Championship than L1.
  4. How could he not know the “challenge on his hands”? He had been part of the coaching staff for 18 months before his appointment? He was the first team coach when Pulis was here. The style of play has not changed one bit. Patterns of play exactly the same.
  5. He wanted to do what was right for the club. We had to get his £85k a week wages off the books.
  6. Woodgates past may help him get the best out of Morrison. He knows what it's like to be considered "a wrong'un" and written off.
  7. Apparently Liverpool were in for Wing in the summer, but opted to stay. Doubt they'll be back in.
  8. It’s almost as though they can control the market by releasing stories!
  9. Seeing the reactions to going 1-0 down away at Forest and home to Stoke, suggests to me that we can play decent, progressive football. We just opt to set the team up negatively and try suffocate the opposition (ala Aitor and Pulis). The personnel at our disposal aren’t as well drilled as under previous coaches, therefore our suffocating approach doesn’t work. Displays against Forest and Stoke should give the coaching team the confidence to start games offensively. I hope to see Wing playing behind the striker(s). I hope to see Howson in midfield instead of Clayton. I hope to se
  10. They did. They’ve made Bevington responsible for 3 players Woodgate wanted and hasn’t been able to integrate into the team and improve from a coaching perspective. I can’t get my head around how JW has been able to buy players for a system, then abandon that system after 1 month, going back to the pre-historic tactics of his predecessor. For the “buy low/sell high” model to work, JW and his team have to squeeze every ounce of quality out of the talent, and the 5 months to date, suggest he’s incapable of doing so. Therefore, is Gibson changing tact already to protect JW?
  11. Fangio should do OK... He'll get the best out of Miller and Chubb. It's the offence that will let them down again this year. Not enough depth at receiver, but I do like Sanders and Sutton. Lindsey had a great rookie year, hopefully he continues in the same vein! Is anyone up for a custom NFL fantasy/draft?
  12. As Brunners says, that's right. But teams get picks for rounds 1-7 and can trade up for a number of picks (E.g rounds 2+3) to get a teams round 1. It happens with all the player trades as well, I have no idea how they keep track of what they have! Hah.
  13. AFC North winners - Browns AFC South winners - Texans (This was before BO'B went nuts over the weekend) AFC East winners - Pats AFC West winners - Chiefs AFC wildcards - Steelers, Ravens AFC Champion - Chiefs NFC North winners - Vikings NFC South winners - Saints NFC East winners - Cowboys NFC West winners - Rams NFC wildcards - Packers, Eagles NFC Champion - Saints Super Bowl Champion - Chiefs Team that 'Earns' the #1 Overall Pick - Giants League MVP - Mahomes My Team - Don’t have one Outlandish Prediction - Raiders win more than they lose!
  14. Taking this from another forum I use: AFC North winners - AFC South winners - AFC East winners - AFC West winners - AFC Wildcards - AFC Champion - NFC North winners - NFC South winners - NFC East winners - NFC West winners - NFC Wildcards - NFC Champion - Super Bowl Champion - Team that 'Earns' the #1 Overall Pick - League MVP - My Team - Outlandish Prediction -
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