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  1. It’s a curious one with Payero. He isn’t up to speed with the Championship after being out for so long, but then won’t come on and get minutes to get that experience. I’d like to think that the midfield 3 isn’t unstoppable, but we need a long term think about the next person to fill the Howson role. He wasn’t at the races last night, but Payero seemingly isn’t the answer. Tricky as well to move Crooks when the right hand side is so solid with Jones so I get not putting Crooks into Howsons slot. In an ideal world is McNair the answer for that position with a BPD replacing McNair
  2. We got beaten by the beater team. Blackburn reminded me of us under Karanka. Really resolute at the back without any standout players but an overall good solid unit. We didn’t get going as Wilder has said, and fair play to him for giving an honest interview and setting the standards high. I wonder if he will drop Howson in place of Crooks in that CDM role? Howson wasn’t very good tonight imo but I don’t think any of the midfield were. Maybe a midfield and defence of Dijksteele Fry McNair Jones Payero Crooks McGree Tav would give us a good balance? Idk 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. For the amount of balls we ping up to strikers, they sure do struggle to make it stick. Got to see Payero, Balogun and Watmore surely?
  4. I’ve been impressed with Blackburn to be fair to them. We’ve struggled to get going and I’m disappointed with how the strikers aren’t holding the ball up. Still we’re doing well to be holding them so far.
  5. The media are part of the problem for this. Gary Neville spoke about ‘the spirit of football’ and ‘the football family’. He has completely belittled Boro’s grievance. Now you have Derby fans, who are already in an emotional place (understandably so) aiming that towards Boro fans and Gibson. They should have come out and actually looked at what Gibson said and reiterated that it’s to do with Mel Morris and the series of events. Now it’s turning toxic into a club v club issue. The problem is that the normal fan probably doesn’t look at the actual details to get an un emotiona
  6. I appreciate what point you’re making, but how does that detract away from his poor record in front of goal? I really want it to work out for him, because it will ultimately benefit our club. Regarding the coaching point, surely you’d still have the fundamentals of a footballer and their technical ability so it wouldn’t matter what system they’re being used in. He was clean through on goal during Warnock, Woodgate and Pulis and has never been a consistent scorer in either. Is that bad tactics? Or is that composure? I think where he looks better under Wilder is being taken aw
  7. Urgh Tav again. I think there is a good player in there, but his consistency has been poor for the last two seasons. I am one of his biggest critics, because I want to see his contributions in terms of goals and assists increase, but credit to him on how he finished the game on Saturday. I didn’t see anything in the first 75 mins that Tav did that couldn’t have been replaced with a different player. And that’s why I’d be in the ‘if big money came in we should sell’ camp. I disagree that he does a job that couldn’t be replaced with an additional player such as McGree. But I can see
  8. These types of links Ida random player I now fee are just pure speculation as opposed to anything with substance. We have a clear blueprint now of what type of player to fit a system, rather than a player being touted about. There’s a very clear direction boro are heading in and it’s not just scattergun which has been in the previous regimes. I don’t think we will sign a player even if they’re good if they are a square peg in a round hole. therefore I can’t see the Jed Wallace link being anything more than desperate links
  9. Credit to Tav today who had a strong finish to the game. Well done my man.
  10. Tav off for Payero and Connolly off for Balogun. We need some more urgency going forward.
  11. Final ball is pretty poor but we look rusty. dominating possession but not really clicking so far.
  12. Same here but if we don’t play with wingers there’s no point keeping him. It’s a shame indeed. Especially as he seems so positive about the team on Twitter.
  13. 3142 is where it’s at. Lumley Dijksteele Fry McNair Howson Jones Crooks Tav Bola Sporar Balogun
  14. All of our signings equate to 8m on transfer marker (Pre McGree). If we sel Tav for 8m then we have offset the incomings of Payero, Uche, Crooks and the rest I’m sure through the wages saved. On top of more incomings, I’d hazard a guess at Spence money, but who knows how much that will be. also the gate receipts of united are about 2m
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