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  1. A more pleasing performance, certainly from a footballing perspective. We tried to actually pass and move and play it short. Rotherham weren’t great, but credit where credit is due. I enjoyed that game. Buzzing to see Malley play so well as mentioned earlier, he looked like he cared and it shone through with his game and energy. I hope we keep this positive momentum til the end of the season.
  2. Connor Malley. If you are reading this on the team bus home, never change. Be hungry for that ball and zip about. What a breath of fresh air you have been to watching the boro. We actually look like we want to play football because we have a player who looks up for it and comfortable with the ball at his feet. GWAN LAD
  3. You are correct. The FA are trying to get all grass route coaches right from Level 1 to get players to become masters of the ball. If anyone wants to look at this in more detail, Pete Sturgess is the absolute goat when it comes to getting young players to stay on the ball. Pulis ball will be dead in the future and to be honest with Warnocks appointment you can see it’s not as effective as it once was anyway.
  4. I splurted my tea all over at Neil Warnock being a Gringotts Goblin hahahahah 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I’d snap your hand off for Nigel Pearson. He bleeds boro and I don’t think he’d let players throw the towel in.
  6. Maybe our players just aren’t that good? How many would get into a top 10 team?I can’t really think of any to be honest with you, let alone top 6! We are average because we have mainly average players. McNair, Fry, Morsy, and Tav are probably the only ones who I could make a case for getting into other teams. The rest? Probably not. Warnock and the club will sign more average players and then not get the best out of them. The cycle continues.
  7. I used to think very highly of Gibson. Yes he puts a hell of a lot of money into the club, but he is just *** his money away with all these short term and backwards steps. He is how football used to be run. Our only recent bit of success was when Orta came in and the footballing decisions were taken out of his control? We took a gamble on Karanka and he brought a good restructuring and professionalism to the club. When it was going well people were waxing lyrical about how he transformed us into that. All the success he had has now been eroded. We appointed Agnew and waved
  8. I’m not sure if anyone has listened to the boro breakdown podcast with Craig Liddle yet btw. He seems like a nice bloke and deffo a good egg for the club and the youngsters underneath him. Quite worrying though to me is how when asked about “the philosophy and ethos which run up and down the club”, Liddle wasn’t sure if that’s the way that the club is heading. He also seemed to suggest that he wouldn’t think we would adopt a head coach route, like other teams have. But it is worrying to me how we don’t have that thread running down from top to bottom and I question why that
  9. I certainly wouldn’t mind the kids playing to gain some experience. I’m quite baffled that we didn’t start doing that when the play offs are out of reach. I think the mentality of a young player who wants to prove themselves is far better than a seasoned player like Britt who doesn’t care. I also think that us as fans would be far more forgiving if they had minutes til the end of the season. Mistakes and nervousness from a player I can accept, but I know that they won’t lack for effort and desire, which seems like the players who have clocked out already are lacking.
  10. Even worse than that, when he tried to spin and lost the ball, he didn’t even chase it down he just sauntered off in the other direction. would have rather have let the youngsters have some minutes under their belts
  11. Being outplayed by a QPR side that had THE SAME amount of goals as us before the game began. We are getting worse FFS. Not even attempting to play football. We will kick it long, lose it and then let QPR come at us with the counter. We don’t attempt to play through the thirds and we deserve everything we are getting right here. *** off warnock. You are done
  12. Qpr are playing some lovely football with plenty of movement. I’m envious.
  13. In fairness and on reflection, we have actually signed some good players in recent times . I think the problem is either getting the best out of them OR playing these players in positions and systems which don’t fit them so that they under perform. I’ve said it before but I really really hope that who ever we sign actually fits into 2 formations that we are aiming to play. If we sign Jordan Rhodes and play him up front again I’ll flip 🤣 and it will show we haven’t learnt from our mistakes.
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