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  1. That makes sense, I hope we are laying the foundations down to give it a good go next year and give the staff and the players the opportunity and game time to grow and develop for a push next year.
  2. If Fry moves to Burnley he will 100% ruin his career for the next 3 years. I mean, look at Gibson who played in my opinion at a higher standard than Fry and more consistently as well, who didnt even get a sniff in the Burnley first team. I dont think Fry is currently as good as Gibson so moving would make 0 sense to him. Unless hes about the money, which I dont think he is.
  3. Whilst you haven't intended for it to be racist post, the connotations behind those type of dolls are racist. There is no debate, in modern society, you just dont use that as an example. End of.
  4. A bit of a disappointing performance, however Fulham just outclassed us all over the pitch today. We deserved to lose. However, why has Woodgate changed what has been our winning formula? Odd to go with Gestede over Fletcher and to drop wing. Hopefully Woodgate will learn from this and we dont have to play Fulham again next season.
  5. Joel Pohjanpalo. If you know, you know.
  6. Everytime I talk about goal keepers who flap it and prefer to punch, we have to remember that on the continent, that's how they're coached. They've stopped the ball going in the net at least. People used to slag David De Gea and write him off completely when he started at United. Now hes one of the top keepers in the world. On his day, one of the best. Just because hes a flapper, isn't a bad thing. All of his saves go to the side of the goal and not towards the danger area.
  7. Late to the party and just seen the highlights...not sure if it's been mentioned already..but why did Saville shout Jimmmmmy at a corner?😂
  8. Sounds like masturbating on an aeroplane. Frowned upon, but still legal.
  9. Is that the one that Gestede scored where the goal keeper got shoved over?
  10. Just as a bit of fun. I saw this thread on Twitter about the worst refereeing decision against your club and wondered what people thought it would be for Boro? I cant really think of many of the top of my head..
  11. Oh my. So many aspects of the Bevington saga is horrible. 1 - He was too inexperienced for that role. 2- He got that role 3- Didnt lose his role after *** recruitment and doing a bad job. 4- Had to be excused from the role by himself rather than being removed. It also devalues what was said in the summer about the golden thread. It's just a load of *** to buy Woodgate time. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/adrianbevington His linked in profile shows just how high up he was. Its staggering that he got that high up but a real damning glimpse of how little we know about football behind the scenes.
  12. I think in the right team, he is a great asset to have. Unfortunately for us and him, we don't play to his strengths and therefore his ratio is suffering. He has missed easy chances but I think that his overall play is suited to a system which works for him. Unfortunately again, due to his injury, he wont fit the hustle and bustle type that Woodgate is after with a high press as he isn't mobile enough for that. We should have played him and Bamford together up front but heaven knows why that didnt happen more often.
  13. If we're wanting to play a 3 at the back, was Gibson a good fit for that role? I cant recall many games apart from Bournemouth away where we used it? Dare I say, we look at a midfield option and keep utilising either McNair or Howson at the centre back slot? A make shift defence did really well against spurs yesterday. It wasnt like they put out a load of kids. And even though we didnt attack them much, I thought that the defenders actually defended very well. Maybe till the summer it will make do as I dont want it to drag out with Gibson only for it to turn out that he tarnished his legacy.
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