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  1. I mean at least it was slightly less long bally today. Not really enjoyable but can’t grumble with a win. Nice for Payero to assist Coburn and well done to him for scoring. Ref was atrocious but we move!
  2. I’d look at that team and question what benefits we would get from a 442? There’s no sitting midfielder, two wingers with no real aerial threat in the middle apart from Uche who would get doubled up on. id say we would be good for a 3421 lumley Peltier bAmba fry Howson McNair JLS Bola tav Crooks / Payero sporar RM is a problem but I thought Howson would make do as a good enough RM which acts as a RB oop and then good enough to link up going forward. I feel that we play our best football through the middle rather than going wide as we seem to p
  3. I mean, it hurts but great for the local area to be competing. Hopefully it puts North East football back on the map and then we can get some exposure from it. The potential is there isn’t it?
  4. What annoys me is that with all the appointments of Pulis and then Warnock is just an acceptance of pragmatic football, where style is sacrificed over results. When that no longer was the case with Pulis he left, but I’m unsure as to what Warnock is bringing to the table. At least with Pulis it was exciting to watch Adama develop and grow and just breeze past players. It was of course, one dimensional but there was an element of some excitement. With Warnock there is literally non. We’re at the stage where we get excited when we string passes together. That’s th
  5. At this point I HAVE to ask about the elephant in the room What are we currently getting from Neil Warnock that we couldn’t get from anyone else? Genuine question. We don’t dominate games, we don’t defend well, we aren’t free flowing either. We are just a nothing team and Warnock is the man in charge of that. What is he bringing to the table that warrants a compromise on? His staff have been alleged to be bullying a player so much he’s gone back to Argentina. He has slated players in public to deviate away from his abject failings as a modern day tactician. #
  6. I hope it’s him being tight lipped over what else is going on (Warnock going) I can’t bear the hope of him going for him to be still here by the end of the day 😭😭 Also interesting from reading some FMTTM posts that some of them seem dead keen on Warnock being here still.
  7. Lampard? Really? The same manager who fluffed it with Derby after having a team of Tomori, Mount and Wilson?? Not convinced by him to be honest, and how he was with Chelsea was okay, but again, a very talented squad and I think he would struggle 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. I think they mentioned on bbc tees that Payero was injured yesterday in training. My forest supporting mate said Spence kissed the badge when he scored. it makes me so mad to know we got rid of him for Warnocks preference of Peltier and he’s flourishing. When was the last time we had a player flourish and improve while being here? I think Warnock is referring to it being difficult because of the injuries and suspensions he has now accumulated. Gibson needs to act. If he doesn’t he’s accepting that he’s happy with how things are. How much longer could he need to make his mi
  9. In retrospect when I said that it was missed chances, I’m thinking back to the game and thinking did we dominate at any point? I don’t think we did and I think someone said it best earlier when they said it’s rub of the green football. If we set up and dominated games then we would have created more than two clear cut chances. Im not expecting us to play like Barcelona in their prime, but surely we could address this issue with a better thought out game plan? The frustrating thing is that fans want a change, but Warnock has admitted to sticking to his own methods
  10. I’d love to blame Warnock but today the players have missed chances to win us this game.
  11. They made an interesting stAt on the boro breakdown pod that managers tend to exit us during October 18-23 or something like that. I think that’s enough time to salvage a season but then also give a good indication on how things are headed. I think Warnocks tactics are massively outdated and not matching to our current crop of players. If we magically change and knock the ball around he might find us having more control in games and able to mount attacks. Percentage hoofball and second balls is not enough anymore to win games. Warnocks own doing will be his inabil
  12. At this point, (and it would never happen anyway) would an interim manager do much worse? Like yesterday, we didn’t even land any significant blows on a weakened Reading side. That should send alarm bells ringing to the hierarchy. And if it doesn’t, then they don’t deserve people paying their hard earned money to put up with it. I have seen nothing from Warnock on the pitch to believe that we are moving forward. People have rightly said we have no identity, and it’s refreshing to her BBC Tees say it as well. They can’t fluff up crap week after week anymore, it’s about time they say i
  13. It’s because he actually knows nothing but wants people to give him attention 😮‍💨
  14. Then why bring it up ffs. It’s an Internet forum where people want to know. In the future if you can’t say anything, why dangle a carrot 👀
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