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  1. Steffen shows how we are progressing into ‘modern’ football. Lumley was shocking with his feet and I welcome anyone who can play rather than hoofing it long. That can only benefit us in comparison to last season when Lumley hooked the ball out of play. Another upgrade from last season hopefully and one which fits into the style of play more. Steffen Jones Dijksteele Fry Lenihan Giles that’s a tasty back 5 imo. Very balanced and comfortable with the ball. Promising signs so far 👍
  2. Bola isn’t anywhere near good enough. Cash in and reinvest for me. A likeable guy but not part of a top 6 team imo
  3. I agree that he’s not better than Watmore, probably just edges it with Coburn for me. But I think that it allows our strength in depth to be better than it was last season so I’m not against it if it was for a free. I would bring Coburn on before McGoldrick but I think Josh would benefit from a run out on loan with more minutes under his belt than to stay on the bench for us.
  4. Well seen as we had Connolly who was below average, I’d say that average was an upgrade. Plus in a dressing room I think he would be a solid presence with a winning mentality and leadership which we lacked last season.
  5. McGoldrick is an upgrade on what we have, is a free and has experience with a winning mentality. Not a long term appointment of course, but 6ft 1 could be a good aerial presence in the box when needing a goal? I could think of worse players to get on a free tbh
  6. Wonder if two experienced keepers will be able to come and work alongside that young goal keeper we were on about getting? A great environment to learn from the likes of Foster and Heaton? I could think of worse places to learn your trade…
  7. After our train wreck of recent keepers, I wouldn’t even be opposed to signing a decent number one for that price. We haven’t had the stability of quality number one for quite some time.. I get we need to strengthen elsewhere, but I wouldn’t think it’s the end of the world.
  8. Heeeees Slovenian we had him on loan for a season and we think that he’s *** inconsistent to not be bad but not be worth signing on a permanent contract when we should be looking to improve our forward line its aaaaaandraz sporar! oh also, I will not forgive him for missing against Sheff United that time. No thanks
  9. Gross. Get rid for 20m. Stop *** about so we can start our own rebuild.
  10. Surprised he managed to catch the flight when he couldn’t catch a ball to save his life lol
  11. I think Swansea will be in the autos this year
  12. Oh mate I’m agreeing that we should sell instead of losing for a free. My point was that it was the right thing to do, as Fry was playing first team football for boro in the championship, 2+ years ahead of wood. That being said, I think there is a good player in there and he is only 20 after all.
  13. Not sure how I feel about Wood going. Always rated him as he always slapped it on FM. I remember under Karanka when Fry came into the team (especially Charlton away) he didn’t look ready. We lost 2-0 to Charlton that day. Fry was 18 in 2016 and Wood is already 20! Im surprised he hasn’t played much but wish him the best all the same
  14. Great news to wake up to! Welcome to boro, Big Len.
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