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  1. The last two games have highlighted how important Dijksteele has been for us this season. I still have faith in Warnock to guide us to a top half finish, but with a threadbare squad it’s exposing that some of the ones who we relied upon last year just aren’t ready to jump in yet.
  2. Is he purposefully not going for it to highlight our lack of players? “Neil we need to be beating teams like Coventry” ”I know Steve, but our recruitment is woeful, what do you expect me to do?” ”fair enough Neil *opens cheque book*”
  3. I’ve just caught the highlights on sky, what a dull game. Glad with a point but pretty boring to watch from our POV. Reading had better chances. I can’t believe how bad Saville is btw. Just offers nothing defensively or attacking and floats about doing neither. Love how vocal Bettenelli is though.
  4. Hello chums, i haven’t been on much recently so I’m out of the loop with current ongoing. What’s the latest?
  5. Do you know what, I’ve absolutely shafted myself there. For some reason I had him down in my head as a defender. But he’s a midfielder. Lol pls ignore
  6. Burnley agree deal for Dael! Dael Stephens that is, which probably means the end of their interest in Dael Fry? So is it bye for Fry or even Stephens with Burnley?
  7. I’m not a fan of Saville or Johnson this game. I think they’re our weakest players by far.
  8. I’m very surprised at pleased with how well we’re playing. Keep it up lads!
  9. Even with wingbacks though, we’re not exactly blessed with people who are good in the air. Britt and Fletch are okay, but not amazing. I think they do an okay job, but that’s not really their game. If we are going for wingbacks then we need to make sure that the players in the box are good in the air. But we still lack creativity in the midfield and wide areas and it doesn’t look like it’s being addressed 😞
  10. Well what are we seeing here? A team that on paper is not better than us, but we are facing the wrong end of a 2-0 score line. We’ve been outplayed in all aspects and it doesn’t look like getting better. As others have mentioned, this squad is the example of how our club is run with it’s horrendous mindset. In a transfer window, why haven’t we got enough depth in the squad? The difference of Karanka and now was two solid players for each position. We are miles away from that. Yet another transfer window of failing to address our weak areas and we suffer on the pitch. Also, tonight just highlights what can be achieved with a manager who wants to play good football. Yet here we are, again like with Pulis, sewing our seed with a manager with a “direct” style of play.
  11. On one hand we’ve played miles better than under Woodgate tonight with Warnock. So for that I’m happier at the end of the game. But in attack, I’m just seeing shades of the Pulis long ball as our main method.
  12. Oh 100% he should have taken it, but either side would have made it harder. It was straight at Foster.
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