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  1. Again, i think any player through the door this window will be suited to a certain style of play under Warnock. I hope and pray that we are now past signing players who “look good on paper” but then don’t suit how we play. Telling that we look at the stats model for signings, but Warnock dismisses the players based on his experience. Data can only give you a certain view point, which rarely beats experience. Hopefully we find a happy medium, but if Warnock likes the look of him and thinks he could utilise him then I trust his judgement more than Woodgate.
  2. Apologies, I wrote them down wrong. Fair play for correcting those figures. I blame not having a morning coffee by then 🤪
  3. Unfortunately with our midfield, it hasn’t been fit for purpose since we moved away from the 4231 and centre defensive midfielders. I feel the players we have recruited have been because they’ve been available for a good price at the time, rather than fitting into how we play. Guidieora 7.5m De Roon 9.5m Howson 6m Saville 7m McNair 5m Wing free Since we got promoted, that has been our permanent central midfield options. De Roon was probably the best (in my opinion) but left after one season. After this, it’s really just so poor in terms of quality and different attributes they bring to a midfield. I hope we address the midfield because it hasn’t been fit for purpose for a long time. Mainly because under Pulis we didn’t have one 😂 *hooooooooof* This is where I feel a director of football or technical director would be beneficial to us to oversee this type of direction with signings.
  4. Even with no rumours today, I still back Warnock to bring in players he would actually use for his style and system. I’ve just watched (I know late to the party) Sunderland til I die season 2 and their January window episode. Firstly, It amazes me how the chairman splurged money on Will Grigg when he could have used that extra money to get Maja to stay. But secondly, and more boro related was that the manager at the time Jack Ross didn’t really fancy Will Grigg, but the chairman bought him anyway. Surprise surprise, Will Grigg struggled and didn’t fit in to how they play. How does this relate to Boro? Well I think in the past, we have bought players who don’t fit a style and system for a manager. I think Warnock won’t sanction players to come if they don’t fit in, and this is obviously a huge positive moving forward. Put it this way, I’m more confident that players will come to us for Warnock and work for him as opposed to a Boro under Woodgate. You can already tell the mentality of moving on quickly and not begging for players had an impact. Why did Woodgate start Gestede vs Swansea, knowing that Gestede wouldn’t want to play in case he got injured. Warnock commands respect and Woodgate was seeking it. Big difference in mentality that I think gets overlooked with Woodgate and the recruitment side.
  5. Max Kilman but he’s 23 and played 4 times for wolves?
  6. I’d be glad to see McNair leave. Relegated with Sunderland and then part of relegation zone boro. He has his moments very very rarely, but the amount of negatives, such as his poor delivery and passing outweigh his positives of occasional goal scoring for me. 3-4 mil I’d be happy with. Anything above is a huge bonus. I’d rather see that money invested into a creative midfielder.
  7. I can’t believe you would come on here with the brass neck of yours and suggest something like this!?!?!? It’s pathetic. We all know that there will be 400+ arguments over nothing 😝
  8. Probably because of his gammon esque quote about Brexit more recently, I would say.
  9. Just asked my QPR supporting mate ”What’s Grant Hall like? Is he any good?” his reply “good luck. He’s injured all the time. He wanted more than 12k a week and QPR said no way” Apparently he was out for 18 months and returned and was never the same. 3rd worst for goals conceded in the league for QPR when he was captain...
  10. According to twitter Goode prefers a move to QPR instead of Boro
  11. Sorry, I understand the idea and financials behind a logo. It’s just that a gambling one for an area with unemployment doesn’t give off a good vibe to me. Plenty of sponsors out there and I would argue that more aesthetically pleasing ones as well
  12. Acetone on the back of the sponsor is what you can use to remove the sponsorship logo. Pisses me off that people in the club sign off on things like this.
  13. I wish there was an option to buy a shirt sponsor free.
  14. Sigh. Not a fan of the collar and I personally don’t get the hype with the white band. Man do I hate 32 red splashed across the middle as well. It’s a no from me Geoff.
  15. I don’t see why the Monday deadline is that bad. They either want to join or not. If not, we need to move on to the next target so we don’t miss out on others. He’s probably starting from his previous players which is probably ideal seen as he’s worked with them before hand and knows how they would fit into their tactics. I am much more positive than this time last year. Warnock knows the players he wants and how they will fit into the system. But with Woodgate, I get the impression he wasn’t trusted with money or we “just missed out” on targets so then had to get anyone who would do. Even more embarrassing, the people he hand selected all went out on loan 😩. So how did they fit into his tactics? Again, evidence points to Woodgate being tactically limited. This is a direct contrast to recruiting players to fit a formation and system, rather than a players adapting to a formation they’re not suited for.
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