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  1. I’m not thrilled about him stats wise, BUT if he helps us stick it up front a bit more than our current options then we can’t grumble too much. This is boro and that’s where we are now as others have said. Agreeing to Warnock was always going to end up with this style of football. But like I said with Watmore, I’ll judge them in a boro shirt and he pleasantly surprised me…
  2. I can see what you mean, but he was definitely the most advanced of our midfield and not really relied upon defensively as much as I’d suggest an 8 would be used for. I suppose he wasn’t really a 10 in all honesty because he wasn’t really our playmaker either. I think to be fair that is where we have a problem. We have 3 midfielders who lack the creativity of what a 10 would need but they are asked to do a job of contributing further up. We’ve all said it for a while but we’ve only really had two out an out number 10s in the championship with Tomlin and Ramirez. I think our
  3. I think Wing could be a good player at the base of a midfield as a playmaker. He has a good range of passing and could play a position similar to a Xabi Alonso. Albeit he’s not as good at tackling. But he would be a good option to play through. But it all depends on what formation and system we would use. We seem to bypass the midfield isn’t terms of build up play to get the seconds further up, so we don’t really need ball playing midfielders for this job.
  4. Just because Saville doesn’t play as a conventional 10, in his midfield three role, he was asked to do a job similar to a 10, which my all accounts he doesn’t have the skill for.
  5. Fair point! Good job I’m not in that negotiating room 🤣🤣
  6. Oh wow I must have missed that! 🤣
  7. I think Fry is worth about 15m in today’s market. Harry Maguire left for Leicester from Hull for 13m and I think that Maguire is better than Fry currently. It seems like a low offer but 15m with add ons seems fair? I’m not sure we could realistically hold out for more than that.
  8. Exactly the same 11 that I would pick apart from I’d play Walker at CB. I think he’s good enough, mature enough and quick enough to excel for us there
  9. Is it a naive comment to make? Unless Austin is coming in to play as a LW then one would only assume that he would play through the middle. The reason we did so badly last season is precisely because we have no target man up front to win headers or hold it up. Fletcher, Britt and Akpom all played in that role and none of them excelled at all. Assuming that Austin would play the same position in the same system, how would that stack up? Also didn’t someone mention that we put the most crosses into the box last season? Again, is Austin the player you would want to win a header to score
  10. In his entire career he has only scored 40 headed goals. 6 headers in the last 3 seasons a good player but not what we need for Warnocks lump ball
  11. Is Charlie Austin really going to improve us? I think Warnock is looking for yet again, a big name to get people excited. He does not suite our style of play. He doesn’t score headers and will he really be looking to latch onto a long ball and hold it up? id rather we sign a player who has won a high percentage of aerial duels as that’s what we are going to be playing. Look at Brentford. Would they sign a player because they are available or because they suit their play style?
  12. That Ethan Pinnock has been an absolute unit today, thought he was a more deserving man of the match that Emiliano. But so happy for Brentford. *** you Swansea 🎉
  13. So happy Brentford are doing well. I have a hatred for Swansea and don’t really know why 😂). They deserve their chance in the big league and good luck to them.
  14. I’m so glad we have a manager like Neil Warnock who will disregard statistics because he can “judge a player for himself” and then sign a player who comes bottom of the pile for the majority of the goal keeping statistics for the season just gone 🤣 Now that is irony! Worryingly though, does this highlight Warnock is off the mark when selecting players to come to us? OR are we making players worse when they come to us? What are we actually coaching them when they’re here? Another worrying point about this is that it took him so long to change goal keepers when he could see o
  15. Ivan Toney scored 32 in the season before he moved to Brentford. I’m not convinced having watched Wyke play, BUT a Boro fan AND on a free... why not 🤷🏻‍♂️
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