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  1. I dont live locally, wouldnt buy all the merchandise because other bills take priority and going to games home and away is expensive. But I would support boro through thick and thin. But Woodgate can *** right off if he thinks that I'm not a "real fan". It's a shame cos his performance has moved one step forward but then he's moved two steps back with his post match comments imo.
  2. Sigh. I saw us fluke a goal, now we're behind before half time.
  3. The recruitment team wont go for foreign players because it means that they would probably have to do their job properly. There are better technical players abroad. It's the physicality which foreign players have tended to struggle with. Hopefully with Woodgates new philosophy it wont really matter where they come from, as long as they fit how we play. But based on the Browne, Bola and Dijksteele scenario, I am not holding my breath. All three from the English leagues and all 3 are poo so far.
  4. He was dead to me after missing that header vs Swansea in our prem days where we drew 0-0. Just at the end after Negredo's quality pass. But yeah, worst decision to sign him. You wonder if we'd gone for someone who we all identified in that window what might have been... I wonder who came up with Gestede..
  5. If we are doing that bad financially why on earth have we sold the big assets, ie Gibson, Traore, De Roon etc? That money hasnt been invested and it's been pointless anyway because of the situation that we are now in? It feels like Woodgate has no respect from the players and hence we are getting *** performances because they dont care. I almost pity him that he has his dream job and it's just not working at all for him. He deserves some of the blame and rightly so. But if Gibson wants to play experimental football in the Championship then he will get what he deserves when they go down. Its Southgate all over again with all those signs pointing to the inevitable. But will he have learnt from his mistakes? I honestly despair. I've just driven an hour and a half with my football team to watch them play their game. On the way I listened to two boro breakdown podcasts and also the post match phone in. The amount of fans that are now pointing fingers at Gibson and asking bigger questions is what we need.
  6. Our worst signing, wow theres so many to pick from. Michael Ricketts. Dong Gook Lee Mohammed Shawky Marlon King Lee Miller Alex Nimely Kieran Dyer Christ theres literally so many! Ironically when Karanka was here and that network was here we had some great buys in that time.
  7. We've given it a good go. Sometimes things arent meant to be. Dont make Woodgate the next HS2. When all the evidence points towards the inevitable, we will still plough on with Woodgate because we "have to give him time" or that we've "invested in his philosophy".
  8. With the Woodgate dressing room thing, didnt someone mention on here that Woodgate called out players in the dressing room and slated them in front of other players and staff? Maybe that's what he is referring to?
  9. You can cut the wage bill by getting rid of players. What worries me is that the people we have already have struggled to play well. When the big earners go, who the hell is gonna step up to the plate to replace them? The only people we will have are the people who have tried and failed already. Again, its poor recruitment. It legit makes me angry how far we've fallen from the good times of Karanka. I miss feeling happy and proud to be a boro fan. Instead I have to put up with people at work asking questions like, "What's happened to Boro then?" Urgh.
  10. Afonso Alves Antonio Barragan Caleb Folen Dave Kitson Emanuel Ledesma Aiden Flint Brad Guzan Andy Halliday Izaiah Osbourne Juke Kei Kamara Leroy Lita Marvin Johnson Nicky Bailey Bart Ogbeche Carlos De Pena Q Rudy Gestede Kike Sola Dwight Tiendali U Viktor Fischer W X Yanick Wildshutt Zemmama Surprising how easy that is to rattle off some names of the people we've signed who have been not as good as expected.. Is the problem the recruitment rather than actually investing? Maybe the players we identify just arent good enough?
  11. I wonder if we could actually do an A to Z of Boro flops who we signed in the last 10 years due to poor recruitment...
  12. The danger of this type of thinking is that we are somehow not the masters of our own downfall. It's not unlucky to suggest we've played badly and have missed golden chances to win a football game. That's nothing to do with luck, it's because the players and team just arent good enough. We are where we are because we are bad, it's as simple as that. We played for 75 mins against 10 men and only managed one shot on target. They dont need luck, they need a reality check and a *** kick up the ***. Its embarrassing that we have sunk this low.
  13. Fletchers miss, Britts miss and then a shot at the end which went straight at the keeper were about our only good chances of the game. We hit the target in 1 of those. That's where the problem lies. Britt and Fletcher are not clinical enough in a team that only makes a few chances a game. The worst bit is that they are the best we have to offer. And do you know what pisses me off the most, Bamford would have probably scored one of their chances that they've missed, but Pulis shipped him out on Gibsons authority. We deserve to be where we are if we choose to sell our best goal scorer for peanuts. The laughable thing is the players who we have sold and thus weakened our squad, havent been adequately replaced or have players who make the starting 11!
  14. Unfortunately this is the trap of where we find ourselves. "We should not be where we are". I'm sorry but we're in the relegation zone because weve been *** this season. We didnt even manage a shot on target against 10 man Fulham yesterday! We've made chances but failed to take them, other teams have and therefore we deserve it. Added to this, our only 3 players we signed in the transfer window dont even improve the current 11. Why have we signed them if this is the case? Again, just all stuff Boro is so farcical when you look below the surface.
  15. Its worrying that we struggle to control the majority of games when we win the ball. Today has shown that when we win that ball, we are clueless and devoid of ideas. I can remember early on in the game when Fletcher was running down the win and he thanked his cross, but Britt was in there in the middle against 3 Fulham players. Its embarrassing that our system is like this, but again another week and another game goes by which makes me think that Woodgate isn't up to the job. I hope the fans vote with their feet and Gibson gets what he deserves. If I was Woodgate I'd ask Gibson to subsidise the tickets up til Christmas to try and encourage people to come and fill it and get behind the team. Imagine having a shortage of money each week and then paying to watch that. Fair play to people who do it but Gibson is gambling on the blind loyalty of the "true fans" by appointing Woodgate and rolling the dice. Southgate, Strachan, Agnew, Woodgate. Why do we always get it wrong more often than not? Oh wait, its Gibson.
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