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  1. I think most of us have accepted not going up this season and are to some degree on board with the rebuilding project that Woodgate has to endure. But if Gibson is expecting sympathy he can eat slugs. The whole of football knew what youd get with Pulis. *** football and a team of plodders. He's done it EVERYWHERE hes been. So for Gibson or the club to be surprised where we were now is, frankly what we deserve for such a backwards appointment. To me it just highlights again the lack of thought of Gibson and co in such a backwards appointment. We are where we are now for not backing Karanka in the Jan. Then for being shafted by Monk. But Pulis got rid of players like Christie for his brand of football, arguably made Braithwaite leave and played Hugill over Britt. All of this to suit his *** style of play. Now its come full circle as we try and change the system and mess hes left behind. I feel sorry for Woodgate having to pick up players, the fans and change the brand of football on his first job. I hope we dont bemoan a lack of experience, but Gibson has hardly giving him a leg to stand on.
  2. For me there isn't many players better than Clayton in that CDM role. Hes tidy on the ball, can pick a pass and is good at defending. If we got rid of him we would struggle to find someone better for our price range. I do hope that Woodgate sticks to his principle, I just think hes promised something without thinking have I got the squad for it or are the players capable. Our squad is too thin for a full season of high pressing.
  3. I get the feeling Woodgate has implemented a system he fancies, ie high pressing, without looking to see if we have the personal to play that brand of football. What I find strange with this is that I if we know the team doesnt have the people for that system, why didnt we gear our transfers for that? We either need to adapt, or do what Karanka did is bring in players for a system. This is where experience and high level thought pays dividends. I really really hope for Woodgate and the club that this appointment works. But nothing I've seen so far has convinced me AS yet. I said I'd fully judge after 10 games, but 4 games in and 0 wins in all competitions isn't promising. What do other people reckon?
  4. I found it concerning that he didnt play Coulson who I thought has been our brightest spark going forward. He went for the older style of Friend which showed last season didnt work.
  5. I'm just not even convinced that Woodgate and his staff have the experience and know how to turn this around. At least with Karanka or even Pulis to a degree, you always thought they'd have some experience of what we needed. Today's selections just show a complete strangeness and highlight the lack of experience.
  6. Middlesbrough and Gibson have got exactly what they deserve and what many of us feared. Appointing a rookie manager was always going to take time, but we're not even competitive and weve gone backwards.
  7. I dont live in the area so granted I dont get to go to many. But under Pulis I'd not have gone anyway. Plus I play football on Saturdays. I've played sport and football and I get your point completely about booing and why it's a negative. My point is that at the top level, booing is part of that game. I dont want people to boo players ALL the time, but if they've performed below standard, that's when I'd think a boo is warranted. We both know I'm not going to list every game where the gome team has booed at half time, but it happens, like I said, it's part of the game. Rightly or wrongly is obviously open to debate. Your point about booing when they've tried their best is missing my point. I said that, for me personally, i would never boo a player who is giving it their all. But i would boo a player who isn't putting effort in and is playing badly. I think you have misunderstood why people potentially boo in the first place. But we shall agree to disagree.
  8. Is booing supporting your team? I'd say throughout a game you're actively yearning for the team to do well, being vocal for them as well as individual players. Booing is the only way you have of demonstrating your displeasure to the players if they arent doing well. I'd like to think the boos would act as a way to pick it up to the players. Woodgate -"do you hear the boos out there? Let's give the fans something to cheer today". I think as a fan paying money, you have every right to boo. Would I boo the team if they've all be trying 100% and losing 3-0? No. But I would boo if they've been playing badly and not putting effort in. For the money they are on, it's the very least they could do. In regards to "every game", to ones I've been to or seen on TV, if the favourites are losing or behind at half time, they will boo. So I'll change it to every game to, the majority of the games which I have been to or seen. I think the people who boo are doing it for a positive effect, to get them to come out of the second half and owe the fans something. I dont think people do it to be nasty or aggressive. It's just as a fan, the only way to get across to the players their displeasure. I think this goes into the disconnect between fans and modern football, but that's a conversation for a different topic entirely.
  9. Isn't booing just a way for the fans to show their displeasure with the scoreline? It happens at literally every single game I'd imagine where a team is behind when they are expecting to be winning going in at the break. As a fan, how do I portray that the game of football I've watched hasnt been good without booing?
  10. Sorry, I thought your original point was on who we went in for but couldn't get. My apologies
  11. Diagara and Carter Vickers went elsewhere also.
  12. I've not read it before. What type of things does he say about the Boro? Good and bad?
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