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  1. Stojanovic Spence Howson Fry Friend Johnson Saville McNair Roberts Fletcher Assombalonga
  2. Time to bring out one of Neil's famous Boll0ckings
  3. Percovich and Coyne staying Kevin Blackwell coming in Woodgate hasn't left the club as yet just replaced as manager/head coach
  4. What about Leo? Is he staying?
  5. Not to worry. It'll be much better in the next game if the fans can turn up. 🤦‍♂️
  6. Can't wait to hear the excuses for this one
  7. Swansea are apparently flying up this afternoon. I didn't think that would be possible given hotels are closed or only accepting key workers?
  8. 8 positive tests from 6 championship clubs No positive cases at the Boro
  9. Boro's remaining games apart from those on Sky will be available to stream for £10 in the UK and £5 overseas. Season card holders will be able to watch Sky matches some overseas countries are excluded https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/watch-boros-championship-run-in-with-matchday-live
  10. 6 positive tests from 4 clubs No cases at the Boro
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