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  1. At this stage last season under Pulis we had 10 points and scored 8 goals plus another 4 goals in the cup Just saying
  2. Woodgate is all talk to try and please the fans He's not a manager most could see that before he even got the job
  3. This stage last season we had scored 8 goals lost non and won 3
  4. Blackburn haven't scored from something like 28 shots they've had this season... one or both of Downing and Danny Graham are bound to score today
  5. Randolph Dijksteel Ayala Shotton Friend Howson Wing McNair Johnson Fletcher Assombalonga Subs: Pears Bola Clayton Saville Tavernier Browne Walker
  6. Rudy Gestede is a doubt for Saturday with 'bilateral hamstring tightness'
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