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  1. Wouldn't be surprised to see him going off at HT with Marvin moving up front and Butterfield or Adomah going into midfield
  2. Spot the error on the boro website Middlesbrough: Konstantopoulos; Varga, R Williams, Gibson, Friend, L Williams, Leadbitter (Capt.), Whitehead, Ledesma, Emnes, Main. Subs: Konstantopoulos (gk); Richardson, Hines, Smallwood, Butterfield, Adomah, Jutkiewicz.
  3. Late change to Hull's starting line-up with Nick Proschwitz replacing Matty Fryatt who is now on the bench
  4. commentary of the boro game works fine here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25578576
  5. Boro team to play Hull tomorrow according to the Echo [align=center]Dimi Varga Woodgate Gibson Friend Leadbitter Whitehead Ledesma Butterfield Adomah Main[/align] Subs: Ripley (gk), Emnes, Hines, R Williams, Smallwood, Carayol, Jutkiewicz. Score predicition: 2-1
  6. AK "I wasn't happy with the team, When you win three games in a row keeping clean sheets you think everything is okay but it's important for my players to know who we are. "We found two goals from the sky, two Bolton mistakes. But we didn't play well and I didn't like my team. "If people asked me ten days before if I would be happy with ten points I would have said yes but today I would prefer to be with 12 points. Today for me was the worst game since I came. http://www.mfc.co.uk/page/news/managers-message/0,,1~3599820,00.html
  7. Expect a different team again on Saturday against Hull I would expect at least one defender to come in this month
  8. 2-2 full time Boro end the festive / new year period with 10 point from 12 Unbeaten in 4 now with Blackpool away up next on January 11th
  9. 4 minutes + injury time................. Come on boro a 3rd would make life so much easier
  10. getting nervous here now a long 6 mins + injury time to come
  11. Leeds have scored at home to Blackburn 1-2 now to Blackburn Sheffield Weds beating Blackpool 1-0
  12. I can see manu coming on at HT to catch Bolton on the counter
  13. Bolton fans jeering Zat Knight now when he has the ball Please keep him on a bit longer Dougie we can get a few more here
  14. I suppose we could say Zak Knight is having a Knightmare
  15. Boro 2-0 Main 20 mins Knight back pass picked up by Main and he did the rest
  16. Like all players he knows a bad game will see him dropped about time we had a manager who kept the players on their toes
  17. In Karanka I believe 2014 will be a happy one I'm certain of it
  18. This was the team when we won 1-0 Given; R Williams, Woodgate, (Capt), Gibson, Friend, Adomah, Leadbitter, Smallwood (Whitehead 84), Carayol (Main 62), Butterfield (Emnes 67), Kamara. Post edited above had Adomah in twice
  19. Boro formation according to Sky sports [align=center] Given Williams, Ayala, Gibson, Friend Adomah, Leadbitter, Smallwood, Butterfield, Carayol Main [/align]
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