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  1. http://www.usagoals.video/c/football/england-championship/03-11-2020/blackburn-vs-middlesbrough/1/
  2. As soon as Britt comes on we concede. I'm not watching the game but I'm totally gonna blame him
  3. Personally can't see past 7 - 0 to Boro today. Just feel it in me waters. I'd be disappointed with 7-1
  4. Probably still cooking his tea like the rest of us
  5. Is this future of football now. Daft kick off times. Get in from work, sort tea out, sort the kids out. Have a bath and the games finished. I'm not having it like. Its not like Barnsley have far to travel, about 2 hours. Am I missing something obvious?
  6. Our lass has just said, "what are they doing?". I said "they're taking a knee". She replied, "They're taking an E? crazy!" Teesside Teesside Teesside
  7. Eio eio here we go here we go. Uptfb Anyone of you lovely people got a link for the game ?
  8. Don't suppose anyone would so kind to give me a quick update where we're at with signings and rumours ?
  9. I just wanna be sat there on a rainy Tuesday night, watching the opposing winger tear down the wing about to deliver a killer cross but out of no where Nathan wood comes in, sliding about 8 meters and gets the ball smashed in his face and instantly jumps up and grabs the badge screaming "come on, this is BORO!!!!!!" Is that too much to ask?
  10. If we're skint (which it looks like we are) I'd be quite happy getting behind the team we have now and chucking the kids in from time to time. I'd feel more passion getting behind a group of lads who are playing for the club instead of some journeymen, especially with Warnock pulling the strings. Akin to Rioch in the 80's with Mowbray and the young players he had. It's a far throw from the times we'd become use to but I'd just like to see some passion around the club and I don't think there is any better manager at this level to install that passion then Neil Warnock. It might even wake Steve Gibson up from the coma he seems to have slipped into.
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