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  1. She sits on one end of the couch and I sit on the other. The middle is like no man's land.
  2. Its mad how everything seems rosier when your club is riding a good wave. I've just said hello to the wife for the first time in months
  3. Well done Boro. Had a good go at it. I think most fans are just happy that we give a good account of ourselfs and played for the shirt. We look a totally different team/club currently, long may it continue. Utb
  4. If we press and hunt them down like we did at WBA I can see us winning. Give them no time on the ball and win the 50/50's. My heart says 3-1 Boro. My head says 2-1 spurs. Come on Boro
  5. Have to give it to Woodgate and the full Boro team, awesome turn around
  6. I'm going to give Woodgate the benefit of the doubt because he's earned it after the last game but why play Gestede up front and drop wing? Surely having Gestede upfront to hold the ball up and brings players like wing into play in the final third would be beneficial. Either way I hope it pays off and we produce a result. I don't even mind losing (Preston are good at home) as long as we have a good go at them.
  7. We're in that tricky position now where on paper the players coming back are better but should they automatically start? I don't think they should. Get them on the bench and make them work their way back in.
  8. Ha totally called it. Very Middlesbroughy of us to pull that out of the bag.
  9. Nigel Pearson is doing well at Watford
  10. Dreadful this tbh. The worse thing is I can't even see a game plan. What are we even trying to do? At this stage I'd accept that we just have poor players but we have a game plan. Anything. Wing play. Counter football. Anything. Right now we are *** clueless
  11. Don't wanna derail the thread but I was told back in September that Ayala was leaving and he'd already got a house in London
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