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  1. When I use to go to Ayresome Park there was this one fella who without fail would shout 'wakey wakey Boro'. We need that guy.
  2. Can't see Wilder leaving. Especially for Burnley. Things haven't gone our way recently but let's not press the self destruction just yet.
  3. Gonna need a whole lot of humble pie on here today when we come back 3-2
  4. We should have never dropped big bad Joe Lumley. Never looked the same without him
  5. This season is finishing like it done under Pullis. Haven't got a clue how he's going to do it but this half time team talk has to be massive from Wilder
  6. So strange from bamba that 🤣 had plenty of opportunities to head it back
  7. Someone needs to tell Jones to just start getting to the byline and get some crosses in. Teams have just reverted to doubling up on him and he's trying too hard to beat them and cut inwards. 9 times out of 10 it's not going to work anymore
  8. Connolly is about as good as a rich tea biscuit that's been dunked for a good solid 5 mins.
  9. Still confident we'll nick this one
  10. Watmore makes a massive difference
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