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  1. Finally got this on the wall 😍
  2. This is really similar what happened to me and the feeling has always stayed with me. I was suicidal in 2014 and going to games saved my life, really love the feeling.
  3. I'm in a strange position. I'm emigrating in a few years (Canada) to be with the missus. I have to finish university, wrap up a couple of on the job qualifications. I don't really have time for a season ticket but I also really want one because in a few years I won't be able to attend live games anymore.
  4. Steve Gibson has been paying for ST holders free streams out of his pocket, which is pretty awesome.
  5. Really sorry for my time away everyone. I work in exports in the plant industry so you can imagine, work has been crazy. I've done a bunch of overtime and have been feeling really drained. I'm hoping things are starting to ease up a tiny bit.
  6. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. In all seriousness let's kick 2020 into touch, Boateng style into the stands. It's been a crap year but this place is, as always solid as a rock and filled with some of the best people. Thoughts with the people that have been lost this year, I hope their families can find some peace this festive season. Really wishing all of you the best Christmas and a better New Year. UTFB Love. Jen xXx
  7. Yes. You just need a Boro account. 🙂
  8. Thanks for this Mark! Tom represented us brilliantly and sounds like he had a laugh with the gaffer.
  9. Predictions for this match will come from a tried and tested method. The coin flip. Boro's form has become unpredictable of late. Edit: It landed on the edge? Is that a draw? 😂
  10. We did indeed. Neil was incredibly funny, warm and more than happy to share his experiences and answer questions. The session was recorded and so there will be an an official write up and videos from the MSF! He admitted to reading oneBoro and wants the names of everyone who wanted him out. 🤣
  11. We have banned people for lesser offences than this offensive statement. 🤣😜
  12. Good Evening All. Delighted to announce that Neil Warnock is appearing at the meeting on Monday. The MSF is looking for your burning questions for the boss. Agenda and notes will be published in due course.
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