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  1. I agree with CT, I don't think lack of effort is the problem. I said lack of fight because we don't really have any players that will take a game by the scruff of the neck and make things happen by force or by skill. We're a very poor championship side, not for much longer with the way we're going. I don't blame Warnock for this, he's come in and the tools he's been given are inadequate. If Gibson thinks Woodgate should be rehired, if we go down, I'll know he's offically lost it and should sell up.
  2. No skill, no tempo, no fight. League One awaits.
  3. I'm actually looking forward to games again. You know whatever happens, that the players will have been given a solid foundation to work on and will try. Warnock's brutal honesty combined with all his experience is a breath of fresh air. Is it the most entertaining football ever? No but we don't have the players for that. I'll take a solid hard fought win than any of that tripe Woodgate served up.
  4. Someone retweeted Kike's letter the other day. God I miss that man. That away day was outstanding, 😔
  5. Glad to see the Brentford manager looking he's been on an all night bender with the lads.
  6. I love George and everything he's done for the club but he's quickly becoming old yeller.
  7. I think that's true but there is no denying he wants a move. Just to clarify I'm not saying we shouldn't play Randolph, as he is the better keeper. I'm just saying it's harsh.
  8. I like Randolph, he was deservedly best keeper in the league last season. I also think it is unfair to Pears who actually wants to play for us.
  9. How many times will we run through the match thread authors this season?
  10. Wish Woody would give Browne a chance. He's strong and quick.
  11. http://mygoaltv.com/middlesbrough-vs-fulham-m25790
  12. Really like the look of the foum, looks great.
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