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  1. I'd be keen for us to sponser a player again. It really helps attract attention to the forum.
  2. Just want to say a massive thank you to @Mark_MSF and the rest of the MSF for their warm welcome. The meeting was incredibly positive, filled with people who clearly adore this club. I do have to say I was impressed by the club's attitude and open communication which will prove crucial in helping us all push MFC forward. Looking forward to more meetings and bringing your contributions.
  3. Great point for the lad. There was plenty to be positive about and we grow in confidence with each game.
  4. No stream from me today, sorry everyone. I have a lot on.
  5. Humpty, I've made a note and I will absolutely raise this issue. I feel non ST holders haven't been given a fair shot and the club needs to address it.
  6. I have no interest in caring about anyone but Boro. The closest I get is wanting some team's to lose more than others.
  7. The meeting is set for Monday 21st. Is there any comments or concerns that people would like raising, anything they would like adding to the agenda?
  8. Started the Boro FIT programme funded by the EFL, really good stuff.
  9. Just want to see us play better than we did last Friday, their squad is better on paper but lets see what we can do.
  10. Football has outpriced us, that's the problem. We can't buy intelligent quick players because they're more expensive. If we home grow them a bigger club will throw money at us and take them. It is depressing, honestly. Spence emerged last season and already other clubs are watching. We no longer hold that PL status that protected a small club like ours.
  11. Billy I swear that YouTube account was an imposter Jen. 😳
  12. Streaming passes for overseas fans are going to be available, no news on price yet. Watford game is not included for ST holders or overseas fans as part of their passes. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/live-streaming-information-for-new-season
  13. I mean they could all be on 300 quid a week lol so he would be.
  14. Let's be honest with ourselves, Middlesbrough would turn Messi into a Lee Cattermole type...
  15. My new transfer policy is to keep my fingers in my ears until its over. Boro always disappoint in this department, nothing ever seems to go over the line other than plan z's.
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