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  1. Has there ever been a better throw in, better than Barragan's at Swansea away. 😂
  2. What's been some gems that you've got cheaply but really enjoyed? Currently playing: Trine co-op with my gf, Phasmaphobia, Staxel, My time at Portia, Serious Sam Persona 5, Replaying The Last of Us, Fall Guys, The Last Guardian (on PS4) Pokemon Let’s go, Pokemon Shield, Animal Crossing, Breath of the Wild (Switch) And finally Gears of War remastered on Xbox.
  3. I got Humble Bundle for a while so I have a lot of games. 😂 Steam is the one I’m terrible for because their sales are insane. Just finished Song of Horror, which was a bit meh.
  4. No point in me getting a PS5 when I plan on going to Canada to live in 2 years. I have so many games on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch that I haven't played yet, it seemsdaft to splash the cash now. Doesn't stop me really wanting one though! Lol
  5. I’ve already written this season off, which probably means we’ll win this one 2-0. The lack of passion last game was a concern and I’m no sure where the motivation is going to come from in such a quick turnaround.
  6. Chad Evans, yeah no thanks. The fact I can’t afford to renew is a blessing in disguise. 😂😂
  7. If there is one thing I won't miss about seeing this match in person, it's that I won't have to travel half the night to get there. That’s right ladies, gents and mascots, Boro are back in action after that woeful international break and it's just a little trip down the moterway to Bournemouth! Boro’s form going into the international break has been pretty indicative so far of the season at large, like being stuck on the Ultimate at Lightwater Valley and just wanting to get off so you can spend the cash in the gift shop. Let's hope Boro aren't left with the sad looking one eye teddy
  8. I'm hoping that we're bulding momentum at the right time. Millwall will be a tough one but I think that we can beat them.
  9. Definitely. PM me with any details. :)
  10. Finally got this on the wall 😍
  11. This is really similar what happened to me and the feeling has always stayed with me. I was suicidal in 2014 and going to games saved my life, really love the feeling.
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