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  1. I think that's true but there is no denying he wants a move. Just to clarify I'm not saying we shouldn't play Randolph, as he is the better keeper. I'm just saying it's harsh.
  2. I like Randolph, he was deservedly best keeper in the league last season. I also think it is unfair to Pears who actually wants to play for us.
  3. How many times will we run through the match thread authors this season?
  4. Wish Woody would give Browne a chance. He's strong and quick.
  5. http://mygoaltv.com/middlesbrough-vs-fulham-m25790
  6. Really like the look of the foum, looks great.
  7. Hi everyone Dismal Saturday for us but that's become a regular fixture in our lives at the moment. 😞 I wanted to make everyone aware that a collection is being made for the Middlesbrough Food Bank on the 24th of November at the Riverside. The drop off is around 10am at the North Stand. It would be great if anyone can contribute in anyway. Any non Teesside based Boro fans wanting to help. I'm setting up a fund for my office to contribute which I'll buy groceries with. Anyone wanting to donate to that is more than welcome!
  8. Just to let everyone know that the meeting went well and a vote will be taking place. They will let us know in due course. The voting comes from groups that are already members of the fans forum. The contents of the meeting will be published when I receive the minutes and I'll certainly share that with everyone. I think we contribute a lot the Boro community at large and there is more still we can be involved with. I argued for this passionately. However, I don't think we need to demand a place. Let our actions do the talking for us and lets continue to focus on being an great community for Boro fans.
  9. That must have been behind closed doors because I sit next to the bench on the front row and there was nothing of the sort from Woody or Keane. The biggest grumble came from the Britt miss, Keano was fuming at that haha.
  10. Do I have to set off for this? York isn't even that far from Boro so I pity those travelling from further. Any kind of improvement on Sat will be nice...
  11. You could be right SD! The team in the OP is the team I would play but a fit Ayala is likely to play. Captains seemed to get played regardless of form.
  12. One step forward, two steps back. Its becoming a familiar pattern with Boro this season. Just when you think we're starting to make progress, we're right back at square one. There wasn't much to cheer about for the Teessiders who made the long trip to Cardiff. The game was dull as dishwater and Boro looked as though they had forgotten how to play football. Business as usual then, eh? Time to dust off the disappointment of last week and restart a unbeaten run? Or just get some points, we're a bit lacking in that department. Some points would be very nice. Standing in our way are Sheffield Wednesday, going through a period of mixed form themselves (though their earlier good results have them sitting at 9th in the table, 6 places above the Boro). Their last outing in the Champisonship was a 1-1 draw with Fulham. Onto the team. I know I never want to see a back three again, that's for damn sure. Probably unpopular with the Ayala fans but I'd drop him. Defence was doing better without him. Team prediction is: GK: Randolph LB: Bola RB: Dijksteel CB: Fry CB: Shotton DM: Clayton CM: Wing CM: McNair LF: Fletcher ST: Assombalonga RF: Johnson Of course I can't do a matchday thread without talking about the return of Garry (remember the two 'r's) Monk. That delightful man who spent a lot of money in the player sweet shop and went on to see very little for his returns. Then of course there was the side issue of him allegedly making a profit off said sales and a potential lawsuit so his return is unlikely to yield a good reception but that seems to be par for the course for Garry these days. So Predictions? Premonitions? Who knows with Boro these days. Consistently inconsistent is my verdict. Home win.
  13. Packers now 3 wins in 3. Great start to the campaign. At least they didn't let me down. ?
  14. Match day! Time for the weeked to be a success or a disaster based on 90 minutes. I wouldn't have it any other way. Flint scores I'm rioting though because the big lug could barely hit the target last season.
  15. Two games down and two wins! Nice to enjoy being a Packer again.
  16. We have an actual defence. Offence needs to steps its game up though, that second quarter wasn't great. Go Pack Go.
  17. I'm not ready for this but I want it to be good. Breaking Bad is still the best TV show I've ever seen. I'm with Skinny, don't put Jesse back in a cage.
  18. Paddy proving why Pulis knows *** all about football.
  19. I mean the quality of the refs has been woeful, I wouldn't put that down to bad luck either.
  20. Green Bay fan. Supported them for about ten years. Delighted with the opening win, looks like we have a functioning defence this year.
  21. Was clearly on a roll. Was more incensed over Randolph tbh. More inclinded to think Shotton was an accident. ?
  22. Sure did but since the ref hit Shotton earlier in the game I wasn't surprised he only got a yellow/
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