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  1. I don’t understand the negativity surrounding this window. Big earners have left the club, recouping money along the way. The way the club has operated of not being taken to the cleaners is rather refreshing. Signing young players, who on paper seem to fit our new playing philosophy being instilled by Woodgate. They also have the potential to be sold for profit in the future. Yes we might have a few players that not everyone seem to be onboard with. Johnson starting in a front 3 for example, might not be to everyone’s taste, but did anyone really expect him to have the game t
  2. Is it really the end of the world if we lose Britt? If silly money is offered I think we would be stupid not to take it. Is a confident Fletcher playing through the middle going to be not too much dissimilar in terms of goals? He has never really been given a consistent run in the team. Robbie Keane might just be able to squeeze the best out of him. I’m just going to sit tight and wait to see what this season holds for us, with or without Britt.
  3. Crouch isn't someone who will score the goals to propel us towards promotion.
  4. Reach lacks decisiveness, he looks to do what is easiest for him (which always seems to be take the defender down the line looking for a cross) even if we have no options in the box. This means he has to turn back on himself 90% of the time, only for him to stumble over the ball or play it backwards. He is just a very frustrating player to watch.
  5. OOOOHHH AITOR KARANKA I think any selling manager is bound to make a comment like that.
  6. You cannot rectify his 'flapping', not without hours and hours of training. It's the players natural instinct to come and approach a ball in that way, its very hard to train and drill this out of a player. He appears to be an half decent shot stopper, his judgmental skills are left wanting however. It's just going to take time.
  7. I think the problem with Mejias now is that you can't teach the player to come and catch and become a commanding goalkeeper. It's his natural perception on how to treat a game situation. Working on this even in training to enable him to become a more confident goalkeeper would be difficult and hard to address.
  8. Definitely Badger Oh and 20 and working/at uni Some person on here kept saying his name...maybe it was his agent trying to drum up some interest?! I cannot see any other reason why anyone would champion him?! Haha that's who i was getting at. Thought his name was Badger or at least his thumbnail is one There was never even a slight chance we would sign someone like Samaras. Going from champions league football to the championship... And then his wages which would be astronomical. Unless of course we're talking about diferent Samarases? I think it is pronounced Sam-ar
  9. Why would anyone apologise? You were still wrong saying that his silence confirms its gone tits up, because It doesn't, AV confirming it is what actually confirms it. I think he meant it as a tongue-in-cheek statement.
  10. Source? Didn't know Vossen was so close to completion? The lad at rockcliffe wasnt just standing outside with a camera!! Vossen deal isnt believed to be a million miles away with regards cost, and on Tuesday 'the clayton deal was close and the club were trying hard to get it finalised'. That from someone really close to the team. Vossen deal is 'believed' to be close? That's pretty hard to believe at all. No indication of talks, it's just so hard to believe he would come here. The Clayton deal was obvious, but what about Bamford? The Chelsea 'link' makes it obvious to link us to
  11. Source? Didn't know Vossen was so close to completion?
  12. Hahaha I'm loving how you must have mentioned samaras about 20 times and not once has anyone even acknowledged haha Don't encourage him :D I suppose persistence is the only way to get your comments noticed :)
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