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  1. Has Rhodes arrived at the training ground yet?
  2. Hasn't been reported. Any chance he might, ya know...sign for us? Was thinking hull might be sniffing about him.
  3. Does anyone know if RM signed that contract extension?
  4. PinkPonce followed by The Gazette So we are believing the gazette over sky sports?
  5. Who's said De Laet is coming to us?
  6. Vela from Bolton and mcgeady from Everton apparently the 2 players currently enjoying room service in Blackburn. Sorry if that's already common knowledge.
  7. Hopefully won't be seeing keoghs car in Darlington anytime soon.
  8. I just can't help feeling that the obvious solution to our creative and goalscoring problem is Patrick Bamford. He already knows the club,he's unhappy at the moment and he's not going to cost us 9 million pound plus. Surely now he must be top of AK thinking.
  9. Maybe it would be good for the squad to have a break together in a warmer climate for a few days whilst we have the 2 week break. Instead of hammering them in training and micromanaging the tactics . sometimes it's good to just get away from it all.
  10. Good luck with that one ds As far as I can remember the verbals start about 9pm when everyone is bevvyed up. Revisiting after a few years of posting though so might of changed.
  11. It's been a winning tactic though. It's got the team to where they are now. Teams might be getting wise to it I agree,but with the position we are in I don't think it would be wise to start tinkering or changing the build from the back approach karanka has adopted.
  12. We have our weaknesses up front and it showed big time today. The positive being I think the other clubs going for promotion have a soft underbelly. Hull struggle to win away (normally) and derby are very inconsistent. Burnley after seeing them play us in the fa cup aren't good enough even though we lost,the game should of been put to bed in the 1st half. It's a blip that's it.
  13. Ha join the club . I'll sleep in 5 years too.
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