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  1. i haven't slated him at all. never seen him play. but if someone has seen him and give an opinion then we should accept it and move on. no need to oppose it because you dont agree. it is what it is. i was more referencing last season. i recognized a player was not up to standard the first time i saw him and voiced my opinion. others like NB got quite defensive because{we need to give the lad a chance}. which i normally do myself as is a fair view, which we should always do. i get as defensive over our players as anyone. but this guy was so bad i felt i had to express my discontent with hi
  2. he might be right. we do sign duffers. no need to get defensive with players we sign if someone says they are tosh. if he turns out lumly mk2 are you going to blindly defend the lad all season even though they are actually terrible. haha
  3. totally overrated. proper slow. he'd get exposed like crazy in wilders system
  4. i would like him. last season them young lads we brought in had no knowhow. goldie had bags of that. he can really help other younger lads and would probably preform quite well if he plays.
  5. really pleased derby have a new owner. not out of the woods yet but big step in the right direction. now you need a team lol
  6. haha he loves it. how soon will he expose himself this time
  7. the player is keen to come. thats really promising. he could sit on the bench or drop a level and play. loads of these kids now would take easy street and sit on the bench all year for easy money. always liked him as a player. if we get him he'll score loads.
  8. yes i understand. i'm really not to arsed tbh. the baggies said he was *** so i think he probably is. the stats you just explained make sense thankyou. by volume i thought without paying much mind he let in a high volume of shots faced. meaning he wasnt very good at saving shots.
  9. johnson probably is to. but hes gone to the prem on a bosman so must be good. i'd say if he was good then someone would have bought him. it doesnt really matter to us either way. Not saying your wrong will but the sats do tell a story. so i wouldnt write them off as being pointless.
  10. just picked this off a palace forum. Reading wba forums, it's hard to see him coming in as our No. 1. In fact, he gets worse references than I would give Butland. Kicking and command of his area seem the main criticisms. And being a mistake maker. sooooo the stats say he had a bad season and the fans say he had a bad season. does that make him as bad as lumley? NO thats surely not possible. lol
  11. i'm not saying that am i. i'm saying is sam johnson also a bad keeper. and we are just assuming hes good because he was a few years back.
  12. is he? or is he just a flash in the pan. wasnt bettinelli on the verge of an england call a few years back. but we know he is awful now.
  13. that saint kit is exactly why i like our kit. ours is straight up red with the band. nothing to fancy. they tried to be fancy and wow its so easy to get wrong. just dont do it.
  14. steffen, butland is terrible, darlow is a mag. so iverson or steffen, i went for the more experienced keeper of them two. though iverson has played in this league. steffen is overall likely the better option.
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