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  1. Dynamo Kev

    Boro V QPR

    dijksteel is a good player, under a proper manager and coaches he'll be great for us.
  2. Dynamo Kev

    Boro V QPR

    i'm thinking this match shotton is back in the team at right back. unless mouk is unfit the howson is right shotts center. either way shotton will start. i'd like to see(sort of expect warnock to go with) 442 this time; ------------------stov shotton---- fry mouk ----friend roberts saville howson coulson --------------fletch britt other variation(no mouk): ------------------stov howson---- fry shotton ----friend or howson fry friend johnson roberts saville mcnair coulson --------------fletch britt what i'd like to see, coulsons end product was shocking but he is better defensively than johnson; ------------------stov shotton---- fry friend----coulson roberts saville howson tav --------------fletch britt
  3. i think would be good to see this: foreign keeper whatshisface spence fry friend johnson sav --------howson-------- tav roberts----------------coulson ---------------britt but probably see this: spence fry friend johnson --------howson, saville roberts----------------coulson ------------britt, fletch
  4. woody must see friend is shot, shotton is terrible and howson is a midfielder playing at right back. these combined= an awful backline full of holes and errors.
  5. never a penna man. george though wow hes finished, totally shot.
  6. really back this. the worst i've seen us at the back we are literally just ball watching and not marking at all. so easy for swansea.
  7. if we had roberts on the right he'd be in double figures 😄
  8. howson and shotton are really susceptible to being done with easy balls over the top. both ball watch. tav get him off i've had enough of his terrible shots.
  9. yep, we totally opened the up on the right. with tav and rudy looking for a simple pass infront of goal, paddy basically never aimed for them and just blasted a cross the goal. little bit of composure it was a tap in.
  10. wing and paddt been great so far. tav wasteful, still trying to hard. rudy looks fit and in form.
  11. We are looking good today. still the obvious weaknesses, shotton being shotton and johnson weak at defending. but the shape looks great and players look like they know their roles. could be 2-3 nil. need a second. charlton are poor.
  12. it will be same as forest we were almost same setup as under karanka formation wise tav right coulson left wing at n10. its the formation imo that best suits what we have atm. once roberts is fit it will be really good. loads of threat out wide.
  13. coulson was knackered so we took tav off and wing off leaving the knackered coulson 'our only attacking outlet' supplying our lum pof a forward. subs *** it up totally, sav should have come of for clayton and howson come of for spence to give us legs on the right again.
  14. shotton man, if that was sunday league he'd have for sure put him in row z then lol
  15. what about the dozen saves he made against leeds last week? lets be honest he's 21 and pretty damn good for that age. as keepers only get better as they get older. he could be our keeper for a decade or two.
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