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  1. my first game in the holgate that(and first i can remember). bernie forever my hero after that
  2. that was silikis first start of the season. only minuts hes has was for us and few for cameroon. pretty damn impressive really lol
  3. they battered us in the cup. it was a non contest. how can we expect anything different?? i'm going for 3-0 Boro
  4. forest have been trying hard like. making us work and have some good players to. fine lines in this league.
  5. we look better than cov game but you can still see we are a new team and not used to playing together, getting a bit disjoined. give it a month or so and hopefully by then all these loppy passes and getting caught out in bad positions will stop. i think we have the making of a good side here. siliki looks good hernandez is good, sporar is going to be a cult hero like lol. get bola jones and paddy back in the fold with payero and we got a decent squad apart from the non existent lbs.
  6. worst game i ever saw was at ayresome park vs bradford(quick google shows it wasnt badford) first found of the league cup i think, late 80's early 90's? me and dad were amazed how bad both teams were. incapable of passing to each other, the ball was just booted up in the air and ping ponged from them to us all game. it was painful. we left with 10 minutes left. earliest i ever left a game. after another search on google think it was could have been vs barnsley in 91? anyone go to this and remember it being utter dross lol
  7. i agree with you mate, but clubs just think the solution is signing players every time. instead of coburn getting starts NW was just sticking crooks upfront when bringing uche off. baffles me. why not play the young lad a bit more see what hes got. fortunately we got lucky with amoebi injury so had to play jones, now he has done enough to show hes good enough. malley to he looks great, excellent passing range, but he will never see more than the odd game. he'll never succeed with that limited exposure. might help him with cm numbers being a bit thin now. hopefully he gets a run at some po
  8. i think you dont know until you see them at that level. think back down the years many of the pro's got their chance due to injuries and teams were desperate so had to turn to them. downing springs to mind, zenden was injured so he had to throw him in. didnt lingard and even rashford get thrown in like that to.
  9. switch peltier with tav and crooks into midfield. thats what i would go with.
  10. how on earth do we not have another LB its mental. stick tav there, he'll do a job and then pick an actually set up that suits the players, like: dijk--------fry--hall--------tav ---------howson siliki hernandez-------------jones ----------uche sporar or dijk--------fry--hall--------tav -----howson siliki Malley -hernandez--uche----jones
  11. if he plays wing backs again jesus help us. but if he does and i mean that because i bet he does it. i'd prefer to see tav and dijkstill in different positions after that disaster of a performance. ------dijksteel fry hall tav---------peltier-------jones --------howson siliki -----hernandez ------------uche its horrible for us obviously but its essentially a 442 if jones pushes high up(and he will) with peltier just covering the back 3 and dropping in if a wingback bombs high up. you know like clayton and leadbitter used to do for kranky. siliki supporting the l
  12. its a sign gibson is finally admitting its a bad idea for him to make the footballing decisions and to have every manager come in and completely change everything every couple of years. it will bring us some stability behind the scenes.
  13. well its a learning curve. i've always wanted to see tav central. i hope i never see that again. keep him advanced on the right. leave him do his thing. though its just one game i may be overreacting
  14. tav, dijk literally forgot how to play football and just give possession away for fun. hardly anything to do the new guys that. the issue today was the team setup and formation. half the team were totally out of position and looked uncomfortable. ontop of the square pegs in round holes lumping percentage balls and playing direct football. basically left coventry in a position where when we gave the ball away to always out number us in midfield and have tonnes of space to run into. all on warnock today this result. he had a shocker.
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