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  1. i think its because he was playing for rennes and in the champions league what got me hyped. though i did watch full 90 games he played in. he actually looked okay though. i think he was struggling for fitness and now has no doubt totally lost all confidence.
  2. dont get how connolly can be some player at this level. he's only been on of brightons no scoring strikers and a back up on at that. how does that mean he'll be some player at this level? i dont see it. he looks bang average to me. even his highlights are bang average. i dont believe he will be a success here. judging on what hes got. mind you i was thinking jls was going t obe good so what do i know.
  3. thats because they ae pushing the auto spots now. in 10 games time when we are they will be creaming over us.
  4. if man utd were linked it would be 30million. because its spurs they just say 15mill. the rich clubs onlypay top dollar.
  5. them tav highlights from the reading game. show just how much better he is now hes being coached properly. well done tav and wilder and his coaches.
  6. crooks is cool infront of goal. tav has always been wild. he panics and just smashes everything. he can score, he has a decent shot but he doesnt and likely never will have the composure to score many each season. he'll get a few assists but we shouldnt be expecting one every game off him.
  7. i dont get the tav bashing now. when he was playing as a winger and not being creative and being wasteful fair enough. but hes a cm now. and he is covering he ground making tackles tracking his men. putting quality balls into the box keeping possession well. he occasionally gets caught out. but who doesnt? we cant expect him to be creating chances like a winger or scoring goals for fun like crooks. i think tav has being doing really well as the left cm. my main gripe wit hhis before was how he was to selfish and chose the wrong option when in a good position. i cant remember him doing that at
  8. looking through the brighton forum about connolly.. they made a few comments on his game for us. even a link to this forum at half time. one fan reckons he has a knack of getting on the end of things. which tbf he showed that. but low on confidence. which again he did look like that to me. hopefully he can blossom here. but its going to be tough for him. he wont be a shoe in and needs to beat off balogen, watmore and co to keep in the team. plenty of competition up front now for us. looking good.
  9. yes he did move into good positions i suppose. he might not be as bad as my initial reaction. still got work to do to win us all over though. balogun had a few lovely touches and looked promising from his cameo.
  10. he must be bad, if the old 'he worked hard' line is being used. i'll not get to carried away though. he might have looked turd here but he might be better than that in reality. with the love island bimbo missus his clubs fans not liking him. he comes across to me as being a bit of a thickie. thats before i seen him play. then i seen him play and thought wow he really is a non player. didnt look good enough to be in a red shirt to me. though he did play a nice pass out wide once.
  11. balogun looks a player unlike the other lad that i shall not name. great win this. these are the type of games that got us promoted under karanka. utfb
  12. he'll have a job if he just runs into a defender on a break an looses the ball.
  13. mate i never write a player off this early. infact i think i was willing to give kike sola another chance. but i just instantly took a disliking to connolly. he looks like a league 2 standard striker. does the basics okay but thats all he can do. i dont see a player in there at all.
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