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  1. no appa rently not great. he is good at harrying defenders and running channels though
  2. eugene thanks for that long post. we are not really a long ball team, but we look to be instructed to hit balls from deep into the channels. but our cb's think wow i'll just hoof it and hope for the best lol. we have just signed a midfielder who likes to hit long diagonals in the channels so i think this is a strong tactic for us. signing a guy who like to run the channels and this midfielder is a clear tactically direction. which we havent seen a lot of for a while. under a rookie manager last season the team just turned up and had no clear tactic and were terrible all season.
  3. I dont think he wants us to kick and rush. i think its because we have utter cash players just hoofing it, ahem fry thats you. the midfield is a big issue. we dont have outball option from them. they are very quiet imo they dont demand the ball enough. there isnt enough composure on the pitch for us to play out from the back. when paddy came on it totally showed how *** a football fry is compared to him the difference was very obvious.
  4. with that 11 he started we could have played this: dijksteel----fry-----wood-----bola ----------morsy -----wing browne--------tav----------coulson -----------------fletch just looking at that it seems so much better than that *** 532
  5. mate he playing kids out of position isnt he. dijksteel cb? coulson rwb? are examples. he could easily have played dijksteel rwb coulson lwb. and had paddy fry and wood all start. but he never, he played bola who from what i seen tonight isnt anywhere near coulson or marv's standard. that team tonight was a joke. it was *** tactically from the off. and a moan about fry, *** me he seems to be getting worse all the time. all he does is hoof it.
  6. it appears warnock is not an actual football genius hes just a likable senile old *** who has good coaches as mates.
  7. 1. Do we change the team who played against Watford? Yes. wood coulson malley walker isaiah jones forlain all getting game time maybe who knows i just want the kids to be given a chance, they seem to be better than they have been for years atm. 2. Would you rather Boro won the Carabao Cup this season, or got promoted? Promotion and win cup. 3. What's the best part of a fried breakfast? black pudding, beans, fried bread, sausages, eggs, all vital components that are essential
  8. i'd love us to play 3 5 3 but do you think the refs would notice the extra player
  9. i actually thought this when watching the game. he didnt even try to alter it. hopefully the greater good pays off.
  10. bottom line. we score first in that game we win. they did shut up shop and our weak attack floundered.
  11. what i saw was an ex premier league team pretty much get everyone behind the ball and hold on to the lead from 25min onwards. going to be a long season for them watching that. glad we wont be playing the serbian pulis every week.
  12. we have got stronger as the half went on. looked to me like they wanted the whistle to blow ten minutes ago. we can come back and beat these. just need the ball to fall kindly for us. not had any breaks in their box.
  13. id hav pick mcnair like. would have liked to see wood in but realistically paddy is still better.
  14. or maybe stoj spat his pipe out big time. i bet he has and i dont blame him. he was probs expecting to start this game. sign a guy yesterday bam your dropped son.
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