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  1. fry and hall should play together with paddy infront anchoring with howson/morsy/saville covering his runs forward. whoever they are all pretty similar. tav kab and watmore possibly. strikers dont matter really fletch is by far best but other two are ineffectual normally. i just hope we actually pass it about rather than go backwards then go long over and over.
  2. we are so much better with fry at the back and with fletch up front. like a new team. get young tav back and we'll be a a great side for this level. utb
  3. you can if hes swinging his boot 6ft in air 😄
  4. hendrie wouldnt be in this league if he was playing now mate. he was before his time that lad, not really an out and out winger not really a striker. perfoct for the more modern systems playing wide off a striker. hes be even better now. mustoe would be one of those players to stand out in this league but be pretty standard prem squad player type. both walk into our current first 11.
  5. wasnt all warnocks fault really though. spence was invisible at the back all game. the keeper is utter turd. *** out of grabbing the ball and went with legs giving a penna, got megged and let in what was imo a soft shot for the first. wasnt even in the corner, he just has *** reactions and never got across at all. if randy was in goal we'd have got a clean sheet 100%. even with the lack of protection at the back. we really cant afford to let people shoot at him he just cant get down low. he goes down in stages, hes garbage, pears would have saved all of them to.
  6. spence is fuckin shockin defender. utter turd. wood just a kid barely played cant blame him lol
  7. wasnt he on loan at brentford from spurs? yes he was just googled it.
  8. is matchfixing a thing these days especially in a tight league. must be so easy to swing results for them(refs) in the champo
  9. i recall a semi final champions league game nani went for a high ball with his foot kicked player got sent off. our ref *** hell never seen it but did see stub marks in his face so why still no sending off *** joke like.
  10. STATS mean nothing really. cant judge a player on stats. johnny is a key player for us and he also dribbled round a guy and played britt in for his goal, so if we are looking at stats i'd say that was not so defensive. as for the stupid pass completion stats. johnny plays the ball forward a lot so that stat is still a good stat.
  11. we are inconsistent but we have Big J back in midfield. first game back and it was like he never went away motm by a mile. when some of the younger lads are struggling to pass 5 yards he gets the ball and slips his markers carries the ball miles, plays in key passes making it look easy. he surely has lifted squad coming back into the team. results will improve now. wouldnt be surprised to go on another winning run now. think we'll beat norwich to. they rode their luck last time out. we'll have them this time. blackburn have fell away we can win that one to.
  12. we need another forward/striker who can actually play football and link up well with all the young lads like tav spence djiksteel bola etc. we have the makings ofa pretty good footballing side
  13. that solanke tottaly flatters. he looks like he should be miles better than he is.
  14. Add in the awful thigh injury that totally ruined an already *** player. yes lets not even pretend warnock would get anything extra out of him. he was shot.
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