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  1. come on the danes, the incentive must be if you get though in second. wales in the last 16. surely u guys can beat that lot. Danish power come on u reds.
  2. bloody hell smith is a late bloomer isnt he. his first 30+ game season was only 3 seasons ago. looks like hes only been first choice for the last 3 years and has an average record in champo games; 45-8, 34-9, 44-10. actually thats not bad at all when you think about it, hes playing for rotherham not brentford. he is a respectable champo targetman and probably a really shrewd signing.
  3. rudy got 34 goals in 60 games in two seasons at blackburn. other than that hes never hit double figures and only managed 5 goals for us in the championship over 3 seasons, 42 games total. gestede was a class above smith in 2014 other than that hes clearly garbage and not a class above anyone. he managed to get 5 in 17 in the aussie A league though. whats that equivalent level over here?
  4. beat russia and belgium beat finland u guys are through. come on the danes
  5. all i saw was the fraud wasting eveything the poor danes created. they deserved better.
  6. sure i checked this and like u said we play one of them next game anyway but not at wembley. we deffo need to win group to remain as the home side. tbh i'd back us vs anyone at wembley including the french or italians. i also think the players feel like that to. if we are in baku against france that wouldnt fill me full of confidence.
  7. sure i seen somewhere Erickson had his jab 10 days prior to the match. could it have been a blood clot related to that which affected his heart? maybe he will play again? best wishes to him whatever he decides to do anyway.
  8. its going to be a long 90minutes for scotland i suspect. they have a mountain to climb and face a team who are basically prefect side to exploit their gapping weaknesses. it'll be a comfortable win for england. we just have to much for them i think. i'm normally englands biggest critic but even i cant see this one going any other way than a win for us.
  9. I'll be due to retire around then, roll on 2042
  10. the money gab between the rich few and the rest is so big. they just sit on the bench and rot now. rather than a boksic joining us. these days hes retire in the juventus reserves.
  11. my early predicton of italy looking good 3-0 give turkey a good basting here
  12. more like encouraging news for croatia hes terrible even when fit. after watching mings and seeing stones in several games late season i'd much rather have them two in defence when the likes of mbappe etc are running at us. walker stone mings chilwell. all decent speed and more mobile to cope with the pacy lads. england looed dreadful at the bakc when dier and maquire were pairing up.
  13. eye hes become less of a risk taker in his old age. like when he is deep and put under pressure a bit he just lumps it in behind. some could say that is under manager instructions. but i'm not convinced the gaffer is happy for him to punt 99% of the time hopeless balls way off target over the top.
  14. yes the rumour on here was we wanted jed but told not for sale but we can have saville for 7million lol
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