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  1. so what your saying is you expect the ref to get every decision right every game. its totally unrealistic
  2. so is that you righting off browne bola and dijksteel as league 1 fodder? regarding the scouting network. i'm of the opinion that everyone in the game knows who the good players are. its the young unproven lads that the scouting network earn their money highlighting, but even then you cant always get them to sign for us. then you need to get the manager to buy into their potential to. if the manager and the scouts dont really like the same type of players then you end up in the situation where pulis and monk sign what suits them.
  3. it was the same last summer, mostly tipped to be battling relegation. we finished 7th. so finishing mid table by the bedwetters probably puts us top 4 😄
  4. the days of having senior squad players not in the match squad are over. never should have happened in the first place. unless we are in the premier league having such an excess of players is BAD. you think shotton has been told hes behind ayala and fry in pecking order and will be a reserve cb? makes sense why he'd go to wigan. for first team football. i'm pleased with the window. other clubs have gone daft. fulham are signing striker and attacking midfielders but cant defend lol. they'll struggle to keep a clean sheet all season. west brom signed that west ham lad diangana(sp) on loan. we got browne on a perm for peanuts, who some of their fans rated higher. canny bit of business that like. our front 3 isnt without flaws but on its day we'll bang a few in. bola and dijksteel on the flanks. we are going to look like a proper team again. i think are are going up me like. nothing to fear all the other teams have their weaknesses to. but we are only highlighting our own. typical boro fans, including me after a good britt bash the other day. but he deserved it after the luton game the balloon head utb.
  5. woody said if he doesnt get the targets he wants he wont drop to 3-4-5th choice didnt he? if we could have shifted shotton, saville, gestede etc we would have signed more i would imagine. not the recruitment teams fault that is it. but it may be their fault we signed them lol
  6. yep looks very direct, hitting the byline a lot and hitting across the goal, a poachers dream. thats what i thought. looks very raw though. probably a bit of a tactical dunce like traore though.
  7. if we are in the position of having to sell to buy, saville is probably first out the door(after gestede). its a no brainer really. britt as much as he is flawed and very frustrating, still offers a lot. fry has massive potential keep him as long as possible to get a higher fee. if we are after a different striker to fit the new system, we sell one first right? if nobody wants gestede(lol) i think i'd rather keep fletcher over britt simply because we are also short of wingers. its a big risk selling ur top striker though. better be sure of the replacement.
  8. unless his valuation is met and the player we have lined up is sorted.
  9. randy, so because i dont like a player that shows no sign of football knowledge. lol that makes sense. you know your stuff. wow how come you are not employed at the highest level?
  10. look, if britt puts that penna in its game over, he missed a couple more chances to. i dont like him because i think he is utter ***, no one is going to change my mind. i'm actually buzzing hes leaving (hopefully) after initially being worried about our best striker going. we will have a better striker lined up. i have faith in woody. he knows the score.
  11. i dont often slate our players. i apologize. but i'm getting my frustrations out because hes leaving. 😄
  12. no he was in on goal from slightly the right side facing the goal.
  13. pretty sure it was browne with the outrageous jumping back heel to set britt totally clear a few yards out. the keeper rushed him, but it was a total fluff from britt. uses his left foot it in the net if he hits the target, by using his right he brought the rushing keeper into play.
  14. no i expect a striker to hit the target with a free shot from the penalty spot, i also expect a so called poacher to actually score from a one on one 6 yards out.
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