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  1. not saying hes good enough because we aint seen much, but he was blowing out of his *** after half hour. not match fit really. give him a few games and see how he does. not expecting much though, but you never know could be a useful squad player.
  2. just to clarify i'm not happy with them two positions either.
  3. then you should have said we have a *** winger and a wingback starting that u are not happy with. rather than talk about fullbacks being our wingers which isnt true.
  4. how can u use johnson the winger has been played out of position as a stick to beat him with for being played in his correct position lol
  5. coulson and jed fullbacks. no they aint they can't defend for their lives. wingbacks maybe. johnson is a winger. so we started with a wingback converted to a winger. but that doesnt sound as dramatic does it 😄
  6. i think norwich's last gasp defending on several occasions is what topped us scoring. i weaker side we would have beaten 2/3-0 that game. we played well. but against the strongest side in the league imo.
  7. all our attackig players are kids really very inconsistent and lack of composure. but that said they did well i thought. they had the best midfield we've seen this season but we matched them, very tight game across the pitch. no side had a dominant area. if we score our penna we win 1-0. fine margins at this level.
  8. johnson done quite well really, we have totally wasted good opportunities to create a good chance. tav, bola, jed but not johnson did okay with what come his way tbf.
  9. count how many times johnson loses possession today. he loves a bad pass and crap attempt at a through ball.
  10. lower prem team, like man utd. seriously though you see the gash they have at the back and i would seriously rather have paddy over all of them atm from a footballing point of view. cb's though. i like bissaka nice player him. the others no thanks. though whatshisface the lad we went after from benfica, he aint the worst.
  11. i dont think we are in a run of form yet. not by a mile. we might look like it from what we seen last year but i think that we have much more than we are showing so far. we are not making mistakes really except the final 3rd. which is why we are not losing. we'll start scoring and win 5 on the bounce or something at some point. that will put us in the auto mix. going to be a good season.
  12. maybe we are overthinking it all on the roberts no shows. maybe all it is, is NW doesnt like making tactical changes when he is happy with how its going. he only does like for like subs if someone is tired as far as i can see. who else was like that with subs? was it Robbo? cnat remember but i do remember getting annoyed by it lol
  13. MAYBE nw is thinking its better for us long term to play spence and tav. they are our own players and are still improving. maybe roberts isnt that much better than them so hes rather using our own players.
  14. agreed we could have lost the last 4 but we also could have won them all to. i think we were in a stronger position to win all 4 so i feel happy knowing that. i dont fee like i did when AK was here and we were struggling to score. that worried me because we were not a dominant team really. we sat very deep and didnt do a lot with the possession we had most of the time. this time round we are testing the opposition, you can see all over the pitch they opposition look shattered every game against us. we really do give teams a run around. if we keep this up all season we will hit the goals when the ground gets heavy and legs get tired mid winter. we dont have to create chances we will be gifted them. like vs bristol. teams will know from first time round its going to be tough and we might have a few tired squads not fancy playing us and beaten before a balls been kicked. hes hoping lol. its early days and a long way to go before we are a feared team. couple more months of squeezing the life out of teams and we'll know were we stand after the xmas hols.
  15. yes totally dominating and winning 1-0 with an 81st minute goal.
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