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  1. same here, been thinking about not even watching the games. joke of a world cup.
  2. just browsing the reading forums this morning. poor fans. loads are obviously unhappy about him. but there is a few saying that maybe they were not all his fault etc etc. one guy even says it was just one of those days 4 shots 4 goals. yes mate you get plenty of them days when he's in goal. glad to see them days followed him to another club.
  3. i'd rather go with:
  4. i was thinking he'd take 7 or 5. maybe he really is going to be our cdm.
  5. Not HANNIBAL. i'm not a fan. think he would be a bad fir in our system.
  6. these days a 10 is the attacking midfielder. its open to interpretation. i was just thinking that wilder wouldnt refer a 10 as in the modern 10. because we play 2 up front. so his 10 would be a second striker or target man type for his system. looking at our squad numbers in use what do you think a 4, 5, 9, 10, 11's are in his lineup? 2 jones 3 giles 4 CB 5 CDM 6 FRY 7 CM 8 MCGREE 9 STRIKER (MUNIZ) 10 TARGET MAN, (STRAND LARSON) 11 FORWARD?
  7. i was half watching the game last night and hamza just sat infront of the defense and never ran much when i payed attention. watford at home seemed to have a very rigid shape in defense and midfield with their attackers free to counter. hamza would be in a very different system and role playing for us. cant really judge how he does for them vs what we would be missing.
  8. wilder said we are bringing in a 4, 5, 9, 10 and 11. 4 being a cb and 5 being a cdm. well with wilder being a 90's player guessing thats what a no5 means. probably just means wilder is looking to sign 5 more senior first team players so hoppe will have to use a squad number. 2 being strikers 2 midfielders and a cb. one down 4 to go then. great signing mowatt.
  9. digger wont be lying. i bet we had agreed a fee, had him in for talks etc and then they changed what they wanted. ie moved the goal posts. everything almost done. like wilder said nearly had x2 through the door. ended up with just hoppe. we likely had him here to and all sorted weeks ago just waiting on permits.
  10. i remember winning the first 4 games of the season back in the day. we never made the play offs and lennie got sacked.
  11. hey remember when we were a shambles behind the scenes and got promoted. our manager even had a week off near the end of the season.
  12. hes as powder puff as they come. just because he comes on for manu and fouls people doesnt mean he is a tough player. he looks woeful to me. more like a player to come of the bench and make something happen rather than a starter in the championship. which i think is to tough a league for the likes of him. we will regret signing him. major flop alert.
  13. is there any top midfielders in the russian league who as still needing a club.
  14. we need midfielders man. where are the links to them players. i want garner and mowett,
  15. our first choice 3 are way better than the rest. its the biggest issue in the squadf that needs addressing for me. we have hoppe forss akpom watmore and coburn upfront. its not great but there is competition for a starting place.
  16. i reckon paddy has said how come its only me playing on my weak side every week. so wilder is forced to rotate until we sign someone left footed.
  17. That's how I'm seeing it, well hold off on the munoz loan because we are trying for Larson and will leave it last minute to go back for him once Larson deffo not coming. Then Fulham will be like na thanks we keeping him now. Stuck with the 4 we have two rejects and two young lads. Mind I'm more concerned about the lightweight midfield, it must be bad if that's more a concern than the attack.
  18. he'd be class for us either in howsons role or either of the others.
  19. i dont think we'll get a lcb. i also dont think we'll get another striker it untill deadline day. so might end up missing out altogether. mowett would be brilliant signing and straight in the team. probably in howsons position. then howson comes in for mcgree/crooks. because howson is probably less likely to ever be benched if fit.
  20. i think we fans are seeing with chuba that the strikers we didnt want were actually better than the x3 loans we brought in last season. chuba was a total dud under warnock but looks better than them 3 without even doing much. i'm sure we would be thinking the same of uche got a few minutes. you know what he can offer, his strength is pretty obvious. 3 loans cant think of a strength any of them have.
  21. yes thats the truth. we had 60% possession over their midfield. livermore can barely run now. totally finished him. but bruce loves the senior pro's and will just play them regardless.
  22. west brom have mowett on the bench and livermore playing. madness lol. bruce is utterly useless. i bet west brom will be high in the table until the player get sick of him and they will drop off a cliff.
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