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  1. brum exposed our lack of real defenders last night. there goal was text book for them. get the only cb out wide against their best wide man. put one to the back post for their target man up against a 5ft 9in cm playing in defence. jukes easiest goal of the season. if ayala was on the pitch with gibbo and fry, they wouldnt have had a sniff all game. i was watching ry on the left and seen how uneasy he is using his left foot. he often turned back to his right foot when a nice ball down the line was on. its not good having him there. johnson was like the invisible man to. cant remember him being near fry all night. coulson will be back next game thankfully. hopefully with gibbo left side.
  2. tfh i was on the town and missed that game, so cant comment 😄
  3. johnson is actually decent, tav have been no existant for a few games now, jaded? maybe wrong wording, lacking impact is better. nmecha is our other option to gestede in lol
  4. not bad for the champo. the stick oxford has been getting over there for his lapses in concentration, lazy pases etc cost goals. well i bet he cant give a cf a free chance several games in a row like shotton did early season. i remember one home game shotton give a lad a free chance, they fluffed it. the camera panned to woody, the look on his face when he turned back to the bench to look at the coaches. priceless lol Utter donkey so far this season, total liability.
  5. reece oxford potential lack of motivation is a good one. i think surrounded by lads his age all busting a gut will be a better place for him to find his motivation again. he'll need to start enjoying himself. no better place than with a squad of you lads. i bet it must be good craic atm.
  6. yep its a punt. dont take risks you dont get the rewards. but its a low risk so probably worth it with how we are struggling at cb. for all we know he just ants to come home and regrets going there again.
  7. ct we are playing with one fit true CB. might not be very good. but hes a cb and we are clearly desperate for one. young lad would likely get on great with the rest of our squad and enjoy being here. he'll be better off here hopefully we see an improvement on the pitch to.
  8. our lack of possession worries me, if we cant keep the ball we'll never do enough. need to sort that out for next season. hopefully we'll get a better shape sorted before then and go into next season with the shape woody wants. then we can just concentrate on that andd getting the odd player in to help.
  9. totally agree, having 3 cb's and a guy sat infront is a total waste. you need to leave them and cover the flanks like leads and clayton used to do in the 4231 under karanka.
  10. because he has legs and can actually get up and down the pitch unlike wing and clayton. hes neat and tidy and does shoot when getting into position, although never hadly scores like. look at the difference young energetic wingbacks have made. put mre energy into the middle to and we will see the difference.
  11. yes these new ballsanyone can smack em. back in the day you needed thighs like tree trucks and cannonball calves to make a decent shot from range.
  12. on footballs moved more these days. to right they do. they get smacked all over compared to the old mitres when i was a kid. watch old games, the balls coming in are not nearly as hard for keeper to take as these days.
  13. agree, mejias isnt good enough. hes a great shot stopper but he is and always has been really error prone. pears is a good keeper already. perfect back up we can trust.
  14. good strong arm, 6ft 5in, confident, handsome, we are going to like him arent we.
  15. yes defenders are horrible. he looks fuming at them all the time. well exept one time when a deflection off his defender went in totally stranded. he just laughed then. he is basically to good for them isnt he.
  16. as stated further back, he cant play for their senior team as he is a austrian citizen.
  17. interesting you said that. i've scoured the net looking for clips of st gallen with him playing. he's cetainly not afraid to rush out the box. i get the impression he is a bit of a sweeper keeper. presuming he must be decennt with his feet to have the confidence to do that. not seen any footage of that. not the sot of highlights you see on is it. unless he messes up. so not seeing might be a goodthing o=lol
  18. we need a new cb. if we cant get one then howson and paddy are stuck playing there. that leaves spence at rb. woody is rotating coulson and johnson. i bet he wants the same on the other side. the wing backs are key to our success we need them fit. they do a lot of running each game, it takes its toll. look at spurs they had 4 great fullbacks, 2 injured and one went to athletico. nothing else in the team eally changed then they turned from a class side to not winning away for forever and now struggling to push the champion league spots.
  19. daft isnt it. this lad could well be utterly turd. but they would play him to save face, once they get relegated (if it happens) this guy will jump ship. sign a top champo striker, you know what yuo are getting and know they will stay and score if you go down. brit would score in the prem, no doubt about it. look at the others like him who did good like deeney, austin, antonio etc. loads of champo players are fine in the prem. snodgrass and ntonio are still better than them massive wage foreign merc's at west ham.
  20. so who's place does maddison have in the team tav's or roberts? i really dont think we are in for him now. we are limited to certain formations and cant see him fitting into the squad right now. doubt we will sign another attacking player when we only have 1 fit cb and just lost a keeper.
  21. i had a guy half swedish half bosnian, signed him from orebro for 50k or something. ended up being a wc attacking mid. he had 3 balance and won abot a million free kicks and penalties each game. only on the one save though, never could i get him to be any good again. kovac or something him name.
  22. n'ding the striker from rennes or something, could get him for 1m first season cameroonian. beast of a goal scorer until the brazilian super kids come through. Léonard Kweuke, he was a proper cf to. had to be quick aresenal used to always get him on my saves. yannick n'djeng was the lad, just found him FM16
  23. looks like clayton got a niggle yesterday. could we see saville wing and tav in the middle with roberts and fletch up top? mad isnt it, if we had ayala playing an mcnair howson in midfield we'd have been pretty close to beating spuds. i fancy another winning run going 0-2 boro again. fulham withou mitrovic and will probably be expecting an easier game than they will get like west brom and preston did.
  24. wing looking off the pace chasing spurs about, we are totally out numbered in midfield feel sorry for them. we need to push higher and press them take wing off and get more legs on the pitch.
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