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  1. bloody howson getting rinsed on the right, hes always out of position. looks nice on the ball though so the facebook fans probs give him motm
  2. wing is a no10, shape look good so far
  3. i'm desperately hoping tav and coulson are wingers and wing in no10. if not we wont be doing much attacking or shooting or getting out of our half.
  4. naa more like this : Pears Howson Moukoudi Shotton Friend tav Clayton Saville Wing Coulson Fletcher
  5. IS THAT 442 OR 352 OR 532? who knows. i reckon its probably 352 with hoswon right johnson left wingbacks. though i hope its 442 shotton right friend left howson central. morrison right johnson left mid.
  6. mcnair and mehmcha off asap they have been utter turd.
  7. like his last few games? one of them bola got the flack for george being off the pace somewhat.
  8. i agree its a 433 liverpool midfield has 3 allrounders in it. one who is better at attacking wijnaldum, and one who is better at defending fabinho, henderson is a bit different but combative and a good long range passer. our 3 are saville mcnair wing. they can all score and have decent strikes but dont have the engine of the liverpool lads and get pulled all over. saville is the best allrounder for me (never though i'd ever say that lol) we are weak positionaly both paddy and wing get caught out to easy. however if we are going the liverpool route then its the front 3 which have been the weakest area for us by a mile. if we had x2 roberts off fletch or britt we would be scoring a lot of goals.
  9. seen all the highlights on sky, its shows the first goal line clearance from fry. with the footage of the angle on the computer. but the goal line clearance from saville that was given as a goal it didnt show it? was it over the line then. i demand to see the computer footage, i smell a conspiracy.
  10. we have ended up with 1 up front and 5 midfielders chasing shadows lol. we need to take one of them off and put nmecha or britt on. atleast we might have the ball stick a bit longer. fletch is totally isolated.
  11. team will be: howson mouk fry coulson paddy sav wing johnson ----------tav ----------------fletch
  12. i'd like to see this team: ----------------------pears spence fry moukouli(sp) johnson ------------howson mcnair nmecha-------morrison--------coulson ---------------------fletch subs: britt, tav, wing, rudy, wood, sav,
  13. how much better did we look with 4 at the back btw. with them 3 playing center is a free run at them once you turn the midfield, they just back off and dont attack the ball. to concede that goal was shocking. but suppose it was a nice goal from their point of view. but if big danny is on the pitch and probably the new french lad that ball wouldnt have got in the box. knew once ayala went off injured we were waving goodbye to the slim playoff hopes. thats how its turned out. rudy should have scored a couple. he's having a mare, bet he's gutted. without all the injury issues he'd by gobbling them up. i'm not going to slate him. not his fault his body is barely able to keep fit. takes the edge off ur game that. cant wait to ditch this 3 cb system now we looked miles better with the 4.
  14. benfica or manu reserves or first team football at middlesbrough where you will be given a chance and loads of other young lads in the first team. if we can match wages the othes are offering i'd come here. stuff sitting on the bench. although he may look at utd and think he'll be getting a game lol
  15. yes i watched that, he looks decent enough. i dont think his ability is the worry he's a talented footballer. hopefully coming he everything will click for him.
  16. yes i like this idea, bit like what Holloway did at blackpool. get a rag tag bunch together and something clicks in place for them.
  17. lets ban fans from the ground who swear to, if we are going to raise our standards that high and refuse to accept ravel for name calling. bruce was right all those years ago shouldnt be any swearing in the ground.
  18. woodies loan rangers lol. i guess in the ffp circumstances its all we could really do. hopefully they all turn out world beater we get promoted through the playoffs and then we build a statue of woody robbie and leo in boro town center lol
  19. hopefully for ravel's sake he makes a fist of it here. he's stock will fall further and potential future earnings will drop. what better place to go than to us though. loads of keen young lads, no excess squad players to bum about with. he's in the squad will be involved and play. its the perfect chance for him.
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