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  1. missing an open goal from 5 yards out early on lol. i liked him though, we a bit of a upgrade on mcdonald and the other garbage we had. i thought he was going to be a star for us.
  2. we should know him. anyone else remember this game. they tortured us.
  3. i hope we sign the Belgian ronaldo someone mentioned. after seeing one video clip i'm convinced hes a superstar and we'll sell him for 100m next year if we get him.
  4. always remember Kieth Gillespie failing his medical, was gutted.
  5. hopefully he starts bagging a few and ends up brimming with confidence and scores loads. but i doubt he will, he'll do the usual, miss a few and his head will drop and we'll not see him for a few months. before he starts scoring regular again.
  6. britt really really annoys us fans, thats why people would sell him imo. he winde's me up. that last game damn, the penna was terrible and him reaction! if we were on the same team i'd be pulling him to one side and threatening to smash his chops in for laughing and being so casual. then that outrageous bit of skill from browne what put britt totally clear, all he has to do all day long is use his left and its a goal, but hits it with his right so the keeper could smother it. fair play to him for reading the pass though, showed his ability and awareness in the box then. he was all over it while the defenders stood and watched. maybe me being a lefty made it so frustrating to see.
  7. dont think we need another cb personally, well at least not as a priority. we have ayala and fry likely first choice which is about as good as you get in the champo. shotton and friend as backups. friend bola and coulson at left back, might see george play in the middle more. which i'm totally fine with as its good to have a left footer on left cb. the attacking right back is priority with a cm and a shotton covering until we get a genuine one. cant just hoy spence in. especially while we have new blood on the other side. deffo need a attacking mid, if wing is injured where are the goals coming from? i dont rate saville at all, tbh i dont even know what he supposed to bring to the team. he doesnt move the ball quickly at all just ambles round. hes average af. never mind monk tranfers being questioned flint and saville ones smell of back handers to me. another winger needed, johnson and browne with fletch capable. not enough at all. once we have the new winger fletch will probably be cover for britt mainly. bomb gestede out asap and saville please. not a real priority but i'd like to sell shotton, pulling my hair out watching him bomb long balls or completely waste possession giving a simple pass straight to the other team. ***.
  8. TONEY looked *** when i seen him play, a poor version of donaldson when he was younger. really hope we dont waste money on him. kent looks good to me be happy if we got him. murphy honestly not interested in him, over rated player. he'll be on a decent wedge now i'd question his motivation here. eze looks okay, not the best but the type i'd like here. if the price his right and hes ready for a promotion challenge.
  9. that is a positive appraisal, from my eyes he looked steady on the ball, happy to not waste possession, quite determined chasing for the ball esp when he lost it. looks like he has a decent right peg, liked the look of him when keeping the ball on the floor, some neat through balls in him. downside his left foot is very weak and didnt look a very good crosser/long range passer. hes a risk, but probably quite cheap bet we can get him for similr to what they payed about 1.5mill
  10. remember seeing a hammer fan saying he thought browne was better than diangana. if we get both we'll find out first hand. probably have a few hammers watching our tv games all season seeing how their young lads are doing.
  11. that guy look neat and tidy, the sort of player who would fit nice in a possession orientated team. mind he might as well have a wooden left leg. he'd become very predictable once sussed and probably ineffectual. his end product on the video's i just watched crossing and his chips forward which he seems to like are terrible. if he keeps it on the floor looks okay. bit risky if you ask me, could easily be a flop.
  12. eze looks like another young athletic player with good tekkers, be pleased to get him, he'd play in the middle ahead of the cm's like a number 10 i'd imagine. if he did come in i would be one less place to fit in mcnair howson saville tav wing and clayton. lets be honest i think we could lose 2 of them and not miss them a great deal. ahem saville ahem mcnair.
  13. like we did the last time we really blooded youngsters because we really were skint. hang on didnt they turn out to be pretty damn good? pallister, mogga, cooper, parko, hammy, rippers that crap lower league scottish player we'd never heard of, sure there is more but dont remember off top of head. like now fry, spencer, wood-gordon, pears, walker, wing. loads of local lads in or on the brink of making it to the first team. future looks really promising to me. going back to being a proper football club again.
  14. jones on 50k a week, smalling 80k a week. at a club like united you would imagine their bonuses would be significant to what regular clubs can pay. so not so straight forward a comparison. but your point is a valid one. average players earn far to much.
  15. people think we are selling assets to balance the books? i think more we need to shift the dead beats to balance the books and bring in new lads for less. gestede, braithwaite, johnson and maybe mcnair? free up a tonne of wages that lot and they offer little other than mcnair the others wont get a look in, you would think. as for gibson the book stops with him. all this wasted coin on scrap for players. maybe this will finally put to bed all the nonsense about managers not signing the players. they clearly did and we were clearly at fault for letting individuals ruin the clubs finances for their own gains.
  16. nice to hear woody wanting tav in cm. winger britt winger tav paddy wing friend fry danny shotton need a few decent wingers ans 2 fullbacks and that will leave us over stocked with cm's would be surprised to see one or two of them leave.
  17. keane as a striker coach? leo as keeper coach and woody as manager with steve round the seasoned very experienced as good as we can hope to get assistant. i think i like this. bringing in robbie keane is a great move as is leo. the irish lads will be buzzing have him at the club and woody must be highly regarded by them anyway. i think we are going to have a happy camp this season. i think we are going in the right direction off the pitch. just hope it works on the pitch to.
  18. Tbf Jokanovic is arguably the most succesful Championship manager in the last 5 years transforming both Watford and Fulham and getting them both promoted. Granted he was a failure at Prem level but we're still only a championship club and that's the league we have to deal with. He is the smallest gamble we could take. But surely we need to appoint a manager with a bit of staying power. What i am saying is Jokanovic has a poor record watford were not the best with him, fulham went up and had to change the whole back 4 made to many changes and were not the team who got promoted. doubt he'll make the same mistakes again. we have good defenders in the team so the base is there for him to build the attack, i think he'd sort us right out. but needs the right support and players to be bought in.
  19. thanks for everything tony, but you just not good enough bye now.
  20. newcastle have a massive fanbase. biggest outside manchester and liverpool in the north. i'm sure if an oil barron can make man city (a smaller club) about the best team in europe. someone could do it investing in newcastle. we are a different level to them its just plain truth. our potential was exposed during the europe exploits. we struggled to fill the ground because of the extra costs forced on the smaller fanbase. without the fanbase any potential will be limited. mind you i think we could easy fill out our stadium again given a bit of success. just as long as the club dont make season ticket prices high. like the hike a few years ago. put off loads of my mates getting a ST. nobody wants to be ripped off round here.
  21. we'll have to play shotton flint cb's mcnair and saville fullbacks. downing right midfield tav left with x2 cm's and britt fletch up top. but we wont we'll play x3 cb's still with howson playing rwb i bet. with mcnair as cb maybe.
  22. oh and in a back 3 fry is okay but the other two are pulling types and shotton (our quickest defender) isnt playing either. hes probably been our best defender this season petty much to. pulis has totally lost the plot. guess he is feeling the pressure and like dean saunders was saying on talksport the other week. sometimes when a manager is under pressure through stubbornness you just cant see the wood for the trees.
  23. amazing, tav, besic, britt our most creative center midfielder with our best young lad and any chance we have of getting behind plus out top scorer all not in the team after 5 straight losses. if i have enough money spare i'd put it all on home win, it be like buying money.
  24. boys all had a great time at thew match, the little on is off school today, hes absolutely shattered from it. think the running on the pitch was a bit to much for him after a long day. carried him back to the box and he sat and watched youtube on him aunties phone in the warm. the twins were fine loved it but was a bit to cold for the little twin. second half it ended up just me and my shadow (3rd son) sat watching. His verdict was we were really unlucky not to score but it still wasnt worth going because of it. 7 yo sums up how we all feel. if we dont score whats the point in going. lol. i said thats why its not full son ha ha
  25. just got a new shirt and trousers. go nice with me red tie. damn dress codes for the boxes lol. cant wait now. for the food not the football lol
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