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  1. If Muniz does fall through we really do need to get some players in sharpish We've lost 30 goals from the players who've left, including 6 of our 8 top scorers (assuming Akpom leaves) and so far have brought in 15 goals with Ikpeazu, Crooks and Ameobi This for a side that's already notoriously low scoring and lacking in creativity What worries me is the absence of links to wingers and attacking midfielders other than Lazaro and a few washed up has beens 11 days till Fulham...
  2. Bit embarrassing to pose this little of a threat to a National League North side like If Tav isn't playing we've got nothing, wingers/attacking midfielders please SG
  3. Isaiah Jones posed more of a threat in that run than Paterson and Spence all game probably
  4. Don't see a point in Paterson staying for Rotherham Least we know now need to actually bring 2 in
  5. You raise a good point there mate 🤣
  6. Howson, Spence and Paterson off please Watmore, Tav and Robinson on 4-3-3 with McNair in midfield
  7. Thought Paterson was pretty invisible tbh, same for Spence We really do need a few quality wingers If Tav doesn't play we have almost nothing going forward
  8. Really liking the look of Crooks, so composed
  9. For me we've seen the success of Joao Pedro at Watford and want a bit ourselves 18 years old and bullied our team vs them first game last season
  10. Who was the last player we managed to sign that other teams wanted? Still think Payero will get done though
  11. His career's taken a nose dive, suppose he is getting on a bit now
  12. Anyone know if the York and Rotherham games will be streamed?
  13. Home kit looks smart, away shirt has proper grown on me
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