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  1. Given his trajectory I expect him to be replacing Ten Hag in the summer
  2. Nah the highs under him have been too high Not going up, not going down what does a new manager achieve? Can't demand new gaffer, chairman and director of football every time the club goes on a bad run of games man Give him a new contract while his stocks lower and find a crowbar to finally open that warchest in the summer
  3. Fishing account didn't get the bites wanted
  4. ~100 days till Summer window ⏳ ~150 days till New Season ⏳ Carrick new contract 🙏 I assure you brothers, the sun will shine on us again
  5. Yeah it's been chop and change for sure but I don't think there's a single player who's been consistent enough to nail down a place tbh I mean more for the comments like "Forss up front instead of on the right will solve all our problems!" when the reality is his best performances have came from the right tbh
  6. Imo The front 4 this season is too systematic, too expected and a lack of individual quality. Teams just congest the box to stop our cut backs and that's us not scoring because we ain't taking a shot from any other pattern of play No legs/positional discipline in midfield. Barlaser built like a paper straw, Hackney only knows forward, O'Brien looks too attacking as well and then Howson is old and has headlesschickenitis All our full backs are bang average and I mean bang AVERAGE apart from Bangura. He's the best at the club both offensively and defensively Think CBs lar
  7. In defence of Carrick and this players out of position schtick going round atm Last season McGree played on the left and Forss on the right and neither were 'out of position' then? Results based analysis
  8. Let's send Greenwood back and sign this Bae Joon-Ho, sell a billion shirts in Korea
  9. I said in the summer Barlaser has no recovery ability at all Need a DM to stop players freely running at us while we back off time and time again
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