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  1. It's because 5 at the back "fits our squad better" ðŸĪŠ
  2. Meh they'll get their just desserts soon, look at last season nearly getting relegated after the shambles of a summer Just a shame it's at our expense 😄 ...
  3. Bolasie and Roberts on each wing my god... Finally some players not scared of having the ball 😄
  4. If this project gets passed we won't be seeing boro in the prem for decades
  5. 27 appearances in the premier league as a raw 20 year old is getting a look in surely
  6. Too good for us now had a good season the one just gone, last summer was our chance for that
  7. Bright vs Johnson 😎 That Ilias Chair such an enjoyable player to watch as well Be interesting to see how well Rob Dickie plays vs 2 of the better strikers in the division
  8. u2.5 could be like printing money Can see 1-0 QPR or 1-1
  9. Literally had a message typed about to send but you said it better, our attacking philosophy is so unimaginative, like you say we don't have the players to get at defenders, get to the byline and have a better chance of finding a dangerous cross/cut back our only game plan is to work it slowly to Marvin Johnson and hope 1 of his 30 crosses from a non dangerous area is perfect Some of us are sick to death of how slow, toothless and uninspiring we are going forward, we're crying out for 2 wide players who can produce those few moments of genius in games to get a goal or set one up. We don't have a single player who get you off your seat in anticipation as soon as they get the ball, only player even sort of close is Spence really
  10. Think Spence's problem is he's getting the Traore treatment for us The one where he's the only player in the entire squad who can run at defenders with the ball otherwise we have to try comatose their team with our sideways non-threatening passing from Howson to Saville to Howson to Saville and then back to the CBs so every single one of our dier attacks must go through him, then he has to get back and defend as well Must be burnt out a bit trying to carry every attack for a team at 19/20 years old
  11. Wait what am I reading? We're forced to this wing back formation because we are embarrassingly short in wingers and attacking midfielders and now instead of fixing that, people are advocating for us to sign better wing backs?!
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