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  1. Fulham's midfield and front 3 are frightening, full backs are top quality too
  2. I said during the game it looks exactly like the home games from last season, lethargic with the ball and no cutting edge. We get the ball in positions for either a cross or a 1 on 1 with the defender but we don't have the players for it, just ends up cycling back through the centre midfielders and then back to the defence or we lose it. No quality creative nous whatsoever in this squad. Definitely picked up after the goal but we're definitely 3-4 players short of finishing top half and short of confidence. Fletcher looks up for it dropping deep and ran with it a few times but put his shots wide, McNair is our best player so far this season and Britt looked a lot more involved in the game after his goal. Just not feeling 4-3-3 with our wide options, I want to see 4-1-2-1-2 diamond for a game with Browne just behind Fletcher and Britt. I'm of the belief that wide players are the most important in the championship as width kills teams in this league but no point shoehorning Fletcher on the left and trying to convince ourselves Johnson is a good starting championship winger. ------------------Randolph Dijksteel---Ayala---Not Shotton---Bola -------McNair---Clayts---Howson -------------------Browne ---------------Britt-------Fletcher Wing needs a game off, asking a lot of the full backs that formation but I thought Bola played decent tonight was surprised he got taken off and Dijksteel deserves a second crack at it
  3. This, looks exactly the same to me slow and laboured in possession and seem to be the away team when playing at home final 3rd lacking a player who can be direct and decisive so it’s sideways till it ultimately breaks down
  4. Any danger of us stringing a pass or two together or getting out of our own half I wonder
  5. We’ll be right in the mix of a relegation battle playing like this Jesus Christ, what has happened to us
  6. Commentators aren’t too kind to us here, calling us desperate 15minutes in with our passing
  7. --------------Randolph Dijk Ayala Friend Bola Paddy Clayts Wing Diangana Puskas Eberechi Eze I want to see that tonight
  8. I believe there is a lack of confidence but there's a fundamental lack of quality and creativity within the squad and as soon as it became obvious it wasn't going to be addressed in the transfer window I immediately lost all the positive enthusiasm that had been building for the past month. Obviously it doesn't help players that the team's getting booed and is losing games but you don't suddenly lose the ability to play the football, there's a severe lack of creativity in the squad. I honestly thought I was going crazy with the amount of Boro fans thinking Marvin Johnson was going to be the answer after 28 years of barely being good enough to start in the same league he's going to suddenly tear apart after half a decent game vs Luton. We haven't seen enough of Browne to judge and may have overrated him because he actually tried to take on a defender vs St Etienne - something we've barely seen since 2016. Quite literally we've had less than a handful of players at the club in 3 years who are prepared to run at a defender and we sold our best one and didn't replace him, then we wonder why we can't create or score. Our squad offensively is embarrassing to be honest and we're at the stage that I'm jealous of clubs like Reading and who they can field up front. Our club were in the premier league 2 seasons ago and now I'm jealous of the attacking talent at a club who finished 20th in the championship last season. Joke. Our strikers are good but Britt is a poacher, who by definition relies on others to create, and Fletcher is having to be used as our left forward because our options are so sparse. We're probably better off playing a 4-1-2-1-2 diamond with Browne just behind Fletcher and Britt to get the most out the 3 of them because just like under Monk we'll have to abandon the manager's preferred 4-3-3 because for whatever reasons we can't find a half decent wide player. We're 3 games in and reaching our pathetically little, life suckingly low, 49 league goals scored last season looks like an uphill task already and tbh I don't see how it changes.
  9. Either keep Britt or sell him and lock away every penny, don't trust us to spend that money well at all
  10. Yeah Grant is definitely better than both of those, Premier league teams will be looking at him after this season I'd wager He's an attacking midfielder, can do a job out wide but he was hailed as the next David Silva at Valencia They're just a couple of examples there'll be hundreds of players who are an improvement on Marvin Johnson for example and we could get for around £1.5m or even less, the French leagues are full of direct wingers with pace.
  11. Derby equalised so we're out the relegation zone as it stands
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