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  1. And there it is So depressing watching us try and score
  2. Tavs out for months isn't he? Probably a factor in us getting NML and Kebano
  3. Wood out on loan as well, we surely need more than Mendez-Laing now?
  4. No chance we let Britt go without someone coming in I reckon, Warnock loves having 4-5 strikers at every club he's managed and Britt going leaves us with Akpom and Fletcher who's just been out for months
  5. I've always maintained that Britt will go to another team that has pace and creativity and score ~20, while whoever we get misses just as many chances as Britt but scores less Unless we got like Mitrovic or someone ridiculous who'd score 20 in any team However there's a chance we end up with a 3 behind the striker of Bolasie - Tav - Grosicki so there's that, no excuse for whoever comes in and Fletch/Akpom
  6. Would Grosicki be permanent with his contract being up in the summer I wonder? My only worry would be he's 33 in the summer but suppose that didn't stop Pablo Hernandez at Leeds
  7. So 50/50 about this window We're crying out for creativity and pace for yet another year but I just don't feel we'll go up regardless of who we get in Only thing I think we should be looking to do is get money for Britt or Fletch if they're not going to sign contracts and look for any players out of contract in the summer that we could get for a cheap price
  8. Bela the one player from these I wish we had
  9. Why don't people want Bolasie? Everyone wanted Hoilett when we were linked and they're similar age, similar players and both played under NW, only difference is Bolasie's done it at a higher level
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