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  1. Can we not just get Mowbray or Karanka back 😞
  2. What even is the next step for this club Gibbo's the man to blame imo but mainly for what seems to be stubbornness, we badly need a DoF with a sound footballing head on his shoulders to tell Gibbo what to do Woody's obviously out of his depth and it's not entirely his fault tbh but I can't see us staying up with the current squad/staff but what manager can we even afford and more importantly would want to come? The recruitment staff have got to go I'm sick of all the 'nearly' deals and this local talent mentality we've got just has to end too, we'll never be anywhere near as successful as in the past if we're only hiring staff born in Boro and restricting our scouts to England If someone offered me 21st and the season to be over now I'd snap their hand off, this summer the most important in recent times a huge rebuild is needed or there's only one direction this club's going, there's too much deadwood just picking up paychecks that clearly don't care anymore and the sooner they can be shipped out the better. We've got some good young players to build the squad around and with some decent recruitment we could have an exciting youthful squad but again needs to be a change in recruitment staff for this to happen and manager too to persuade the players to even sign for us. Karanka, Stendel, Nathan Jones, Chris Hughton, Nigel Adkins are all available, semi-realistic and a considerable upgrade on Woody GK - Pears - Mejias DEF - Dijksteel - Fry - Ayala - Wood - Coulson - Bola MID - McNair - Wing - Tav - Browne - Malley ATT - Fletcher - Walker Outs Randolph - Money Britt - Love Britt but money Shotton - Get rid Friend - Body's done Clayton - Heart not in it anymore Howson - Money/Too similar to McNair but less potential imo Gestede - Get rid Saville - Not good enough Marv - Not good enough Need Experienced Keeper - Rob Elliot? (Free Agent in the Summer) Right Back Centre Back Powerhouse CDM - Mpanzu from Luton? Impressed me when we played them Number 8/10 2 Wide players minimum - Broken record Striker
  3. Feels like a preseason game this, Hull not pressing us at all? Britt been very good so far imo
  4. Hugill, Eze and Wells will absolutely run us ragged 3-1 QPR, Hugill and Wells x2
  5. Spend in Jan or bring in a miracle worker manager, the latter seems more likely...
  6. Thank god we didn't pay a couple more grand a week to West Ham for Diangana's wages
  7. League one's probably what we deserve honestly, we're a tiny little club now with this jobs for the boys mentality we've got going on
  8. Not sure how I feel about the we could be Bury or Bolton if we get a new owner so Gibson is infallible argument, appealing to the extreme just a little bit. Maybe it's because successful owner changes don't make the news anywhere near as much as bad ones.
  9. League one level recruitment, I personally think we should tie him down to a 6 year 30k a week contract if he was born in Middlesbrough
  10. -------------Randolph Dijksteel Fry Ayala Bola Howson Clayton McNair Johnson Britt Fletcher
  11. I assume that's Britt and Bamford's goals for us? In that case that doesn't really mean anything because Bamford played in a much better Boro team than Britt does so obviously he'd have better results vs the 'better' teams
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