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  1. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-fc/stoke-city-preparing-shock-january-move-middlesbrough-defender-george-friend-968949
  2. http://sportwitness.co.uk/middlesbrough-disturbing-tranquility-club-official-bid-player-sent-tuesday/ Apparently we've bid for St Gallen Goalkeeper Dejan Stojanovic, their sporting director confirmed our bid
  3. Bola back to Blackpool apparently not sure if loan or permanent
  4. Will Saville and Clayton please push up we dont need a back 7
  5. Clarke and Gibbo on loan and this window will have been beautiful, Patrick Roberts can play the #10 role in a 4231 if needs be so we'd have such a fluid front 4 with Tav, Clarke, Roberts and Nmecha able to play in any of the 3 positions behind Fletch. Finally we address the creative/pace problems!
  6. Must mean Britt or Rudy going this surely?
  7. So Bevington goes and we've made 2 highly promising signings 3 days into the window?
  8. Can't wait to see Roberts in a Boro shirt, loved watching this kid for England and Celtic and exactly what we've been missing someone to run at defenders he'll be one of them players for us where the mood of the stadium changes as soon as he gets the ball, championship Messi.
  9. Love Patrick Roberts me remember watching for England u17 I think it was, wonder how we'll line up I'd be excited watching that team
  10. Patrick Roberts yes please, our little messi
  11. Keane was definitely there saw him limping off the bench to talk to woody then back to sit down
  12. Carlos De Pena doing well now playing for Dynamo Kiev I think in Europa league too
  13. Can we not just get Mowbray or Karanka back 😞
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