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  1. Let's be honest he has been terrible all season I'm not jumping on his back people have the own opinion that's why football is great also it's what I have seen of him Cardiff and derby
  2. Do people rate adomah on here I think he is terrible
  3. George friend is getting caught out way to much
  4. Boro Unger my taste is shocking so put Michelle Keegan or Susan Boyle on a podium ... I'd probably plough Susan Boyle
  5. Apparently chapman scored a beautiful chipped effort ... I've seen him a few times don't think it will be long till he gets a little run out for first team maybe fa cup
  6. Think I May go for black ops instead of this never played any fallout games can someone give me a little insider to what the game is actually about and is it worth getting
  7. Think this is our toughest game thus far but I really do fancy a Boro win gutted I can't go have we sold our allocation interesting a few people would drop nando bar his mistake that Rotherham should really have capitalized on I thought he was solid
  8. After a drab second half me and James found ourselves yawning in the stands.. first half we played ok but we won that's the main factor we will definitely need to improve against hull I am sure we will thought Clayton yet again best player on the pitch some guy on the radio said nsue was unreal I thought he was quite poor ... So hull next I honestly think we can win this game
  9. Well I would rather ua play terrible and win.. many times we played well and been the dominant team and been beaten so in we play *** and win who cares .. Can we not just enjoy this rollercoaster and see what happens ... Then start the enquiry
  10. If you good enough doesn't matter about the age .... Lewis cook from Leeds runs that midfield I think he is 17. but could he adapt to getting kicked all over week in week out doubt it and I'm hearing his attitude stinks leave him alone aitor
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