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  1. 2-0 I reckon. I'm feeling confident
  2. D Barnsley v Coventry City H Birmingham City v Rotherham United A AFC Bournemouth v Norwich City H Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday A Cardiff City v Reading D Derby County v Blackburn Rovers Huddersfield Town v Nottingham Forest - VOID A Millwall v Brentford H Preston North End v Stoke City A Queens Park Rangers v Middlesbrough H Watford v Luton Town Wycombe Wanderers v Swansea City - VOID
  3. Right, I have spent.... probably more time than I would like my bosses to find out..... on Excel today, trying to build a spreadsheet to track league fixtures. Unfortunately, when I have tried it tonight, it looks like a bit of formatting is off somewhere as it was recording results twice on the sheet for some teams. I will figure this out over the next week. For tonight, here are the results and the league table..... in paper form again!
  4. We may be "forced" to play this formation but why not accept it. It's ok saying we need wingers and attacking midfielders but to play Warnock's favoured 433, at the back (with full backs who'd push on) we would need a specialist left footed CB. Who would you play LB out of Bola, Coulson and Johnson, as none of them can really defend well. So theres a left back. You'd need 3 or more wingers to cover injuries and suspensions. You'd then have Britt, Fletch or Chuba playing up front alone, which doesn't really suit any of them. So you'd probably need another striker. Admittedly some of these players could be coming from the academy, or some of our players could excel in a different role, but worst case you are looking at 6 signings on top of the 4 we have already made. Surely its better to take the formation that suits our players better, and improve 2 or 3 positions within it to make the squad stronger. People talk about 352 like it's dreadful, but it is one of my favourite formations when done correctly. Unfortunately, we seem intent on banging the ball into the channels, which is an absolute waste.
  5. Yeah mate, I did post a handwritten one with the results on the Week 1 post (and will do again this week) but I'm working on getting the computer to do it to save me time. Will have this week's up tomorrow. Sorry dude, this season is a work in progress 😂. I'm learning stuff I need to implement either throughout this season or next year to male my life easier and just neaten/quicken it up as I know I'm running a bit slower than MM but bear with me and it'll all go smoothly eventually
  6. That's correct mate I'm making a set time of Saturday 3pm for kick offs so anything before that is void. I did have an issue with these first few weeks where I put them up in advance so people could predict and the games hadn't been moved yet but that should sort itself out for the next group of fixtures I put up. I have left up the void ones to remind myself when I score them
  7. H Blackburn Rovers v Wycombe Wanderers H Brentford v Huddersfield Town A Luton Town v Derby County H Middlesbrough v AFC Bournemouth H Norwich City v Preston North End A Nottingham Forest v Cardiff City D Reading v Barnsley A Rotherham United v Millwall D Sheffield Wednesday v Watford D Stoke City v Bristol City A Swansea City v Birmingham City
  8. OldManGravz


    Anybody having an issue with ads at the moment? They have taken me out of a thread mid-read and redirected me to a different page about three times now. One for Royal Mail and 2x to win a new phone, if that helps. On chrome on mobile
  9. All that ribbing mate and I've missed you out of the league! Another lesson to be learned there. You'll be in in your rightful place next time I promise
  10. Remember, only matches from 3pm onwards counted! Had a bit of everything this. Some very competitive games - Top scorer would be playing me - and we even had 2 losers in one game which is quite incredible. Thank you for such a high turnout everyone! And thank you for being so understanding with me while I get the league sorted out. I wasn't 100% sure What I needed this season but no doubt I will learn week on week. By next season it'll be a doddle! @DanFromDownSouth I scored you for fun but don't worry, there's no game in a bye week League is in the bottom right hand corner (I didn't plan it very well!)
  11. Sorry for the lateness of results, I went to the Stockton v Billy Town game and ended up writing off my Sunday! Will sort it out by tomorrow
  12. Not those pre-packaged, shop bought ones though. Good, high quality homemade hash browns are the way forward. Hash browns that are the size of a giant's palm and need their own plates
  13. Halfway through gameweek one and I already know...... This isn't my year
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