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  1. D Barnsley v Charlton. A Blackburn v Middlesbrough. (Browne) H Brentford v Hull. H Bristol Cty v QPR. D Luton v WBA. A Millwall v Sheff Wed:. H N.Forest v Birmingham. A Stoke v Derby. D Swansea v Preston NE. A Wigan v Leeds.
  2. Obv not against City, I just meant in general haha, could be challenging for best of the rest once they click
  3. West ham haven't got a bad team at all on paper, have they? Bit more strength in depth and they could really do some damage
  4. I actually did say in another post a few days ago we could sell Britt and Fry and bring in 4/5 players to strengthen better and it wouldn't be a disaster, but you just know it wouldn't have ended that way.... If we were going to sell, I'd rather it was the start of the window. With a day or two left we wouldn't have replaced them properly and probably panic bought. So given the interest seemed to strengthen with circa 48 hours to go, I'm glad we kept hold of them. Plus, I'm not too keen on following the Brentford model. Yes it's good to buy low and sell high, but I'd rather we tried to build something with young, high potential players rather than having massive upheaval every year for the sake of making money. Theres nothing wrong with trying to sign cheap young players without just using them to make a profit, and maybe having a go at it instead.
  5. I'm happy with the window overall. Could it have been better? Probably. Would I love a bit of excitement for a change on deadline day? Absolutely. There are people we could have hoped to move on that we never (Gestede, Shotton, we maybe have one too many CMs if I'm being picky). We could maybe have done with another signing or two (another winger would have definirely been nice, perhaps another CB). These missed opportunities, however, probably stem from the fact that we have kept our important players, such as Britt and Fry. They also mean that we will have more opportunities to blood some youngsters, who may well impress us and make us wonder why we worried about getting another centre half/winger in. Despite all the talk coming out the club, we knew it was going to be a tough transfer window. I don't think Woody genuinely deceived us as some have said, I think he just talked honestly about how he hoped things would go. Our tough approach to fees, while a welcome one for the bank balance, has ruled us out of a lot of moves. I can live with that, as I can see the long term goal of trying to be more reliant. Our squad was ridiculously thin in some areas and ridiculously bloated in other areas thanks to Pulis, and the only genuine lie we have been told this season is that TP left us in good shape. But we have tried to address problem areas, and though we havent managed it completely I don't think that we didn't try. The future is bright. The future is Boro.
  6. H Cardiff v Luton. A Charlton v Stoke. D Derby v Swansea. D Fulham v Blackburn. A Hull v Reading. H Middlesbrough v Brentford. (Britt) D Preston NE v Wigan. A Q.P.R v Huddersfield. H Sheff Wed v Barnsley. H W.B.A. v Millwall.
  7. Why have a 3 year average if you can be punished year on year?
  8. Out: Britt - 14m Fry - 15m + Gibson Shotton - 3m? In: Gibson (Fry Deal) Eze - 8m McKenna - 7m Kent - 4m plus add-ons Dijksteel - 2m (pretty much confirmed already) Striker (Frey/Samatta) - 4/5m? - cheeky punt for Paddy even at the 10m Leeds never paid us last season 😂? _____________________________________ I think that lowers the wage bill a bit and also makes us a bit of coin in transfer fees. I'd love to keep Fry and Britt but if we cant and it helps us flesh out the squad it may not be a total disaster! Seen SDS say it's not Gibbo included in the part ex. If that's the case would hope it was Vydra to play as a false 9 and we will need to buy another CB instead of another striker
  9. Didnt get any tickets for England but I applied for some cheap tickets in other countries too and, long story short, I'm now going to watch a Group F game in Budapest!
  10. It's because whenever Boro is mentioned on the news, they show a picture of the ICI. And that's about as much interaction with the town that 95% of away fans have
  11. I can think of roughly 1.4 million reasons if the rumours of Pulis taking an 8% cut of transfers is true
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