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  1. And the concise transfer thread
  2. Ah come on, you're being harsh there.. We win our qualifying groups all the time! And, I daresay, if they brought some sort of home nations tournament back we would win that too!
  3. Remind me never to play FM against Foogle! Lovely use of stats mate
  4. I think with VAR it is definitely less likely as it is much harder to fool the video, but it was definitely possible to fix games - even top level games - just a few years ago. Look at the Italians. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news/hoyzer-admits-fixing-boro-match-483670.html%3famp One of our friendlies was fixed a few years ago, nobody noticed at the time.
  5. Anyone give me an update on the latest rumoured incoming and outgoings? I've missed this board during transfer windows but I'm not going back through 1000+ pages haha
  6. Round 25: Bye Week - @Borodane @nawoo v @DanFromDownSouth @Blanco v @beanflickingchampion @xathras v @Uwe @Essuuaitch v @Youngy228 @Motor Mouth v @OldManGravz @smogsterking the Inspirati v @cyprusboro Red Rocket v @Maccarone @Raf smog v @DurhamRed @boro-unger v Weasel @SmogDane v @trekkers @AnglianRed v @ChipBarrington TUESDAY 2ND FEBRUARY D Aston Villa v West Ham United A Burnley v Manchester City A Fulham v Leicester City H Leeds United v Everton D Sheffield United v West Bromwich Albion A Wolver
  7. Round 24: Bye Week - @DanFromDownSouth @Borodane v @Blanco @Uwe v @nawoo @beanflickingchampion v @Essuuaitch @OldManGravz v @xathras @Youngy228 v @smogsterking the Inspirati @Maccarone v @Motor Mouth @cyprusboro v @Raf smog Weasel v Red Rocket @DurhamRed v @SmogDane @ChipBarrington v @boro-unger @trekkers v @AnglianRed SATURDAY 30TH JANUARY D Birmingham City v Coventry City H Blackburn Rovers v Luton Town H Brentford v Wycombe Wanderers H Cardiff City v Millwall D Derby County v Bristol City A Hudd
  8. Round 23: Bye Week - @Blanco @Uwe v @DanFromDownSouth @Borodane v @Essuuaitch @OldManGravz v @nawoo @beanflickingchampion v @smogsterking the Inspirati @Maccarone v @xathras @Youngy228 v @Raf smog Weasel v @Motor Mouth @cyprusboro v @SmogDane @ChipBarrington v Red Rocket @DurhamRed v @AnglianRed @trekkers v @boro-unger TUESDAY 26TH JANUARY A Accrington Stanley v Hull City A Gillingham v Crewe Alexandra D Burton Albion v Shrewsbury Town H Doncaster Rovers v AFC Wimbledon D Milton Keynes Dons v Charlton A
  9. Round 22: Bye Week - @Uwe @Essuuaitch v @Blanco @DanFromDownSouth v @OldManGravz @smogsterking the Inspirati v @Borodane @nawoo v @Maccarone @Raf smog v @beanflickingchampion @xathras v Weasel @SmogDane v @Youngy228 @Motor Mouth v @ChipBarrington @AnglianRed v @cyprusboro Red Rocket v @trekkers @boro-unger v @DurhamRed SATURDAY 23RD JANUARY D Barnsley v Cardiff City H AFC Bournemouth v Sheffield Wednesday A Coventry City v Nottingham Forest D Luton Town v Rotherham United H Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rov
  10. Round 21: Bye Week: @Essuuaitch @OldManGravz v @Uwe @Blanco v @smogsterking the Inspirati @Maccarone v @DanFromDownSouth @Borodane v @Raf smog Weasel v @nawoo @beanflickingchampion v @SmogDane @ChipBarrington v @xathras @Youngy228 v @AnglianRed @trekkers v @Motor Mouth @cyprusboro v @boro-unger @DurhamRed v Red Rocket TUESDAY 19TH JANUARY A Derby County v AFC Bournemouth H Reading v Coventry City D Blackburn Rovers v Swansea City H Sheffield Wednesday v Wycombe Wanderers A Rotherham United v Stoke City
  11. Hope you all enjoyed the winter break! We kick off the second half of the season with a very special week..... BATTLE OF THE DANES Let's get back to it. No Boro game this week as we are the early KO. Round 20: Bye Week - ME! @smogsterking the Inspirati v @Essuuaitch @Uwe v @Maccarone @Raf smog v @Blanco @DanFromDownSouth v Weasel @SmogDane v @Borodane @nawoo v @ChipBarrington @AnglianRed v @beanflickingchampion @xathras v @trekkers @boro-unger v @Youngy228 @Motor Mouth v @DurhamRed Red Rocket v @cyprusboro
  12. Sorry lads, I will get the next few rounds up over the weekend and get results caught up. We may not get the full 2 rounds of fixtures done this year but we can see where we are at, I may throw a few CL/Lower league rounds in on days where theres no champo games but we will get as close as we can
  13. I'm off Friday Saturday Sunday so next rounds will be posted then, will be for the week after. I'll get all scores tallied up at the same time too. Had a bit of a mad week 0r so and havent gotten round to it
  14. Sorry it's been lax the last few days, been hectic in the run up to xmas. I will get the tables completely up to date and get a few more rounds up on Sunday/Monday
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