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  1. No it's fine mate, I understand people are at varying levels of ability and you have to ask. I can burn an iso to a disc, unfortunately the only computer in the house with an optical drive is the broken one haha! I used the wrong language when I said I installed it onto the flash drive, I merely copied it over in the hope it worked. Seems a bit silly now but I was on the beer yesterday
  2. I looked on Windows website and it gave me an iso file to download, I just assumed it would work off a flash drive haha
  3. In no particular order: Juninho v Arsenal. Jan 2004. League cup semi final, first leg against the Invincibles. That was when I started feeling that this was our year. Maccarone v Basel. April 2006. UEFA Cup Quarters. 90th minute winner to take us through to Steau, where he did it again! Stuani v Brighton. May 2016. Championship. Stadium is bouncing, packed to the rafters, we only need a draw to gain promotion to the Premier League under Karanka. The party started at that moment and even a Brighton leveller couldn't dampen the mood!
  4. Update: I installed the Windows 8 iso on a flash drive and plugged it into the laptop to boot up, but it doesn't appear to be working. Still trying to boot up from the HDD instead and ignoring the USB. I am still looking for a CD Boot up disc but I'm not even sure if that will work now
  5. Definitely does, it's seen better days! However pointless if I can't get it to work.
  6. Thanks DZ. I have been on at this a few hours now. If I click on system restore and leave it long enough, the Lenovo loading screen that used to come on straight away eventually loads up after about 10 mins. However this eventually goes off and is shortly replaced by a blue screen that has a sad face on saying something went wrong and that it is restarting. After it restarts, leaving it for any length of time doesn't bring it back on. So I think it is not the screen that is at fault! However that is as far as I have gotten. I dont actually have the restart discs (laptop is about 6/7 years old and has survived a few house moves but the discs unfortunately have not). I have emailed Lenovo customer services to see if they can help me with these but no reply as of yet (I understand they will probably be running a skeleton staff or working from home, if at all). I really should just bite the bullet and get a new one but I have only just started a new job so want to get through my probation period before I start spending my wages/savings on something that I'm not in immediate need of straight away
  7. Hi all, just after a bit of help. I'm trying to reset my laptop. It is a fair few years old now and has been through the ringer, a fair few times it has hit the wall and I have managed to fix it by myself, but this one seems beyond my capabilities. This issue has been going on a while but I'm only just getting round to it since I finally have some free time. When I turn my laptop on, It makes the noise as if it is loading, but I just get a black screen (it is still backlit but nothing ever appears). I have tried the Novo one button reset, which actually brought up a screen for the first time in lord knows how long. However, no matter what option I choose, it then goes back to a black screen. Anybody with any ideas at all on how to fix it or what's wrong? I was using it as a media server for Plex before it left so there were a lot of files on there that may have corrupted if that helps diagnose it at all? Thanks in advance
  8. Has been groups of teenagers up and down the banks of the Tees on a daily basis, picnicking and drinking. Police have been down on more than one occasion and asked them to disperse bit next day it is the exact same thing. The two people walking the dog thing though, if they're from the same household it is allowed isnt it? They may just want to exercise together
  9. Anyone here work for UKmail/DHL or deal with them often? Ordered a package before this whole isolation thing hit. Got an email yesterday with tracking info on for DHL. This morning I got a text with a time scale on... Anyway, it's now past the time scale so I went on tracking and there was a message that said "The delivery of your consignment is subject to a book in arrangement and will be delivered as soon as possible" Does that mean its going to be late or that I have to book a special slot because honestly I could read it both ways?
  10. But this is more a case of cutting our nose off to spite our face. The EU is, in my opinion, doing the correct thing. Just because the govt want to be out doesn't mean we should go against every idea the EU has
  11. Schwarzer Nsue Southgate Pogatetz Ziege Boateng Geremi Juninho Mendieta Ravenelli Boksic
  12. Black Panther was very good, I think it got a bit overrated due to the whole "first African superhero movie" thing but I'd still put it in my top 5 solo Marvel movies
  13. If you are looking for a solid action film, Spencer Confidential on Netflix with Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke (was M'Baku in Black Panther) is a pretty new, Netflix original film that I thought his all the right notes. By the way which Addams Family did you watch? If it was the new animated one - how was it
  14. Howay dude this is the thread where we talk about fun stuff like what to watch while self isolating! Don't be getting all serious 😂
  15. I've heard some of them already have their towels on hospital beds, just in case
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