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  1. Theres an Adama card in SBCs for anyone else doing the Boro PnP, and you can get Jones up to an 86 now if you've been doing the evos correctly
  2. H Coventry v Birmingham City A Blackburn Rovers v Leeds United D Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion H Cardiff City v Millwall D Huddersfield Town v Bristol City H Leicester City v Plymouth Argyle H Middlesbrough v Ipswich Town D Norwich City v Preston North End A Queens Park Rangers v Hull City H Rotherham United v Swansea City H Stoke City v Sheffield Wednesday H Watford v Southampton
  3. The M People curse has struck again! Lost every game since posting that stupid video
  4. They're both stand ups at a comedy club in Liverpool but they have a podcast together (that the clip is from) called Hot Water Green Room which often has me in stitches
  5. I seen that this morning. Love those two they are funny as ***
  6. H Preston North End v Queens Park Rangers D West Bromwich Albion v Leicester City D Birmingham City v Rotherham United A Hull City v Watford D Ipswich Town v Coventry City A Leeds United v Middlesbrough A Millwall v Sunderland A Plymouth Argyle v Stoke City A Sheffield Wednesday v Blackburn Rovers D Southampton v Cardiff City H Swansea City v Huddersfield Town A Bristol City v Norwich City
  7. I looked at the Brewdog one, I instead chose O'Donnell's Moonshine
  8. Chuba announced 4 or 5 years ago he was going to represent Nigeria instead of England, but hes never been called up by them
  9. Saturday 2nd December - Elland Road - 3pm Sorry for the late thread, time seemed to get away from me. I'll format it better tomorrow when I have some free time. The Form: The Boro produced an outstanding 4-0 win against Preston on Tuesday night, with Jones scoring two while Van Den Berg and Bangura both notched their first goals for the club. Boro actually played well in the first half for a change, sparking rumours that they wanted to give @BearSmog a bit of a longer break before he has to pause his fatherly duties to take over the matchday threads. Hopefully, they can p
  10. When I'm struggling for something new to try I usually do a fallen giants save. Could try someone like Sampdoria this year - Relegated last year, on the brink of bankruptcy, had to build a whole new squad after relegation, start with a small points deduction... there was a good article about it on BBC sport the other week: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/67413087 Whats great about Sampdoria is you could do the setting where summer transfers haven't been set in stone yet, get to shape the full squad in your image. Kinda talking myself into this one now haha
  11. On the upside, their misery still gave us the greatest Fan Denial in the history of Fan Denials:
  12. Well safe to say that is on the list! We actually studied Blood Brothers in English at school, I might keep an eye out for a proper production. The OH was looking at Dear Evan Hansen but I didnt fancy the premise, was it any good Wilson? Quite fancy seeing SIX too, that looks like it could be fun.
  13. A Cardiff City v West Bromwich Albion D Coventry City v Plymouth Argyle H Hull City v Rotherham United H Middlesbrough v Preston North End A Queens Park Rangers v Stoke City D Watford v Norwich City H Blackburn Rovers v Birmingham City H Leeds United v Swansea City A Sheffield Wednesday v Leicester City H Southampton v Bristol City H Sunderland v Huddersfield Town D Ipswich Town v Millwall
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