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  1. 2 too easy chanced first 5 mins.. Spence needs to get his head on and quick
  2. Expecting much activity today? Them being in this early indicate they're working on getting another in, hopefully 1 doesn't need to leave for that to happen unless its Gestede.
  3. Jordan Rhodes Concourse about to leave Big ginger Baz
  4. Bought this in the winter sale. Currently top of the league with Bamford and Johnson top scorers. I play a 424 wide with Baker and Howsen in the 2, Johnson Bamford Assombalonga and Traore the front 4. Braithwaite was out for 6 weeks when I loaded in then got injured again playing for the u23 when he was getting match fit.
  5. Is it time for Dimi? No You're an idiot if you think Dimi is better than Valdes.
  6. I'd say the cross was over hit and he was lucky the striker scored a worldie
  7. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CrL7b2SUMAAXzJ8.jpg
  8. And with all them deleted we are down 5 pages :D
  9. So all of summer has lead to this, Hopefully it is a good day tomorrow.
  10. We done that song last season :huh: :huh:
  11. Only a 66 on FIFA , that alone is a good enough reason not to sign him. Ben Gibson is only 62 on FIFA. :rolleyes: That's because Ben Gibson is awful.
  12. We don't do the Wooh Longer than 3 seasons, Id say 5/6.. We shout 'Tees' instead of 'wooh'
  13. Atleast we have 7 weeks til the season starts to get it sorted.
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