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  1. It's amazing how much you know after the fact... And amazing how little others don't
  2. There's nothing happening, we've apparently scrabbled around for a loan signing from here or there but nothing concrete. It's a shame there are so many on here intent on a wind up and so many are willing to believe them. We haven't been close to some of the things I've read on here.
  3. It's not looking good guys! At least Bamford is, erm, versatile!... apparently
  4. Depay not on the radar, never has been
  5. Snodgrass is still way down on the list of targets, there's even a La Liga winger we've enquiried for ahead of him.
  6. We will NOT be signing Snodgrass, I guarantee it. Bamford is virtually done.
  7. I'm fairly certain Kike Sola was here for the Brighton game. On the Sky tv footage as the players were lining up in the tunnel he can be seen walking through with Abella. Either that or I was talking to an imposter!! He was there alright, loving it too. The loan was as simple as us bringing in cover whilst we where short, nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Matt Phillips a possibility? :D Definitely 100% not, no.
  9. I work evening's so yes I will be enjoying my evening off when it hots up later today. :) Good man! Hope you have plenty of coffee stockpiled :-D
  10. Are those on annual leave today enjoying their day off then?
  11. Unless you can afford to lose it, why would you put a weeks wages on anything?
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