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  1. I’d prefer to see Walker as the 4th striker. As I’ve said before, he needs to sort himself out but hopefully he can. CB, AM most pressing for me.
  2. Got to be the most average player I’ve heard a manager constantly talk up. Get the style right, Spence & Coulson are promising attacking wing backs.
  3. I would prefer us to play with wingers. But it’s not going to happen.
  4. Tav, Fletcher, Browne can all play out wide so it’s not like we couldn’t play that. We’re going for 2 forwards, 1 CB & hoping on a creative midfielder. I think it’s a sensible approach when we’ll play mostly with wing backs
  5. People keep mentioning wingers. It’s obvious we’re not after any and are going to play with wing backs. It would be a complete waste of money and time to go after any
  6. If it’s true. Can we have the title changed to Yaya’s a no go. Thanks
  7. Sanogo just a long medical due to previous injuries Don’t know on Woodrow. Makes sense though
  8. Not professional enough. Has had a few warnings from managers here. Hopefully he’s sorted himself out, personally I think he’s got a lot of talent.
  9. He needs to grow up so hopefully he does soon or he won’t be here much longer
  10. If McNair doesn’t go I think he’ll play a bit at CB
  11. Some decent signings. Don’t think there’s many keepers who’ll move in the Championship who would be better than Bettinelli. Morsy is a solid CM Sanogo not a bad backup, has ability just whether we can get it out of him. Get a couple more in and we’ve had a decent window. Don’t see us getting Roberts. Woodrow would be a good signing, will still have money left if we get him.
  12. It's been going on for years. From recent memory the only decent windows in terms of getting in who we wanted were the summer when we went up then the summer Monk was here.
  13. Not been told anything. Doesn't mean it's not happening though.
  14. Won't sign a new contract as given no assurances he'd be playing, wants to be first choice after last season but told he won't be. His dads link to Mowbray is behind the move to Blackburn. I think it makes sense all round.
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