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  1. It is done. Announcement probably early next week
  2. Yeah, was told it a couple of weeks ago. Gayle’s happy to come, settled up here. We just need money in first and agree on the wages but it’ll happen
  3. Nothing new from me. Spence still going to Spurs and we’re spending some on Gyokeres and getting Gayle.
  4. Think Errea said it would be in the coming weeks. So doubt it would be this early. Probably a few days before July 8th
  5. Can announce it, can talk to anyone and agree a deal from June, earlier if their release has been confirmed. Great shout and a very good signing for us.
  6. Wasn’t told a fee, they just said a large part. Could be miscommunication and they just meant a large fee for us but that’s what I was told.
  7. Expect us to get Gyokeres after Spence goes. Just been told it’s a large part of the fee going on him. No idea on either fee though
  8. Heard nothing on it at all. Not saying it’s not happening, just don’t know
  9. We’re close to signing Gayle, it’s almost done.
  10. He did get recommended to Gibson, but from nobody inside the club. It’s the same as Alves and a few others. We've got a recruitment team to do that job and he’s gone above them and signed someone. I’m more bothered that we massively overpaid for him.
  11. The Payero situation was never going to end well. Gibson signed him, didn’t come from Warnock, Scott or Leo. I was told from someone outside of the club that he’d been offered around for much less than what we paid.
  12. Spence was a ***. What Warnock said to him has worked. As @diggerlad07said, he’s mates who’ve been up here have been a nightmare. Good riddance when he’s gone, would never have worked for him here
  13. You can offer a reduced contract whenever you want, and we have.
  14. On Friend I was told it was, ‘in some capacity’. Assuming it will have some background role involved
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