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  1. Don’t need him, may as well have kept Morsy. LB and a forward is all we need
  2. Morsy is an average player. Looks like we’ve upgraded, let him go and got rid of a player who wouldn’t play. Don’t understand why anyone’s bothered.
  3. Wasn’t just those, it’s all the players who either renewed in the Prem or were signed by Monk. Wage bill is manageable now
  4. The clubs will still be working but you couldn’t officially get signings done on a bank holiday as the staff at the EFL & PL we’re off. Probably changed now.
  5. Got nowhere near as much as I used to. Years ago I got it from the CFO so was always spot on.
  6. Was just about to post it. I hope they’re right. One thing I don’t understand though, if this is a standard issue then why has it added over a week to complete the deal and not something they should’ve been aware of anyway
  7. Because we agreed a deal, medical done. All ready to be done and we changed terms
  8. Still sorting it. Surprised they didn’t walk away
  9. We tried to change it when it had been agreed. Good old Boro
  10. Not been keeping up but Sporar should be sorted by Tuesday
  11. He 100% hasn’t. Hence why he’s coming in September, no contact until then, otherwise these transfers will cost us a lot more
  12. Scott’s not involved with any of these transfers. We appointed a new recruitment analyst a while back and it’s all on him. Scott can’t be involved. Just glad we finally got rid of our useless recruitment analysts and appointed professionals
  13. I’m absolutely not having it that Warnock, Blackwell, Jepson and someone else were sitting there and went. ’Why don’t we go for that fella from Sporting Lisbon, that Sporar bloke.’ Not saying we’re not getting him but surely he’s not the one they were on about
  14. Uche’s a unit, not a chance we can get through the season with him. Doubt he’ll play the full 90 many times
  15. All the best. Posters are desperate for info, you give them it and they ridicule you. In the past I’ve had the same info passed on as you. Anything you get is never going to be 100% because of how football works but people would rather shoot you down instead of appreciating the info passed on.
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