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  1. Club have confirmed the other players out of contract are staying on to finish the season
  2. Not sure what happened but it was a mess. Round was told he was DOF. Got here and was asked to be assistant Keane was here as a coach, refused to be anything less than assistant as that was his role at Ireland Leo was told he'd be first team coach, got here and was asked to be keeper coach. That's why the Danny Coyne appointment was later than the others.
  3. Yeah, was coming as DOF, got here and we wanted him to be assistant. Refused and was off. It was all a mess
  4. Fully agree, the farce with Steve Round last summer massively backfired so I'd hope he's learned his lesson
  5. Had Orta and Bevington was supposed to be doing similar.
  6. Just opinion. Can’t see him being on that much at Rangers and will surely be looking for a job in England. He’s not really pushed Celtic so can’t see him being in high demand. Can see Gibbo looking to make an appointment like he did when we were good
  7. I can see us going for Gerrard. Warnock DOF
  8. Agnew was definitely worse.
  9. Gazeete saying it's until the end of the season
  10. He’s 71 so been shielding. Probably why we waited until now.
  11. Woodgate's staying on in some capacity. Don't know what he'll be doing. The DOF was a joke, but you never know!
  12. Strange that he’s staying on. Imagine if he’s the Director of Football we want
  13. I think he's gone
  14. Just get Karanka back, get a DOF in and crack on. Gibson’s decision making has been poor. In terms of an owner there’s no better we could wish for. As a chairman he’s been terrible in recent times. He needs to relinquish control.
  15. That’s the one for clubs getting into Europe. EFL will need to make the decision on ours.
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