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  1. Friend’s hoping to be back in a couple of weeks.
  2. He’s already under contract. If they buy him, having failed their medical, I highly doubt they could get insurance for him. Ours won’t be affected
  3. With him being included in the squad I think it would need a big shift to go through.
  4. Hope nobody felt the need to access the gun room
  5. Looking at both. Loan initially, permanent in the summer.
  6. Fulham enquired about Britt before, I know he's a different type of player but could see them coming back in for him if Mitrovic's injury is as bad as it seems.
  7. Never noticed how big his head is
  8. Looking to keep him on for another year. Much much lower wage and maybe some coaching. Before this season he was hoping to have this and next season playing. Sadly, not going to happen.
  9. Good, when he came I didn’t expect him to be heading our recruitment. Shocking appointment in hindsight considering his background is communications and logistics.
  10. No further info on anything from me at the moment.
  11. I think we should get back to FFP
  12. His best season was prior to joining us.
  13. Don't mind him. Think he's got a purpose in this league if you're going to play to his strengths. Too injury prone though.
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