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  1. No, we've made an offer but no decision yet. Don't expect one soon either.
  2. No it hasn't. Never been on or off.
  3. Leeds are interested, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up there. He doesn't want to move away.
  4. Can't imagine he'd want to come back after how we got rid of him.
  5. Rovers has gone so would think we’re getting someone in. Probably Mendez Laing
  6. Dijksteel has played CB a good few times for us.
  7. Had a busy/nightmare month so not been on. Britt still on to go, was Bristol City who I expected him to go to earlier on and I can see the swap happening. From seemingly nothing happening it looks like there’s loads of moves going on all over. No idea who the players are that we missed out on. Think Spence might go too. No way Tav leaves. Been offered Gilmour from Chelsea but not that interested. Can see us getting a forward, winger and CB
  8. Britt's a permanent and getting a fee. Don't know where to and for how much yet though
  9. Bolasie deal in before 5 so wasn’t a sheet. Just awaiting approval it was done
  10. Well he's followed Akpom on twitter so we'll use that as the barometer for him coming.
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