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  1. All correct apart from that we've got a new bid in for Gibson
  2. Has he got the same agent as Ross McCormack? I wasn’t too fussed as I assumed his wages would be minimal. We can’t be paying much of it.
  3. Just imagine if we’re the Club where it clicked for him.
  4. We want a permenant in the summer too. We wouldn't cover all his wages, I doubt we'd pay a significant loan fee. Why would they want to strengthen a rival for the sake of £400-500k?
  5. Unless we're stringing ourselves along, we wouldn't still be trying to get him if we don't think it's viable.
  6. Gutted about Roberts. Had no updates so hoping that as Woodgate didn’t dismiss Gibson coming back then there’s still a chance.
  7. Genuinely thinks he needs to learn the Burnley way. So he paid £15m for someone and tried to change his style. And that’s the Burnley way
  8. I’d be surprised if he plays for them again. Unless Dyche goes.
  9. Interest in a few of our midfielders. Nothing happening yet. Can see us going for 2 CBs with Fry now injured.
  10. Yeah, he didn’t want to go. As we went through on a previous transfer thread, it all got a bit messy. Ended up taking a pay cut too. The deal is all in place, stumbling block is they want someone in.
  11. Aim is for an initial loan. Permanent in the summer.
  12. He’s leaving this window, won’t be involved until it’s done. Had another disagreement with Dyche
  13. Friend’s hoping to be back in a couple of weeks.
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