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  1. We definitely don't/didn't have the 5th highest wage bill. Not many high earners in our squad now at all.
  2. We were very very close to signing him, I was gutted. Songs would’ve been endless
  3. For anyone moaning about the finances on the Balogun loan, we’re about to make £2m off the Man Utd match so that game alone will more than pay for it and allow for another loan in too.
  4. On Spence, he brought a couple of mates up to live with him. They started causing problems whilst he was still here. When he’s been out on loan they’ve stayed and issues are ongoing.
  5. Had it in my head that it'll be Terry so will be more than happy with Wilder.
  6. Can we backdate to the Aitor Premier League era?
  7. Yeah, he did a video that went on the website. Basically overseeing everything.
  8. Same lad I got it from yesterday is adamant he’s off. Spoke to a former employee today who’s still connected and he’s said there’s nothing in it. Praying he’s wrong and they’re just keeping it quiet until it’s sorted
  9. Just waiting for the corner flag picture to come up 🙏
  10. Got no interest in management and not a chance Gibson would offer him one.
  11. Don’t need him, may as well have kept Morsy. LB and a forward is all we need
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