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  1. What happened with Britt today. Thought he scored but his Twitter said he couldn’t play. Drunk and confused (me not Britt, despite some folks opinion)
  2. I can’t get red button working. Are there any other chanels it’s on or streams?
  3. Speed kills. Now we don’t have any. And £10m doesn’t get you much nowadays unfortunately. This is a sad day. My 5 year old loved having the fastest player in the country play for us. Time to break the news.
  4. What’s the verdict on Adama Injury? Is he out til the end of the transfer window? Can we keep the wolves from the door?
  5. Any Boro winter upgrades on Fifa 18? When will they put Traore pace over 110
  6. Got over excited at the 1 o’clock kick off, assuming it would be on tv. Unless I’m missing something, it’s not ?
  7. I read somewhere Villa are appealing there's!!! Might have been twitter nonsense though
  8. Is there any news / update on if Adams's red card will be appealed?
  9. Hi, I'm closer than usual today and I'm trying to convince the wife into us going as a family. 2 adults 2 kids (4&6). How much are family passes?
  10. I like the tenacity grant brings, although he will get sent off. Why can't we play with the intensity we have shown in parts of this game every week
  11. Another one of my daft videos. Try not to cry.
  12. Do we have an option to keep him ?
  13. I've been at work all day and missed something on the radio, but I'm sure it said he's on loan with a view to buy at the end of the season. Is this correct?
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