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  1. Safe journey Alan. Hope Teddy has a great time at the match. 2-0 to the Boro today.
  2. Yes, I think he might be more of a Sheff Utd man in honesty, but it might be tempting for Norwich to panic and give up on the attacking football come December, and try to tighten things up. Enter Phoney Tony, stage right.
  3. Tom

    'Other Boro stuff'

    17 in the North usually, sometimes 19.
  4. A few evenings back when everyone lost their collective *** that we were going to lose Fry and Assombalonga, I meant to put a question on and basically ask if people would be happy to have no further incomings if it meant we hung onto both and Randolph. I forgot to do it in the end, but I suspect most people would have been fairly happy with that scenario. We definitely look like we're still lacking, but I don't think any right sided winger that we could have signed would have made up for selling any of the three aforementioned. I think we'll end up seeing Tavernier used as a wide player now, and possibly Coulson too. The situation isn't ideal, but we have enough versatile players that we can cope with injuries in most positions (in terms of numbers, if not quality). That said, I hope we are scouring the free agent market. There are half-decent wingers still about. Even someone like Hutton on a pay-as-you-play would make a certain amount of sense. Edit: I agree with CT though - the squad is not definitively better than last seasons. But with the suggestions of financial restraints from way back in May, I was braced for sales that haven't really happened in a damaging way, and the players we've brought in are gambles, of course, but after 18 months of Pulis, a bit of dice-rolling is quite welcome.
  5. Understandable, I'm not a very good one.
  6. In my capacity as a moderator, **** off.
  7. I'd desperately be looking for a CB right now. Wood has not looked anywhere near ready when he's played.
  8. What does it say? A large percentage of the Boro population are blocked by Bailey.
  9. Bristol City were linked with Charlie Austin too. Surely Saints wouldn't loan both out?
  10. I think 2 as well. One this afternoon and then one just snuck in before the deadline.
  11. Skipp has a decent chance of starting 10+ or so Premier League games this year, and will play in cups. Would be surprised if he was loaned out.
  12. Think we are pretty much done then? That's not what he said.
  13. There’s nothing to worry about Jake Exactly. Pointless him training when we're selling him tomorrow 👍 You also said Randolph was leaving and that we weren't signing Dijksteel. I'm starting to think that you aren't ITK.
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