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  1. It was Warnock that decided he wasn't a full back though and didn't play him all last season. Warnock didn't want him, that much was clear. Whether the decision to not bring in cover was made over his head or not we don't know, but we can absolutely place the blame of the isolated coulson situation on warnock. Yeah fair point. In any case, I imagine that going into the season with one left back is as frustrating for Warnock as it is for the rest of us. But really he and the recruitment team should have sorted out a free agent by now, and it's frankly ridiculous that they haven't.
  2. Yes, I think that may be the case. I'm not in the business of defending Warnock, but the fact that Coulson didn't get a squad number, something Warnock wouldn't be actively involved in, suggested that there was a decision made above his head.
  3. I'm guessing it'll have to be Howson - McNair - Bamba in a back 3, with Jones LWB and Tav right? Warnock said it in his press conference
  4. Actually quite a lot of the local papers in England have a similar relationship with the club they report on, unfortunately. I've seen local papers appear to defend really bad owners like the Oystons at Blackpool. Leeds are doing well now, but for years one of the journos at the Yorkshire Evening Post would get mercilessly mocked on Twitter over how positive he was when Leeds were rubbish. I'm sure it's more because they have a friendly relationship with the manager/chairman that they are giving them the benefit of the doubt and not wanting to criticise them too much, rather than them bei
  5. He's NWs number one supporter right now too so I think if anyone would have known, it's him. Craig seems nice enough but his defending of NW is getting a bit tiring IMO. I said something to this effect on Twitter the other day, but what annoys me about the way some of these results are being reported on desperately lack context. For example, they'll say something like "defeats against QPR, Reading and Hull have soured the fans' opinion of Warnock", when it should really be "defeats against QPR (who were down to 10 men away from home), Reading (in the midst of an injury crisis wh
  6. I don't think he was. He was sold because there was interest in him, and he wouldn't have been a starter. We sold him at 29 years old to a team that wanted him. It was probably the most valuable he will ever be in his career at this point. I think it was above Warnock's head, personally - but a decision made to ensure the likelihood that he plays Payero and Siliki, rather than one made to recoup finances.
  7. Loads of different ones, all as bad as one another.
  8. Has anyone got a stream that doesn't buffer every 30 seconds?
  9. I wouldn't read too much into that. The decision on Morsy was probably informed by his age, and the decision on both players informed by their position, and the fact that we are well stocked in both (assuming Warnock counts Spence as a right winger). If we'd have really wanted both to stay, we could have kept them. I'm sure that if a decent left back is available on a free, there will be enough money down the back of the sofa.
  10. I know mate, that's why I said there will hopefully be some lenience because of his age. The issue is really that the FA shouldn't really be doing this at all, or should be being seen to educate the players rather than issue bans so long after the fact. But they have created a situation where now, if someone directs them to an old tweet from anyone, they have to use their own previous punishments as precedent.
  11. It does seem ridiculous, but there's a precedent for it now. Bola can't be treated any differently to Andre Gray or anyone else facing a similar charge. There might be a little more lenience because of his age at the time, but we probably need to brace ourselves for a ban.
  12. We're probably more imbalanced than thin. Which isn't new, but it's almost a reversal of our common squad problems in recent years, in that we probably have an excess of bodies in the forward positions and are a bit understocked. If Warnock has no intention of using Spence as a right back, he's basically only going to start on the wing if 4/5 players are all injured (maybe more if Browne is anywhere near a comeback). He wouldn't even be making the bench..
  13. I know we've signed some old faces as defensive reinforcements this summer, but Christopher Samba would take the biscuit! He's an actual relic.
  14. Geremi or Job yes Much more recent actually, it was Harold Makoudi. Unless you're being technical - Makoudi was actually born in France, but was from a Cameroonian family. Edit: Same goes for Siliki actually.
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