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  1. Mainly just that neither Coulson or Wing have a serious injury.
  2. I'm probably in the minority, but I think this forum is overcritical of Howson. He is definitely getting to the end of his career, but he had far more good games than poor ones last season. It's always the same story with these more solid, less dynamic players though. I'm pretty sure we had people calling for Clayton and Leadbitter to be dropped in our promotion season.
  3. I think this is all pretty accurate. One thing that Warnock buzzes over more than players overt 6ft2 is leaders. And obviously he sees Hall as one, but unless Hall gets made team captain, I can see McNair starting when fit. Howson might not be a guaranteed starter like last season with more bodies in midfield, but in a 46 game season, he'll still start 25 or more if fit.
  4. Working on the assumption that he has had the knee injury since before he signed, at least he's passed a medical. I know injuries don't necessarily affect medicals, but if he was completely crocked I imagine we'd have swerved him?
  5. I think I've said this before, but it is possible to be ITK and still miss a lot of stuff (I know that's not what you're saying here, so this isn't a dig at you, or anyone really). A friend of a friend works in a very good position at Preston North End. They have signed players that he has known about from the very early stages, but they have also signed players that he has only known about a couple of hours in advance. He also sometimes gets the wrong end of the stick on stuff he gets told - he was convinced PNE were going to sign Grant Leadbitter from us a few years ago, and as far
  6. At the risk of starting something, I'm sure if we were serious about him, we could have got him.
  7. Is that because of the make up of the squad that you think that? Or do you think it's just because Warnock has had longer to get his methods across?
  8. Coulson started as well? He did, yeah.
  9. I'd imagine that Wing is in Warnock's plans for at least the immediate future, or else he wouldn't be starting friendlies. I think it will be partly down his own choice. Whether he is happy to be a squad player here, or would want to start somewhere else.
  10. I think Smith was an alternative to Ikpeazu rather than someone we'd look to sign too. I think (hope) that any other striker signings are a bit different. Easier said than done, but maybe more of a poacher.
  11. Well if last season is anything to go by, we won't really have a 'first 11' as such. For the bulk of the season, Betinelli, the back 4 and Howson were the only players guaranteed a start when fit. The other 5 players in the team were a little harder to pin down. Even if Crooks doesn't start the season in the side, he'll make 30+ appearances if he stays fit.
  12. I think we will sign another left back as cover, but it will be low down the priority list. A Premier League loan towards the end of the window, possibly.
  13. bad change IMO. 5 subs was a great addition. I thought it disrupted the game too much, and it did definitely benefit some teams more than others. I wouldn't mind it for cup games though.
  14. Yeah, I think this is what I keep coming back to. I always thought Saville was a bit of a nothing player, although he did have a decent season stats wise last year. And so did Johnson, and I didn't really rate him either. But the crux is that neither would ever truly fit into a Warnock team. So I'm hoping that the lads he's bringing in are players that he is convinced a) will fit his plan for the team, and b) he can get the best out of.
  15. Really doubt bamba will join to be honest I'm sure that Warnock told the Gazette that Bamba isn't being considered as a signing, he's just training here.
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