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  1. Maybe because Walker went out and Roberts was injured we hung on? Isn't he a winger who can also play up top?
  2. It was Tyrone O'Neill, who actually has been on the bench recently. It was a penalty he scored mind, and then he missed another one. May not quite be his time yet.
  3. Not that any of us really expected any of them (barring possibly Stojanovic) to play tonight, but he, Friend and Shotton all played in a 1-1 friendly draw with Celtic this afternoon, so that would rule them out of being involved at all. I thought there may be an outside chance Shotton could make the bench as a way to change things around if we needed to, but not massively surprised.
  4. Tom

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Friend played an hour, but it was planned that he'd come off at that time.
  5. I'd put Morrison in from the start. He's been brought in to do a job that Wing has proved himself incapable of doing consistently, and Tavernier has been off the boil in doing recently, and that's to create a link between the midfield and the forwards. I'm not saying Morrison will instantly do that either, but that's why he's been loaned in, and let's face it, no-one else in that position (Roberts excluded) has really done enough to justify any sort of outrage if they lose the shirt.
  6. Tom

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Boro’s best rated players according to WhoScored (10 or more apps): 1 Hayden Coulson 2 Daniel Ayala 3 Ryan Shotton 4 Jonny Howson 5 Marcus Tavernier 6 Aynsley Pears 7 Djed Spence 8 Dael Fry 9 Ashley Fletcher 10 Marvin Johnson
  7. Tom

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Not happy with the terms offered? Others might have a better knowledge of this than me, but isn't there a clause where players can't be offered a contract on a lower wage terms than the one they're currently on? And so Ayala would need for his current deal to expire before signing a new one, effectively as a free agent? I'm not saying that's what's happening here, but that may be a factor. It also may be that he wants 3/4 years and we'll only give him 1 or 2.
  8. I reckon Moukoudi could, but that's not to say he will. He won't have had a training session, so we won't risk it, especially if Fry is back
  9. I think short term is the priority as it stands, though. The summer window was nothing short of disastrous, and but for a great run of results over Christmas, we'd be seriously looking over our shoulder at the bottom three. As far as I was concerned, this window was about bolstering numbers and hanging onto any decent players we do have. Aside from Randolph, we've done both, when you consider that Bola/Browne and the young players weren't really getting a game anyway. It's far from perfect, but I'd say we have a better squad of players to pick from tomorrow than we did on New Years Day, and have managed that without spending large sums on transfer fees, which to circle back to your initial point, does potentially help us long term.
  10. I'd probably agree to be honest, which considering we've sold our best player isn't bad going. It's a shame about Roberts' injury, but I think in getting attacking options and defensive cover, we've improved.
  11. His name suggests he's been transported here directly from the early 70s as well, so that is a plus
  12. Slight shock that one, seeing as he was rated similarly to Coulson as recently as preseason. I suppose with Bola still on the books, and Friend on his way back, we don't need to stockpile LBs.
  13. It is outrageous opinions like this that made me stop posting as much.
  14. I wonder if the delay in announcing Morrison is that we're trying to work something out with Sheff Utd for them to release him, enabling us to sign him rather than loan him, and therefore free up a loan spot in the matchday squad for AN Other. Unlikely, but possible.
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