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  1. Not for me. We weren't punting balls into the box really, even when Coburn came on (although of course that was only for a few minutes). Taylor wasn't able to get past his man, and Jones was cutting back and trying to find feet more than hoying it into the box. We needed a little bit more guile in midfield, rather than someone to lump it up to up front. Blackburn's centre backs would have had Ikpeazu's number. And I say this as someone who likes him in general.
  2. I agree with this, and think it's is an important point. I don't think any one player has absolutely stunk the place out since Wilder came in, but conversely, I'd argue that only 4 players can say they've done enough to start every week, and that's Fry, McNair and Dijksteel at the back, and obviously Jones. Those four would rightly be disappointed if they were dropped. For me, there's an argument for any of the rest to come out of the side. Howson and Tavernier have both been a bit better under Wilder, but, especially if we get Hendrick, we have capable players to come in for both. A
  3. I thought Wing would be a standout player in League 1. The fact that he hasn't been suggests that there's no way back fort him here, with us looking up and with the likes of McGree and Payero already filling the spots on the bench. He probably hasn't done enough for any club to part with money in order to sign him. I reckon we'll release him at the end of the season (assuming he did sign an extension, as reports were somewhat confusing IIRC)
  4. Might as well just try Bryn then. If we sign a keeper I’d want it to be someone with a bit of experience. Yes, I agree. While obviously the talk of Dean Henderson was far-fetched, someone in that same mould would presumably be what Wilder is looking at - highly rated, experienced, but second or third choice at their current club. Freddie Woodman wouldn't surprise me at all.
  5. I still have it in my head that we're after a goalkeeper, but as I said previously, I think it'll be at the 11th hour, and it'll be a loan. I don't know who, but it does feel like the obvious weak link in the team now. Dom Shaw made a good point on the Gazette podcast that publicly courting a goalkeeper is a dangerous game, because if it doesn't come off, you're left with a player (Lumley in this case) starting but knowing that he isn't really fancied, and that could harm his motivation. So I think it'll only happen if we're 100% sure we can get the player in, which is why I think it'll b
  6. Yeah, we are long overdue a win against them, for sure.
  7. We drew with them at the Riverside, Al!
  8. No McGree, but I imagine he wouldn't have gotten a game until possibly the cup match anyway.
  9. Everyone has a bad game now and again, but Tomiyasu is a fantastic player.
  10. Pedant's corner, but Dael was kicked in the face at the Riverside, not at Ewood. Apart from that, good opening post! I think we'll see the same starting XI but with Watmore in for Connelly.
  11. This is the area for me. You could do so much along that wall. We must have some talented artists who could create murals of Ugo, Ali, and anyone else who deserves to be immortalised in the future. Just a question of who that wall belongs to.
  12. I think Taylor is a decent attacking player as well. We look one sided sometimes, especially against Reading, but I don't think that is necessarily Taylor's fault. He isn't as quick as Jones, nor can he take a man on in the same way, so it's no surprise that Jones sees more of the ball. But if you look here, Taylor's average position was actually only marginally further back than Jones. Also, he was in the box for the winning goal and whenever the ball came in from the right. So I wouldn't say he was a defensive wing back, he just has a very different game (picking up the ball and m
  13. I'd agree with all of this, and would add that we've had the majority of that starting line up sidelined with Covid, and Connelly hasn't played for ages. Reading would have been keen to claw back some respect after that Fulham defeat, so it was one that was all about the result. I wonder if anything in the front two might change for Blackburn. Neither Sporar or Connelly played badly, but on the other hand, I don't think either could say they'd made themselves undroppable.
  14. Wilder did say he wants some more ins post match I think at this point it's really difficult to see us getting anyone else in for the top third of the pitch, and given that we're already trying to ship out Lea-Siliki, I assume midfield is sorted too. So we're looking at wing-backs, centre backs or goalkeepers. Although a left footed CB would be nice, the fact that we have Wood, Peltier and Bamba behind the 3 that are in the team makes me think that we won't be spending money there either. With Hernandez going back, we have a matchday loan slot available, which I sus
  15. That’sa shame I’ve quite liked Onel in the limited times I’ve seen him. Me too. But Wilder made a point this morning of mentioning that his wages were too high for a player who wouldn't be starting games, so I suppose that's the main factor in trying to move him out.
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