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  1. Maybe this is why the Jutkiewicz link has suddenly appeared?
  2. I don't think he'd have any cause to bluff about Bolasie personally. If it had been Bolasie, or any other player who is not needed by their parent club, I imagine we'd have got them in before now.
  3. This probably discounts some of the names mentioned this morning. Atsu for example has not played through the middle as far as I know.
  4. The clue there is the word 'allegedly'. The message all season has been that we are looking to get one, possibly two, in this window, but we won't be getting anyone who isn't better than what we have, and the finances have to work out. I imagine 90% of the links that are cropping up are ***.
  5. I didn't even think he was that bad today. Not good if he's having to have that much treatment though. Without his engine we'd be nowhere near where we are.
  6. Yeah think that's what it is. The ghost of pulis returns Isn't playing a full back in as CB the opposite of what Pulis would do?
  7. I can't imagine he'd turn down offers from abroad to sign for a month. I'd assume it will be until the end of the season, regardless of whether Bolasie comes in too.
  8. The last couple of years, we've been quite proactive with some of our January signings, especially when it's players that we've tried to get but missed out on in the summer for whatever reason. Roberts came in last season on January 2nd, and the year before, Van La Parra was already here and ready to sign as soon as the window was open on January 1st. I hope that the Bolasie situation is the same, and that it's just a case of him signing as soon as he's allowed.
  9. Not the case, I don't think. They've been trying to get Downing re-signed all summer, but have obviously finally come to an agreement. He may not be match fit, but he will have most likely been training with them a few weeks, and has quite good fitness levels anyway. It would be a surprise to see him start, but he's probably still pretty sharp.
  10. I feel like, given Walker is already out on loan, and Watmore wouldn't really be blocking anyone's path to the first team, if he's match fit and sharp, we should give him a deal until the end of the season.
  11. Weren't Celtic interested in him? Maybe it was someone from there.
  12. I think that as well. Obviously Woodgate seemed keen enough to get him into the side, and 20 is only young, but you'd think if he was going to get a real chance in Warnock's squad, this would have been it.
  13. The Walker thing does puzzle me. Fletcher had already picked up his injury by that point, and as far as I'm aware, the only player we were close to getting close to the transfer deadline was Bolasie, who isn't a striker. So either there was another one we missed out on that also fell apart late on, or Warnock just thought he wouldn't use Walker however bad things got.
  14. I'm not sure that is so worthy of praise. Turning off the taps just before you flood the house isn't something to be commended when you turned them on in the first place.
  15. Short corner exasperate me. So often just a waste.
  16. Yes, I imagine so. I also assume that Warnock thought we wouldn't have much of the ball too. He may bring him on against tired legs late on.
  17. I sort of understand why Roberts isn't playing, but this game could really use him as an outlet.
  18. I think it's pretty clear that we're here for a point. We definitely aren't going to be involved in many 3-3s this season, are we?
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