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  1. Don't let facts get in the way of a good moan!
  2. It's back up now, you're not missing much though!
  3. What comments have come out from players? I've not seen anything
  4. Not seen such speculation outside of a transfer window for ages... just waiting for payero to admit it was all a massive troll-job now and that would cap it all!
  5. Payero vs Gazette... there's only one way to find out who wins.... fiiiiiigggghhhttt!
  6. I can't see it at all - think it's all rumours that have taken hold tbh
  7. I don't disagree but with Pulis we gambled on him getting us up with no plan B, at least this time we know we have a new direction coming
  8. It's not quite the same though, there are clear signs of where the club wants to go this time, it's clearly a transition year and yes that's frustrating as a fan but this feels different to when Pulis was here
  9. What statement could they make that would help here? Their aims for this season have to be finish as high as possible, aim for the playoffs (we know it won't happen but how could they say anything else?) And beyond? We all know Warnock won't be here after this season but the club can't publicly say that or it puts him in an unworkable position, and what else could they say to help? (plus I don't think many clubs publish statements like that and I've never known boro to do it!)
  10. Let's face it no-one knows anything but the speculating and guessing is about the only fun thing about being a boro fan right now!
  11. Is it shameful though? Which part exactly? He's signed for a club and started 2 of first 12 games or so, not ideal but hardly shameful. We also have no idea what expectations were given to him about playing time when he first arrived.
  12. When it's also to do with the players on the pitch, with some really basic technical and decision making errors
  13. Mercifully my link has broken, I won't be trying to fix it. But I think there's too much been put on warnock here - some just basic 5 yard passes have been going straight to them, it's so hard to get moves going with such awful basics. Don't get me wrong I'm not a warnock fan but anyone thinking a change of manager will solve things is way off the mark for me
  14. Hate our short corners, every week its the same with no end result
  15. I mean there clearly is a game plan, long diagonal ball to Jones... granted it may not be the best plan but it is clearly the plan
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