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  1. Final shout for this - the draft starts in an hour - just enough time to get over to fantasy.premierleague.com and enter code: jos7o0 on the draft league page and join the fun!
  2. Right guys, got the league ready the code is: jos7o0 As someone said above you don't need to be there for the draft but it's due to take place at 5pm tomorrow!
  3. There's been a few mentions on the paid fantasy league thread about starting a draft league so thought a separate thread might be handy. I'm going to create a league through the main fpl site, and set a draft Day of Friday (to catch as many transfers as possible) and will organise a time to suit as many people as possible. If you're interested in giving this a go (please bear with me as I've not done one of these before!) Then leave a comment below with the best time for you for the draft to take place! Just to add this will be free and just for bragging rights! There's a m
  4. In both with Pinky and De Bruyne
  5. I'm in again, 2 leagues sounds good to me. Also happy to run a draft league as a freebie too - would like to test it out and there seems to be others interested too
  6. How about we take some of the cash and do a monthly prize too? So even those at the bottom have a chance at winning something if they have a good month? That or do a draft league alongside to keep people interested?
  7. To be honest I'm done. Loved doing it and really appreciate the effort you put in MM but feels very disjointed now and lots of other stuff going on IRL so won't be able to give it the time so will likely end up missing lots anyway!
  8. Interesting video of how the current pandemic and Spanish Flu compare and how they are different 🙂
  9. Was that a rare good game for Rochemback or have I just forgotten how decent he was?
  10. W.B.A v Birmingham . H Blackburn v Bristol Cty. D Huddersfield v Wigan. D Hull v Charlton. H Luton v P.N.E. D Middlesbrough v Swansea. D (Rudy) Millwall v Derby. D Q.P.R. v Barnsley. H Reading v Stoke. A Sheff Wed v N/Forest D
  11. H Bristol Cty v Fulham. D Barnsley v Cardiff. A Birmingham v Reading. H Brentford v Sheff Wed. H Charlton v Middlesbro. (None) H Leeds v Huddersfield. H P.N.E v Q.P.R. H Stoke v Hull. A Swansea v W.B.A. D Wigan v Luton.
  12. It's hardly audacious to release season ticket renewals is it? In fact wouldn't it be an insanely awful business move to not try and get people to renew? It would be risking the financial future of the club wouldn't it? Gibson definitely has his flaws but this seems an odd point to criticise him for!
  13. H Blackburn v Swansea A Cardiff v Brentford H Fulham v PNE H Huddersfield v Charlton D Luton v Stoke H Millwall v Bristol City D QPR v Birmingham H Reading v Barnsley A Sheff Wed v Derby H WBA v Wigan
  14. H Barnsley v Middlesbro:..(None) D Birmingham v Sheff Wed:. A Bristol Cty v W.B.A. H Charlton v Luton. H Leeds v Reading. H N/Forest v Q.P.R. H P.N.E. v Hull. D Stoke v Cardiff. H Swansea v Huddersfield. D Wigan v Millwall.
  15. Birmingham v Brentford. A Cardiff v Wigan. H Charlton v Blackburn. D Derby v Huddersfield. H Fulham v Barnsley. H Leeds v Bristol Cty. H Middlesbro: v Luton. D (Wing) P.N.E. v Millwall. H Q.P.R. v Stoke. H Sheff Wed v Reading. H
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