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  1. A Carlisle v Walsall D Crawley Twn v Grimsby H Exeter Cty v Colchester Utd. A Leyton O v Newport Cty. A Macclesfield v Forest Green Rvrs. A Mansfield Twn v Bradford Cty A Morcambe v Cambridge. D Salford Cty v Oldham. A Scunthorpe v Crewe Alex: A Stevenage v Plymouth. H Swindon Twn v Port Vale
  2. A Watford v Tottenham. (Deeney) A Q.P.R. v Leeds. D Birmingham v Cardiff. H Bristol Cty v Barnsley. H Derby v Hull. A Hudderfield v Brentford. H Millwall v Reading. H P.N.E. v Charlton. D Sheff Wed: v Blackburn. H Swansea v Wigan.
  3. But that article also says: "What has changed are (1) the material from which the ball is made, and thus the ability of the ball to avoid weight gain during the game through water absorption, and (2) the aerodynamics of the ball i.e. the smoothness of the surface." Which does lead to the ball moving more so kind of backs up his point. Anyway getting off topic now, anyone spotted random cars at Rockcliffe lately?
  4. A Barnsley v Huddersfield. H Blackburn v P.N.E. A Charlton v W.B.A. D Hull v Fulham. H Leeds v Sheff Wed: D Luton v Birmingham. D Middlesbro v Derby. (Roberts) H Reading v N/Forest. H Stoke v Millwall. D Wigan v Bristol Cty.
  5. H Millwall v Luton. H Birmingham v Wigan. H Bristol Cty v Brentford. D Fulham v Reading. H Huddersfield v Stoke. H N/Forest v Blackburn. H P.N.E. v Middlesbrough. (None) H Q.P.R. v Cardiff. H Sheff Wed. v Hull A W.B.A. v Leeds.
  6. H Millwall v Luton. H Birmingham v Wigan. D Bristol Cty v Brentford. D Fulham v Reading. H Huddersfield v Stoke. H N/Forest v Blackburn. H P.N.E. v Middlesbrough. (Fletcher) D Q.P.R. v Cardiff. H Sheff Wed. v Hull D W.B.A. v Leeds..
  7. Barnsley v W.B.A. A Blackburn v Birmingham. H Brentford v Swansea. H Cardiff v Millwall. D Charlton v Bristol Cty. D Hull v N/Forest. D Luton v Fulham. A Middlesbrough v Huddersfield A - None Stoke v Sheff Wed. H Wigan v Derby. A
  8. D Everton v Arsenal H Cardiff v P.N.E. A Fulham v Leeds. H Huddersfield v N/Forest H Hull v Birmingham. A Luton v Swansea. H Millwall v Barnsley. H Q.P.R. v Charlton. D Reading v Derby. H W.B.A v Brentford.
  9. H Barnsley v Q.P.R. H Brentford v Fulham. D Bristol Cty v Blackburn. H Derby v Millwall. H Leeds v Cardiff. D Nott For: v Sheff Wed: H P.N.E v Luton. H Stoke v Reading. H Swansea v Middlesbro: (None) D Wigan v Huddersfield.
  10. H Tottenham v Burnley. D Blackburn v Derby. H Cardiff v Barnsley. H Fulham v Bristol Cty. H Hull v Stoke. D Luton v Wigan. D Middlesbrough v Charlton (None) H Q.P.R. V P.N.E. D Reading v Birmingham. H Sheff Wed v Brentford .......................................................... H Leeds v Hull. H N/Forest v Middlesbrough. (None) A P.N.E. Fulham. H Stoke v Luton. D Barnsley v Reading. H Birmingham v Q.P.R. D Brentford v Cardiff. H Derby v Sheff Wed:. H Swansea v Blackburn. A Wigan v W.B.A.
  11. Tottenham v Bournemouth. H Barnsley v Hull. D Birmingham v Millwall. H Brentford v Luton. D Bristol Cty v Huddersfield. H Derby v Q.P.R. H Leeds v Boro. H (None) N/Forest v Cardiff. D Stoke v Blackburn. D Wigan v Reading. H
  12. Bournemouth v Wolves D Blackburn v Barnsley. H Brentford v Reading. H Bristol Cty v N/Forest. H (Weimann) Derby v P.N.E. D Huddersfield v Birmingham. H Luton v Leeds. A Stoke v Wigan. H Swansea v Millwall. H W.B.A v Sheff Wed: H
  13. Colchester v Bradford. N/A Crawley v Morecambe. D Exeter v Cheltenham. H Forest Green v Plymouth. H Grimsby v Newport. N/A L/Orient v Scunthorpe. A (Lund) Macclesfield v Mansfield. H Northampton v Crewe. D Port Vale v Carlisle. H Salford v Swindon. A .......... Stevenage v Oldham. D Walsall v Cambridge. D
  14. A Barnsley v Stoke. A Birmingham v Fulham. D Hull v W.B.A. H Leeds v Blackburn. H Millwall v Charlton. D P.N.E. v Huddersfield. H Q.P.R. v Boro. (Mcnair) H Reading v Luton. H Sheff Wed: v Swansea. H Wigan v Brentford.
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