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  1. Andy Dibble on loan. Michael Ricketts. Adlene Guedioura. Lee Dong-Gook. Branco. Chris Killen. There's a lot... don't think Gestede gets top spot for me
  2. Anyone else missing the pun titles on this thread... was looking forward to "Forss to be reckoned with" I know there were mixed feelings about them but I miss it!
  3. Heard from the Sunderland side of things that we've asked about Ross Stewart last week, nothing more concrete than that for now though
  4. Literally every footballer in the world will be sold if the offer is good enough... not sure there is any new news here
  5. This is a massive misrepresentation of our transfer activity... in the last 7 seasons we've spent £129m but the "some return" you mention which makes it sound insignificant is actually £119m... so yes I get the frustration that players haven't worked out as we would like (far too often!) but making it sound like we've thrown away over £100m just isn't true
  6. Yep! I am in no way itk, nor the first with this username nor the user referred to in the title of this thread... but I'm here anyway!
  7. They've already said maccarone and ravanelli are doing the kit launch haven't they?
  8. 70 mins left and 2 goals away... there's still hope... was always unlikely, just enjoy the ride!
  9. Would rather Burnley came down for our own promotion chances next year
  10. Ah! Well that's good... but my point still stands it is insane at the moment!
  11. Geez, the negativity from our fanbase this year is hitting new heights
  12. Should be 2-4 if we're going off good chances
  13. Maybe you're right, look how *** off they all are that we've scored 🤔
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