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  1. So now what happens? Do we go back to normal? Are we back to talking about 'the greatest league in the world' every week? Are we happy that foreign billionaires are destroying the identities of our clubs? Are we happy with the diving and cheating that happens every game? Are we happy with VAR? Are we happy that working class fans are being priced out of the game? Are we happy with corrupt organisations running the game? This could be a catalyst for things to change in football but I bet things will quickly go back to normal.
  2. Its hard to know fully what the consequences of something like that would be. The Premier league product without the big 6 would not be as desirable to TV companies especially overseas, there's no doubt about that. Obviously then the income of every other club would drop and big name players would move on. Commercially it would probably be a bad idea but wouldn't it be great if sporting competition and integrity were put above that.
  3. Thats exactly what it is, if you are negotiating with someone you need to be in a strong enough position to walk away and move onto an alternative. I think this proposal is just that at the moment, these big European clubs will be prepared to start this alternative format if they can get away with it but I think the ultimate goal is to have more power and control within the current structure. And obviously more share of the financial pie as well. They are acting like a cartel and its up to the governing bodies and other clubs to make sure they don't get away with it. I made a
  4. I don't know whether you've misunderstood my post or whether I have made my point very well, but let me make one thing clear. I don't think anything about this proposal is good, its a disgrace and I'd be over the moon if the 6 of them were turfed out for good. What I was saying is that all this moral outrage should have been happening years ago. The game that most of us grew up loving has been gradually eroded over the last few decades. It isn't about the fans or sporting integrity at the top, its about pure greed and has been for years. Just because the current system is better th
  5. This whole idea and the reaction to it is laughable. We've got fans and pundits saying the game is finished/ its all about money/ its totally unfair. When has this not been the case for the last 20 years? The game had gone well before this idea, we already had the rich clubs getting richer and teams on the fringes of the top flight having no chance of ever competing again. How can you call the Premier league a fair competition when Burnley and Fulham have to compete with the financial might of Man City? Its like having the hundred metres race in the Olympics with someone starting a
  6. No you're wrong. Actually Downing did the plumbing, Lee Cattermole wired the property and David Wheater laid the carpets. They messed it up but at least he gave the locals a chance.
  7. Yeah I agree with most of that, this squad is better than the league position we are in. Warnock hasn't got the best out of the team since January and that's a fact. For next season I'm assuming that the loan players will go back though so I was thinking of the squad without them. In my opinion we don't have a keeper, our back 4 is ok but the players there still make a number of mistakes and we need to be better there. I think we lack a quality player or two in midfield. Players like Howson and Saville are solid but they aren't players that will get you into the top 2 and we'll hav
  8. Who don't we have question marks about? If we want to be an average mid-table team then our squad is fine but which players are good enough for a promotion push? Fry, McNair, Tav, Dijksteel, Bola maybe? Can't think of many more..
  9. I'm at the stage where I couldn't give a *** anymore.
  10. Bamford, Stuani, Braithwaite 🤷‍♂️
  11. Not even sure ill bother watching it today, you just know we're going to roll over.
  12. The reality is, Evans is not much good on the pitch so the easy thing to do is just not sign him. That solves the terrible PR problem which the club might have. If he was a 20 goal a season striker then I could half understand the logic even if I don't agree with it, but he's not that either. If we are in the market for a bang average journeyman then it shouldn't be too hard to find one.
  13. Every team in our league is a selling club, its not exactly a big revelation. And after the last 12 months with no fans I can't imagine many teams in our league will be flush with money.
  14. I still think we have a good chance of 6th, I know we've been inconsistent and we need to get better but we have enough good players to put a run together. Not only that, Reading are not in top 6 form and haven't been for a while and Bournemouth despite having good players, have Woodgate in charge.
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