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  1. You said himself he should have scored, I'm sure we are agreeing aren't we? Or are we fighting i don't know 🤷‍♂️
  2. The average fat middle aged bloke on the Internet wouldn't have even got into that position, he would have been in no man's land out of breath. Saying that its Britts job to put them away so he deserves any criticism he gets.
  3. Duvel

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I'm just glad to get sport back, at the end of the day if a team has a slight advantage to another who cares. Its the same with covid, a team could lose a star player for a fortnight if they catch it just like teams can be unlucky with injuries. I saw Lampard moaning about it the other day and some times I think you've got to suck it up and get on with it. Life's not fair and sometimes football isn't either.
  4. I know what you mean but when people have him on par with Jesus you're going to have a pretty big reaction to his death.
  5. Don't know if you watched the Maradona film last night on c4? It was really good, we probably don't appreciate how revered he is in Argentina and Naples. He's virtually on par with Jesus in Naples!
  6. I thought Valdes was pretty good on the whole, yeah he made a few mistakes but he wasn't a bad keeper. I enjoyed watching him with the ball at his feet, his distribution was unbelievable! Obviously things turned sour in the end and that tarnished his reputation here. I think a lot of our fans never took to him because he pushed Dimi out of the team.
  7. Duvel

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Sorry to hear about your situation, it must be tough being isolated from people. You say you have broken the rules but I wouldnt beat yourself up over that, you need to get out and see people sometimes. I do believe that some elements of our population have made the situation worse by breaking the rules but I certainly wouldn't lump you in that category.
  8. Just saw Britts miss from a yard out, don't anyone talk to me about playing to his strengths again on here 😂
  9. On paper it looks very negative, let's see what happens.
  10. Yeah that is an incredible stat, I know clean sheets don't excite fans but that is a very solid base to build on. I suppose the most important stat is the league table but I think Warnock is doing a pretty good job especially when you consider where we were when he took over.
  11. Oh and what an absolute embarrassment Derby County are, they've bent every rule in thr book to get a financial advantage, getting a sponsor to pay Rooney 60k a week, no manager and they sit rock bottom of the league. A joke of a club and I hope they go down.
  12. Positive line up, decent performance and a good result. Hopefully everyone can enjoy it tonight.
  13. All that is true, my dad hated him for years after 86 but that doesn't take away his genius on the pitch. I've got no love for him as a person but I admire his ability with a football. Its like most geniuses they are completely flawed individuals but still geniuses non the less.
  14. Between him and Messi for the best ever in my opinion, Messi for longevity but he's never hit the heights that Diego did in 86'. I remember Bobby Robson describe him as the best he'd ever seen and he saw a lot of great players. He said that in his prime he literally made the right decision every time on the pitch, he never dribbled when the pass was on and vice versa. If I could have any player in my team in their prime for a one off game it would be him.
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