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  1. Honestly I might be totally naive but I've never heard of this until today, has it been reported in the press, or is it something you need to be ITK to be be aware of? We've all criticised the club for recruitment as it has looked poor from the outside looking in but I wasn't aware of an amateurish sports science department. I'm not trying to have an argument I've just never heard this before.
  2. I don't take much notice of what Warnock says to be honest, he'll say anything to crucify people if it makes himself look better. At our level I'd be absolutely amazed if we don't have top level sports scientists, nutritionists, psychologists etc. And as a club I think there's only so much you can do, once the players are at home you can't make them eat pasta and go to bed at 9pm. Obviously it should be managed but if its not then I'd be very surprised.
  3. Shame on Pulis then but it doesn't surprise me, he's the sort of bloke that would still have the players eating steak before a game. I just thought labelling the department as primary school level was a bit harsh unless someone knew something that I don't.
  4. I didn't know that, so its more an area that is understaffed then rather than incompetent?
  5. What makes you think the sports science dept are primary school level?
  6. Nah they'll spend about 150 million in January.
  7. I might be wrong but I'm sure Dean scored more penalties as well, although his goals came in the top flight and Camsell's record was set in the second division (I think).
  8. My wife's late grandad was a staunch Everton fan and he knew lots about Camsell. I think he was pretty well known outside the area at the time he played. Apparently it was a huge thing at the time where both Camsell and Dean were scoring ridiculous amounts of goals every week. I think its more a matter of time rather than recognition, if you lived through that era you knew who Camsell was there's no doubt about that. I suppose if you asked a load of 20 year olds in the South Stand who Dixie Dean was plenty of them wouldn't know. As a kid my wife's grandad used to hang around Goodison on
  9. My abiding memory from that era was having Hasselbaink and Viduka up front, Yakubu and Maccarone on the bench and hearing dickheads complaining all game about Danny Graham not getting a game. 🙈
  10. Our fans have always had that attitude, its not a Pulis/ Warnock thing they were chanting similar stuff when we had world class players.
  11. Not a bad first half, we look ok going forward in spells. I'm not feeling massively relaxed when we have to defend though.
  12. 6 then and 5 of them were on loan! Ayala was definitely signed by Mowbray. More than I thought actually, do you know how many players left the club during that spell?
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