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  1. I'd prefer your idea, I'm just thinking of how the club might see things from a financial perspective.
  2. Sell Ayala this month before his contract runs out?
  3. Fry is miles away from being ready for the Premier league. I think he's a decent defender with potential but a Premier league move would be a bad idea for him at the moment, he'd never play.
  4. That is Woodgate.... an arrogant bellend. He's even worse when he's full of alcohol. He might turn out to be a decent manager but I'll never warm to him as a person.
  5. Poor game and we were totally outclassed in the first half. I thought it was a tired looking performance as well. Starting Gestede was pointless he offers nothing in that system.
  6. True, I played in the late 80s, 90s and 00s at a decent level. I remember in around 2004 our team getting the new premier league balls which were really expensive and they were completely different because they moved so much quicker through the air. I usually took free kicks if the distance was somewhere around the edge of the box, anything further out than about 25 yards and I couldnt get enough power/ pace on the ball to trouble a keeper. However I remember testing these new balls out and I was hitting them like a rocket from 30 yards out, they weren't always accurate but the ability to make the ball fly quicker and having it dip mid flight changed completely. I watch the speed the ball moves at nowadays and I'm not surprised that keepers can't always hold the ball. It's a completely different ball to what Aynsley Pears' Dad faced.
  7. I literally couldn't think of a worse signing if I was a Stoke fan. I've loved George for us but his best days are well behind him and he's had a lot of injuries. The story doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  8. I heard a while ago that we'd tried to sell Britt back to Forest. We apparently owe them 6m for him which would finance the deal. I'm guessing they'd struggle with his wages though.
  9. Maybe we should give Spence a 4 year contract on 60k a week to get him tied down? 🤔
  10. Might be a bit of a problem unless he can learn to catch.
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