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  1. Thats probably the top and bottom of it
  2. Our points per game ratio under Warnock is pretty good. 1.5 points per game is top 10 form over a season.
  3. Charlton beat Birmingham and draw with Wigan... Luton beat QPR, Hull and draw with Blackburn. Birmingham win one of their last two. Stoke get one more point. Huddersfield win one more game. We lose our last two.
  4. I think Barnsley are down looking at those fixtures, after tonight I think Hull are down as well. I think we need to keep our fingers crossed for a few results to go for us still otherwise we are going into the final game which could be a lottery. Anyway... tonight was a massive result and much needed.
  5. Eh? I don't remember that at all. We weren't Brazil of 1970 but we weren't a long ball team either.
  6. Duvel

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I'm no Ireland fan but I thought you were better in 1990 than 94 and I remember you putting one over on England in 88 as well. Its a long time ago now though!
  7. Duvel

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Wow sad news. RIP big Jack 😔
  8. Great win and a massive relief. I thought we were doomed if we lost again, for all of Warnock's motivational skills I'm not sure whether we would have come back from another defeat. It sounds like we found the system which best suits the players we've got. It would be nice to follow it up with another win on Saturday now.
  9. It looks like the formation to get the best out of Spence and Coulson (if they were playing as wing backs)! I suppose we've got more goal threat on the pitch with Fletcher and Britt in the team. The problem for me is that we need the midfield 3 to get a grip of the game and none of Howson, Saville and McNair tend to do that.
  10. Duvel

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Shows how much effort actually goes into communicating with the fans.
  11. Shows how far we've fallen when we've got Millwall fans feeling sorry for us.
  12. Duvel

    'Other Boro stuff'

    https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-middlesbroughs-lop-sided-18557976.amp?__twitter_impression=true So, our squad needs a major overhaul and its lopsided with too many midfielders. No way! And it was hammered into us from the club via the gazette that Tony Pulis was doing a great job behind the scenes and left us in a healthy position. 😂😂😂😂
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