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  1. Stick Howson at right back then, he's done alright there and it's even more experience. That team isn't gonna win the league but it shouldn't be fighting relegation either.
  2. Or we could do what Jamie suggests and bring in a couple of young attacking players on loan from the Premier league to supplement a first team that isn't lacking experience but is lacking creativity. I don't think we've lacked experience this season. We've lacked organisation defensively, we've lacked creativity going forward and I think we've lacked an identity as a team. None of that is related to experience. It feels like the latest excuse for poor results is our lack of squad depth. This situation with having loads of kids on the bench has only come about in the last couple of weeks. Before then we had a few more experienced heads on the bench and we were still failing to get results.
  3. If we bring a good experienced player in then I don't think any of us will complain. I just think Woodgate and the club are a walking contradiction.
  4. Just off the top of my head, you could pretty much put this team on the pitch at the moment. Randolph Djiksteel Ayala Fry Coulson Clayton McNair Saville Wing Britt Fletcher. That's with Friend, Shotton and Gestede to come back from injury. That to me is a nice blend of youth and experience which is what Woodgate supposedly wanted. I knew all those players aren't firing on all cylinders at the moment and that team also lacks flair, but that isn't a team that should be fighting relegation either.
  5. Do you need experience in every area though? I'd say we can put out a team where the spine is fairly experienced. I think the priority is to sign better players, I'm not particularly bothered how old they are. The argument that we need experience is the total opposite to what people were asking for on here in the summer.
  6. Just goes to show the preseason talk about a new philosophy was pure horse ***. Do we really lack experience at this level? Randolph, Shotton, Ayala, Friend, Howson, Saville, McNair, Clayton, Britt, Gestede There's a lot of championship experience there. I know they're not all fit at the moment but I don't think we've got a team full of kids either.
  7. Why does it have to be the same names over and over that we get linked with? Nigel Pearson is a head case, Warnock is in his 70s and he's from the same mould as Pulis. Why can't we look for another Karanka type appointment, it's the only one we've got right since McClaren but there seems to be a resistance to anything foreign. With limited resources we should be trying to open doors overseas not close them.
  8. I said in my first post his political stance doesn't determine his ability as a manager. I can't have been much clearer than that.
  9. You can be an expert in your field but still come across as pig ignorant trying to talk about something in which you are clearly not well versed in. That's what we have here it's nothing to do with whether he's a remainer or leaver.
  10. Do you think Spurs will play a full strength side? Might be worth having a good think before committing to spending lots of money!
  11. Warnock's political leanings don't determine whether he'd be a good manager or not but his comments on Brexit made him sound thick as pig ***. There's no getting away from that.
  12. Duvel

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Woodgate has to win games otherwise he's going to get criticised, that's the bottom line. I don't mind him being more pragmatic and trying to win a bit more ugly. However if you are sacrificing style you need to replace that with points. You're right, he literally can't win which is the problem and he was struggling to win even before the injury crisis. I know injuries haven't helped recently but they've become a convenient excuse for someone that couldn't win with a virtually full strength squad.
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