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  1. Wide open game according to skysports?
  2. Yeah it certainly puts the hysteria of transfers and deadline day drama into perspective. Some clubs are talking about going bust in the near future so I find it hard to get angry that we haven't signed anyone in the last week.
  3. I'd take a 2-0 defeat now if you offered me it.
  4. I feel like I post this same post every few weeks. Far too much gets made of formations from fans, 5 at the back doesn't have to be negative and neither does 1 up front. You can play 3 up front and still be defensively sound. Its all about having the right balance of players and the right attitude. Good teams don't have players stuck in rigid positions they are fluid and blend between formations throughout a game. We could play 343 and still be solid at the back.
  5. Isn't the forum just repeated conversations over and over again? We're hardly changing the world with our discussions on here 😂
  6. If we were confident that Maddison could slot into the dressing room without being disruptful and his wages were sensible I don't see a problem in signing him. He might not be good enough for this level but who knows he might flourish at a bigger club with better players around him. The other side of that is many clubs must have done their homework and the fact that no one is signing him is a worry. Maybe he's just asking for stupid money and there's nothing more to it than that 🤷‍♂️
  7. Hard to see us keeping a clean sheet against that team and we create very little ourselves. Hard to see anything other than a defeat.
  8. Duvel


    Yes, absolutely horrendous on my mobile. Its redirecting me to sites that look like they would cause a virus if I opened them. The site is becoming almost unusable for me.
  9. I dont know how good Orta is but I'd imagine he's streets ahead of our people who identify our players. I think the reputation of Orta was soured for a lot of our fans by the Gazette's assanation of him.
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