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  1. They look like Sunday league kits.
  2. For me a rebuild means that a promotion challenge might be a two year project. If we're changing the majority of the team then its probably going to take half of next season to get the team gelled. Is everyone happy with that and will Wilder get time and patience if we start next season slowly? Also, do you think Gibson and Scott will have a long term plan for when Wilder does eventually move on? If we are letting Wilder change most of the first team, will the long term plan keep with the Wilder philosophy so we don't need another rebuild in a couple of years time? Or is Gibson not looki
  3. Of course they're not and that's probably the case for 99% of the players in the world. Taking good bids for a couple of players is one thing, selling most of your team is another.
  4. I know what you're trying to say but it really isn't. Finish 20th and you probably need more of a rebuild than if you finish 7th. I still can't get my head around the theory that the majority of our players aren't good enough, I'd like to see Wilder spend time developing the likes of Jones and see how he performs with a second season under his belt. I think people are writing these players off far too quickly, we obviously need additions but I wouldn't do anything drastic yet.
  5. Good point, I don't think there's been an attitude problem at all. Warnock described them as a good set of lads when he normally would be more likely to throw them under the bus after his sacking. I don't think there's been an attitude problem at all, the poor run of form has been the result of us lacking quality and a bit of tactical nous to break teams down. Talking about attitude now feels like a deflection exercise.
  6. The goal keeper thing should have been addressed in January and that's on Wilder, we hoped that the current crop would be good enough and they clearly weren't. Even a Premier league backup or young keeper would have been an upgrade. The striker situation has also been a collective failure between Scott, Warnock and Wilder. We need to do a lot better in the summer.
  7. Not sure what to make of Wilders comments, I'd agree we need changes but we've also heard this before from managers about needing a total rebuild. A rebuild is something that takes time and money and we need to make sure we get it right otherwise we're back at square one. I'd love a manager to come out and say he thinks he can get more out of the players, rather than say we need to throw more money at things but I guess that's the modern way of deflecting blame from themselves to the players.
  8. It would be interesting to get a Sheff United perspective of what happened in Wilder's 2 Premier league seasons. I'm not going to pretend to know the definite answer but from the outside you do wonder if they took teams by surprise in their first season. As great as his first Premier league season was the second was equally poor.
  9. I don't think its as simple as you are making out. You obviously get a tiny minority who want the manager out after one result but I think the end of the season form poses as many questions about Wilder than it provides answers. I think the question marks are valid and I don't want to get rid of the manager.
  10. In our last 10 league games we've averaged 1.5 points per game which would be good enough for 69 points and level with Blackburn/Millwall over a season in 8th/9th. As I said I think Wilder definitely deserves more time but I can see the argument from those who are concerned about the way the season has ended. About 6 weeks ago I thought we'd either get promoted this season or be one of the favourites in next seasons Championship. Now when you look at next season I honestly wouldn't be surprised with a promotion challenge or a season where we finish about 10th. Something has c
  11. Wilder has shown enough to get next season i don't think there's any doubt about that. It was more than a 6 month job to turn the club around. I'm sure he'll bring players in during the summer who'll better fit the system and I trust his judgement in finding a keeper. The difficult part is finding the striker we need. The concern is that his system seems to extremely effective up until teams find a way to stop it. We looked almost unstoppable in his first few months here now we seem very easy to stop. We need to be better next season and he is part of that.
  12. Ultimately we lacked a decent keeper this season which has probably cost us a playoff spot. Not only that we've lacked a genuinely top class striker as well, sort both of those things out and we're likely a playoff spot.
  13. I'm not sure that rumour is going to go away when we've ended the season like this.
  14. I've got a feeling we might not make the playoffs here
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