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  1. Isn't the forum just repeated conversations over and over again? We're hardly changing the world with our discussions on here 😂
  2. If we were confident that Maddison could slot into the dressing room without being disruptful and his wages were sensible I don't see a problem in signing him. He might not be good enough for this level but who knows he might flourish at a bigger club with better players around him. The other side of that is many clubs must have done their homework and the fact that no one is signing him is a worry. Maybe he's just asking for stupid money and there's nothing more to it than that 🤷‍♂️
  3. Hard to see us keeping a clean sheet against that team and we create very little ourselves. Hard to see anything other than a defeat.
  4. Duvel


    Yes, absolutely horrendous on my mobile. Its redirecting me to sites that look like they would cause a virus if I opened them. The site is becoming almost unusable for me.
  5. I dont know how good Orta is but I'd imagine he's streets ahead of our people who identify our players. I think the reputation of Orta was soured for a lot of our fans by the Gazette's assanation of him.
  6. Fair enough but he was still a great appointment regardless of our fans laughing at it.
  7. Watch Leeds pressing where they virtually go man for man with every player on the pitch. I was jealous watching them play on Saturday and to think some of our fans were laughing when we got Monk and they replaced him with Bielsa.
  8. I think one area where 'maybe' Johnson excels over Coulson is his positioning defensively. It was noted by a few people early on last season that teams were exploiting in the spaces behind Coulson. Saying that we don't exactly look watertight with Johnson in the team. I think with Coulson in the team we look a lot more threatening going forward, he's got a lot of energy, he creates things and gets into good positions. I'd play Coulson over Johnson all day long if we are playing wing backs, I just wonder whether Warnock doesn't trust him defensively.
  9. I'm certainly not writing him off, I'll wait until 20 minutes into his debut before doing that!
  10. I talk to so many fans at the moment who are just past caring, there's no hope of promotion and hardly any expectation that the club will get things right off the pitch, you just think whats the point? Maybe it's just a sign that I'm getting old and miserable, I don't know.
  11. He was the second coming of Dunga a couple of days ago!
  12. Still... sounds like progress from last season 🤭
  13. I haven't watched or listened tonight, were there any positives? Did we have any shots?
  14. Never mind this team, who from our squad would you be gutted to lose? Virtually no one for me.
  15. I used to love watching his movement off the ball for us, he's a clever player but like you say he needs to be clinical at this level. I hope it works out for him.
  16. Not sure whether Bamford will make it at this level but he's doing well today and his movement is superb.
  17. I don't think anyone is saying they'd rather have Clayton over Morsey, its just a discussion about past players. Of course it was the right time to move certain players on, but I think we can still respect what ex players like Clayton and Friend did for us without pining for their return. From what ive read about Morsey he sounds like a good signing, hopefully we'll be looking for one or two creative players as well but honestly I'm not sure how high on our priority list creative players are.
  18. Thats the same for a lot of teams though not just us.
  19. Watford we were awful, Karanka got his team totally wrong. The Bournemouth game was after a great midweek away win at Derby and the team were just knackered. Id say that season our record against the top 6 was pretty good on the whole. The playoff final was lost on the bus before we even kicked off, thats probably worthy of a thread of its own.
  20. I'm not talking about shooting ability, I agree with you that Clayton can't shoot. You said the Clayton of 5 years couldn't shoot or pass, that video proves that he can pass the ball. I watched pretty much every game he played under Karanka and in 2014/15 and 2015/16 he was a very important part of the team. That video is a tiny snapshot but he showed in that video he could cross the ball, pass short/long and receive the ball under pressure. You obviously don't rate him very highly but to say the 2015 version of Clayton couldn't pass the ball is complete nonsense. Clayton actually did OK in the Premier league and was one of the few players who came out of it with any credit. Don't get me wrong he isn't a Premier league player but I think that's because of his lack of pace rather than ability. Let's hope Morsey is as good as everyone is saying on here. I'm surprised Wigan didn't win the league last season because their players are so highly rated.
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