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  1. Just looking at the next 3 fixtures, we've got Reading away which will be tough, Sheffield United at home and then Hull away. I think Warnock needs not only points but also a pretty big improvement in performances in those 3 games. Another poor performance in the next home game and God forbid a defeat at Hull then I think the writing is on the wall for him. We've got the international break after that and it feels like a time where we might have to make some decisions as a club. I never expected us to sack Warnock this season but I think he's going to be under serious p
  2. Duvel

    NFL talk 21

    Happy with the start as a Dolphins fan, the Bills losing was an added bonus!
  3. Some fans hate criticism of the club they take it really personally. The forum would be pretty boring if we were all just cheerleading though wouldn't it. You're right we've been poor this season and Warnock's record this YEAR has been way under par despite having some decent players at his disposal. It isn't a snap judgement based on one defeat, he needs to start winning games.
  4. Depressing. I've heard ex players talk about how awful training was in a Tony Pulis team where the players would be practicing set pieces for hours on end. I'd imagine its not much different under Warnock. When we've got players like Jones, Hernandez and Sporar I'd hope that the training would be focused on getting them on the ball in attacking positions but id imagine far more time will be spent getting corners on Grant Hall's head.
  5. Without getting into tactics and todays game, Warnock just needs to start winning games. Thats the top and bottom of it, at the moment he's performing on par with Wayne Rooney at Derby and it isn't good enough. I'd give him half a dozen games with the new players to start turning things around then I'd be looking to make a change. He doesn't provide entertaining football so he at least needs to deliver points and we're barely doing that at the moment. There's no excuses now, he's got the players to be doing better than this.
  6. Yeah I agree with all that and I expect to see a new manager in the summer, I just think its talked about on here like its been decided already within the club and I don't think that's the case. I'm still not convinced that Scott will have full control of every decision at the club.. and I wouldn't be massively shocked if Gibson overruled him on certain decisions either.
  7. Do we? I think its a fair assumption but its not nailed on yet.
  8. He reminded me of Naby Keita from the clip I watched.
  9. So 12 incomings I think? Most of them were needed and I'm always excited about seeing the new players but I hope it doesn't take too long to settle them all in. Warnock has got a challenge on his hands.
  10. How do you know what goes on behind closed doors? Do you have a source for these claims? Ban him!
  11. The funniest thing about all this ITK stuff is that no one mentioned the Hernandez deal, no one mentioned the lad from Cameroon and half the signings we make are never mentioned on here until they been mentioned in the press 😂 People on this forum take the whole rumours business far too seriously.
  12. I've literally quoted him insulting someone on this page, it happens all the time and people on here complain about new members.
  13. Definitely double standards on this board with what is and isn't tolerated.
  14. We'll definitely smash the top 10, I'm confident of that.
  15. Hernandez will be a very good signing if we can keep him fit. Seems like another signing that went under the ITK radar.
  16. He banned a couple of gazette reporters a few years ago.
  17. I can actually imagine a situation where we appoint a new scout who can identify lots of great players and then Gibson picks the manager himself and gives the job to Johnny Howson. 🙈
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