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  1. 6 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

    Two halves is a pretty good way of looking at it I’d say.  It’s also worth trying to differentiate between when he had the financial muscle to make us competitive in terms of that side of things and when he and we were overtaken in that regard.  We bought Rav as a champions league final scorer, we bought Juninho has a Brazilian international and footballer of the year over there. Barmby was one of the top young English talents.  Gibson was able to do those deals but there’s absolutely no way we could get them done now.  That actually doesn’t bother me one way or another, I’m more interested in decision making than that side of things.  I’d say that would be more than just two different eras though probably. 

    And when you can't throw money at a situation then decision making and strategy is more important. 

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  2. Hard to say where we'd be, best case scenario would be where Leicester are if we'd gotten a really rich owner. Worst case scenario would probably be something like Sunderland are now if we'd had bad owners. 

    My gut feeling is probably somewhere in between, maybe something like an Ipswich were we might have had a few Premier league seasons, and the majority of the time in the second tier but without the great period from 95-06. 

    So in summary I think we wouldn't have had the highs but I don't think we'd be much worse off than where we are now. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, diggerlad07 said:

    Let's just say from reading game, it's exploded behind the scenes and like I've said to a few posters on here, I'm bewildered how we managed to get a result against Sheff utd with all this crap going on.

    Sounds like an episode of Eastenders 

  4. Just now, Skinemrippers said:

    If Gibson/Scott are asking him to compromise on team selection or style of play I can’t see why he would stay. He has a very high opinion of himself and his record (fair enough) so I doubt in his final season he will let a club he doesn’t really have that much affinity with to demand changes to the “Warnock way”. 

    If meetings have been had, I’d like to think it’s now just a matter of severance pay and leaving quietly without much fuss. 

    Spot on, Warnock isn't going to be told which players to pick. 

    Just change the manager if you don't like the way he manages. 

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  5. 15 minutes ago, TheHolgate said:

    We probably were already planning for Warnock leaving this summer anyway. So managers will have been spoken to.

    Does the guy we wanted in summer fancy coming now? 

    I'm sure we started the search as soon as Scott was appointed, thats got to be one of the main parts of his job to find Warnocks replacement. 

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  6. 36 minutes ago, macapes said:

    That would suggest that Warnock is overachieving with our squad currently, which is clearly nonsense. 

    No I'm not sure it does suggest that, I think it probably suggests that people don't have a lot of faith in the club getting the right man and/or have a concern that we might not be able to find the longterm answer mid season. 

    Despite the mess we are currently in maybe people are concerned about another Agnew situation. 


  7. I don't think Scott has been brought here to appoint a manager like Chris Wilder, maybe I'm just putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 but I expect us to be looking overseas for our next manager and Scott will be tasked with identifying the next Karanka/Farke. 

    Karanka is the only manager that you can really call successful since probably McClaren so it would make sense to look abroad. The experienced British appointments haven't exactly set the world alight for us under Gibson either.  

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  8. 2 hours ago, Rioch's Braves said:

    When you start talking like that you might as well wave the white flag, so just do the right thing and go. 

    He's obviously very disappointed and we don't know whether he's just not choosing his words very well, but if he genuinely doesn't think he can do anymore then its probably just a matter of time. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Jamie-H said:

    I detest this notion that because he's friends with Gibson he's untouchable even though it's probably true.

    Whatever we think of Gibson and he has made lots of bad decisions, he won't put a friendship with Warnock over the clubs future. 

    He's sacked lots of managers and I expect him to do the same with Warnock if things carry on like this. 

    I'm clinging to the hope that Scott is looking for the next manager who will come in and play the kind of football we all want to see. I've always thought Warnock was here as a temporary manager rather as someone who'll be here long term and when we can find the right man to replace him then he'll be gone. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, ManBearPig said:

    At this point, (and it would never happen anyway) would an interim manager do much worse? 

    As bad as this is I think I'd rather keep Warnock if the right replacement isn't available yet/ we haven't identified him yet. 

    The idea of Craig Liddle or Leo in charge doesn't fill me with much hope.  

  11. For those that want him out, if there's no obvious candidate available to replace him at the moment would you hold onto him until the right man is available? 

    Or would you still want rid of him even if it means being stuck with a temporary manager for the time being? 

    I know its a hypothetical question but I'd rather the club take their time finding his replacement than rush into it. 

  12. 3 hours ago, boksicdink said:

    I was one of those people who criticised fans for getting onto Warnock about a month ago, I just want to apologise to those fans and say that they were right and I was wrong. 

    the tide must be turning now when the players and the non-coaching staff are pointing a different way from Warnock 

    Apology accepted 

  13. 4 minutes ago, Riverside94 said:

    Doesn’t matter where you’ve come from you should be able to make a simple pass. Was a time yesterday he had an easy ball to Bola (I think it was) when he just came on and completely misplaced it. I’ve seen my 5 year old make a pass like that

    I'm sure he can make simple passes otherwise he wouldn't have played international football or in the Champions league. Sometimes players just play really badly, none of us know whats going on behind the scenes at the moment either. 

    Maybe Siliki will turn out to be a total flop I'm just saying that its a bit early to start panicking about the new head of recruitment when he hasn't even been in the job for a month yet.  

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  14. 1 minute ago, Downsouth said:

    Can I be brutelly honest here I am far from sure about this, lot's of folks are raving about him but for all it is worth Norwich are not all that nor have they found a way to step up.

    Sure they do well in the Championship but let's face it they will be relegated again this season, another yo-yo club.

    Just my two pence worth

    I think doing a Norwich would be a step up from our current predicament even if losing every week in the top flight is not very appealing. 

    You'd just have to hope we would be a bit better resourced in the top flight than Norwich are. 

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