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  1. I can actually imagine a situation where we appoint a new scout who can identify lots of great players and then Gibson picks the manager himself and gives the job to Johnny Howson. 🙈
  2. No one is hounding Warnock out either, you've got about half a dozen posters on here who would get rid of him now. I think the majority expect him to be here until the end of the season where we're likely to go in a different direction. There's certainly no one hounding him out in the ground which is where it would matter most.
  3. Whoever is identifying these players im just glad we're looking for a bit of flair and we're being creative with where we are shopping. Thats what I've been missing since Karanka left.
  4. Banned because he upset the regime. They say the great die young
  5. I used to watch a bit of French football and Nice v Marseille was definitely seen as a derby, maybe their definition is different from ours. I'm pretty sure Montpellier have a bit of extra hatred for Marseille as well.
  6. True, the old Bernard Tapy affair i can remember it. They got a league title stripped from them and relegated I think for bribing their opponents to lose. I think Nice and Montpellier are local rivals as well which is partly the reason for the hatred as well.
  7. Yeah and they are competing in a more condensed area than us, probably a bigger talent pool though.
  8. I think Rooney had the potential to be one of the best in the world, I watched him play for England at the stadium of light against Turkey. I think he was 17 and it was his first start for England, he was the best player on the pitch by an absolute mile. Then at Euro 2004 he was on the same pitch as Zidane in the opening game and looked unbelievable. He had a brilliant career (better than Gazza) but I think he could he had the potential to be up there with Ronaldo and Messi.
  9. Yeah that was my point really, we've produced great players like those from Beckhams era but the true geniuses only come round once in a blue moon. I don't even know how you would try to create an environment to produce football geniuses, I think it just happens by chance. If we are producing players like Kane and Foden in volume though then we must be getting something right. Look at the young players coming through in this country, I watched Elliot from Liverpool at the weekend and he looks absolutely class. Imagine a midfield with him Grealish and Foden in a few years if they ful
  10. Phil Jones? To be honest I don't know much about Blackburn's academy, I'm just using them as an example to show how competitive it is to find good young players in the NW.
  11. Its hard to compare past and current eras to say whether we are producing more and better young players as a country. As a club I still think we do pretty well, you're always going to have golden periods like 86 and 2004 and barren spells but I think this area produces a fair amount of pro footballers. My question was about the top end of the game, I think we are producing some really good players as a country and our young players now seem to be technically better than they were in previous generations. The other side of that is how many players get discarded along the way.
  12. True, but I was making that argument that Blackburn will find it harder to produce players through their academy than us though. But their first team might benefit from getting good youngster on loan, yeah I agree with that.
  13. Since Gazza came through how many players of his natural ability have we produced as a country? There's probably only Rooney with a similar ability at 17/18 years old. I just don't think any area or country churns out players with Gazza's ability on a regular basis.
  14. There's something doesn't sit right when the likes of Man City and Chelsea can hoover up all the best young players. The other side of that is that as a country we seem to be producing some very good young players at the moment, I guess that could be an argument that the academies are working?
  15. I'm not sure whether our location is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Look at someone like Blackburn in the North West who are a similar sized club to us, they are competing with some massive clubs within an hour of them for players and that area is so condensed with football league clubs. We are competing with Sunderland and Newcastle locally and our scouting set up has been better than both of theirs in recent years.
  16. From what I heard about Harry Chapman his family was the problem.
  17. We're gonna finish somewhere around 10th, I've thought this all summer and when your expectations are low then being a Boro fan is easier. Its also an important life lesson, aim low and then you'll never be disappointed.
  18. Anyone thinking that Warnock is being written off after 4 games is either not reading or just completely missing the point.
  19. What the hell is a sock monkey by the way? 😂
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