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  1. We also brought in Kebano, Bolasie and Mendez Laing in the January window, not many managers had that level of support in that window. I actually think Warnock did really well up until Xmas last year, I think he overachieved with the players that he had. After Xmas I felt like he underachieved with the squad we had and by April it seemed like he and the club had virtually given up.
  2. The majority of the anti Warnock posters on here were that way before this season started. I think the judgement is based on over a year of watching his team not just 4 games. Obviously there's a minority who didn't want him from the start and will never take to him, then there's another minority who will never say anything bad about the club. I think we've seen enough in the last 16 months to know the style of football that Warnock will play. Thats not really a snap judgement.
  3. The other thing with the Norwich model is would people be happy with promotion one year then getting pummelled every week in the Premier league? I know the aim is to stay up but if things weren't going well halfway through a struggling Premier league season would we hold our nerve as fans and see the big picture, or would we be calling for Allardyce to save use? More importantly will Steve Gibson be able to stick to a longterm project?
  4. Yeah the strategy should be long-term so each manager comes in and fits into the clubs style of playing rather than vice versa. The way we jumped from one style to another from McClaren to Southgate to Strachan to Mowbray to Karanka to Monk to Pulis to Woodgate to Warnock doesn't indicate any level of long-term planning. I agree with the point that we need to have a manager on board with the signings though, if he isn't then either you don't sign the players, you change the manager or you maybe have an unhappy club while the club is transitioning.
  5. People should remember things like this when they slate players for being greedy, football is an absolutely ruthless business and players are quickly discarded if they are seen as not good enough. Our club is no different to any other club and we are as ruthless as anyone when it comes to business. Akpom will have probably earned a decent living as well, lots of players further down the ladder are not as lucky as him.
  6. Yeah you're right, I've just said on another thread that everyone needs to be buying into the recruitment process otherwise it'll be a mess. I listened to an interview with Scott and he talked about the way they went about bringing players into Norwich. He said the owners, scouts and the manager all had the same philosophy about how they want the team to play. The scouts identify the players that they think Farke needs and will like, he has to give it the thumbs up from a football perspective then the owners have to decide if its a deal they can afford. All this fits into a long term pla
  7. When I heard we were bringing in a DOF I was pleased, especially after we've struggled in the transfer market for the last few years. However my first thought was that its the type of setup that Warnock won't like as he's old school. I hope this transition process of Scott taking over his role has Warnock and everyone else bought into it otherwise things could get messy. The comments in the gazette article makes me wonder how happy Warnock is with the way our recruitment model is working and I think we will be eventually moving in a seperate directions.
  8. Steve Bruce 4 promotions in 23 years and more seasons managed in the top flight. Warnock is old school, he knows how to make a team solid, he's good at buying solid British players and moulding a team. His football isn't always going to be pleasing on the eye but if we give him enough seasons he's probably going to have us up there competing eventually. The problem with the current situation is how many more seasons does he have left in him and do we want to watch his brand of football for a long period of time. Warnock was the perfect appointment after Woodgate because we were a m
  9. The types of signings we are making from abroad are positive and there's better value doing that than buying domestically. I'd say the odds of hitting on a foreign player are lower though with all the difficulties that come with adjusting to a new country amongst other things. With the likes of Payero, Sporar and Van Bergen the likelihood is that maybe one of them will become a success and the others will end up like Akpom as squad players who eventually get moved on. The odds of hitting on all your signings is pretty low.
  10. I love this place when people start getting mad, especially when people are getting mad about people getting mad.
  11. We look like a very average mid table team.
  12. He is an embarrassment the way he behaves around referees, I thought that before he came here so I'm not going to change my opinion just because he's our manager. The spokesman for the refs association on talksport said that the way managers treat referees filters down to the grass routes level and he's absolutely right. I saw a teenage referee get chased off the pitch by a group of men in a game I played in because they didn't like the decisions he'd made. Its not just Warnock, most of them do it and the TV companies don't help either, analysing every decision from 10 different an
  13. I bet the refs make less mistakes than the average player does during a match, they're human beings and expecting flawless performances is just unrealistic.
  14. Looking at Van Bergen's highlights I worry that he might be a bit lightweight for the Championship.
  15. I wouldn't expect much, he's a very cheap, low risk signing. For every Jamie Vardy out of non-league there's hundreds who can't make the step up.
  16. Exactly right, far better value abroad. And while some people on here think Middlesbrough is a hell hole we would have always been a bigger pull to foreign players than a club like Brentford until recently. Rather than the money we wasted under Monk and Pulis a good scouting system might have picked up on players like Maupay and Watkins. Hopefully we'll have a vision of the club we want to be and buy players to fit that model rather than change our style every 2 years with the manager.
  17. The thing I love about his tweets is that that he infers he knew about the deal days ago even though he didn't mention it at the time. Classic ITK stuff.
  18. Just read that article and his goalscoring record last season was pretty poor wasn't it? I'm not writing him off but I know a lot of people on here love their stats
  19. Yeah thats a fair point, I still think he needs to improve a bit to be talked about as the best in the division though, or in the same breath as Friend.
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