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  1. He's local though so his goals count double. He used to work in the Dickens you know
  2. Good luck Wilson, you seem like an intelligent lad and a passionate Boro fan. I'm sure you'll represent the forum well.
  3. I said yesterday that I'm sure everyone passes the rumours on in good faith and its fun to read even if I don't believe half of it. The thing I find strange is that some people seem to hang on every word of the likes of lurker and digger, they seem to be asked every couple of hours what's going on and getting their knickers in a twist over every rumour. Just accept that the itk people on here get fed a bit of information some of it right and some of it wrong. Just accept that its a rumours thread and we're an average club in the second tier. If we sign someone from the Turkish
  4. Does the member of the coaching staff know that your brother is revealing the information on an Internet forum?
  5. Yeah and he did the same to Mowbray when he was told there was no money for the targets he'd drawn up then Gibson brought in Woodgate. I'm just thinking that with the lessons we've learnt from Monk and Pulis things are going to be different which is one of the reasons for bringing in a DOF.
  6. I don't believe a lot of these rumours, thats my point. I'm sure we've looked at Muniz but I don't think we're realistically going to be paying 8m for anyone at the moment, let alone someone rated closer to 20m. I don't know maybe I'm wrong. After Monk and Pulis I've got the feeling that the club are trying to run themselves a bit more sensibly which is why we are bringing in Scott. Buying 20m rated players doesn't really fit into that.
  7. Alario has played 9 games for Argentina, he's played 99 games in the Bundasliga, Leverkusen paid 21m for him and he's currently rated at 18m on transfermarkt. I can't believe we're buying players like Uche and Crooks one minute then shopping for players like Alario the next. It doesn't make sense, if fans are expecting to buy players like that at our level I think they're going to end up disappointed.
  8. I'm sure all the people on here with contacts post in good faith but I think we need to take the rumours with a pinch of salt. Most of signings we make are never mentioned by the ITKers until the story has been broken in the press and the majority of the names they give us never happen. I'm sure people are being fed names to throw everyone off the scent and probably for a laugh as well. Let's just wait and see what happens, its fun to talk about rumours but I wouldn't get yourselves wound up by some random rumours on a message board.
  9. On Scott, there's no way on earth that he won't have started looking at targets for us.
  10. One thing you notice after years of watching football is that most managers are experts at deflecting the blame onto anyone but themselves. The older managers are the most accomplished at it as well.
  11. I'd take 20m for Fry, for 30m id snap someone's hand off.
  12. On De Pena, when you sign a player who plays in his position the first things you look at are: Is he quick? Is he really skillful? Is he physically strong? I think in his position if you are not the biggest and strongest, you need pace or a really high level of technical ability. As soon as I watched him he looked a bit undersized to play in the English game and he lacked a yard of pace. Straightaway I thought he'd find it hard in this country. His technical ability was OK but he just didn't look good enough for the level we were at during that period.
  13. What do teams do when they are preparing a bid? Do we have some inspiring music on Bausors ghetto blaster and Gibson stood massaging his shoulders while he's typing the email?
  14. Spot on, I feel like Warnock was brought in to keep us afloat in this league and just keep things ticking along during a really difficult period. I'm just hoping that further along the line things will become a bit more ambitious and entertaining. I guess its like letting someone look after your house while you spend a few years in prison.
  15. I'd hope his recommendations are a bit more inventive than Daniel Sturridge as well
  16. He's neither of them though that's the problem
  17. Hugill was an awful player to watch, a big strong lad that spent most of the game throwing himself to the floor.
  18. Probably means there's not much else happening.
  19. Not massively concerned about Coulson going out on loan, he looked like a player with a lot of potential under Woodgate but also very raw. I agree with the sentiment that he hasn't had a good chance under Warnock but this loan move gives him that opportunity over a full season where he can learn and make a few mistakes on someone else's watch. If he absolutely lights up league 1 then we are going to look like we've made a big mistake by loaning him out, I dont see that happening though really. I think he'll make steady progress there and come back here next summer a better player.
  20. Everyone is talking about traditional wingers, does that position even exist anymore?
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