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    Block 43 enquiry

    yeah i know that! im woundering if they sing in block 43 cos next block along will be the leeds fans
  2. Just wondering do fans in block 43 sing in the concourse? Cos the next block over will be leeds wont it????
  3. I have my ticket just wondering if anybody knew that's all.
  4. Anyone know how many tickets have been sold so far ?
  5. Reckon they will be trouble like back in 2010 ?
  6. How many tickets have Leeds been given anyone know? and how many they sold so far ?
  7. That will be the biggest crowd this Season so far won't it?
  8. so how many you reckon we will sell then? and reckon they will be a lot of RedFaction lads there?
  9. Reckon we will sell around 15k tickets anyone?
  10. Does anyone know how many tickets we have sold so far? And how many Leeds fans they going to be ???
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