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  1. While I agree with what you've said, it's going to very nerve inducing to still be after 5 players within three days of the window shutting. We've got 5 League games between now and then and I think we need four straight into the starting eleven personally. In fairness it's seemed like every one is having a hard window, but it feels worse for us because of not just the volume of outgoing players from last season, but also one of our most influential in Tav.
  2. Who's this Chris Smith who's tweeting anyway? I feel like he's come out of no where?
  3. I'd really like to think that from the outside, young talents are looking at Spence and Tav and thinking they can come here and really make a name for themselves, especially players like Larsen coming in from Holland etc. But if I'm being honest I'm slightly overwhelmed with how much business we need to do. LCB, 2 striker and you could easily make a case for 2-3 midfielders. It's still early but irrespective of the time, that feels like a lot of bodies for any single transfer window
  4. I didn't get a second look, was it Steffen? At first glance I thought it was the defender who passed back to him (Possibly Lenihan?)
  5. Where the hell is our midfield???? We are playing with one aren't we?!
  6. I couldn't see the contact myself on my replays. If he's got a touch it's very very minimal from the replays I saw
  7. I got to see about half a dozen replays on mine and honestly the wind would have pushed him harder. It wasn't a foul.
  8. Neeskens Kebano starting for Fulham against Liverpool today. I liked him when he was here but I can't say I could have foreseen that
  9. What happened with their manager anyway? I was surprised to see he'd gone
  10. Fair enough. There's a very very fine line, you don't want to get identity wrong with an accusation of something so serious, but if it's seeming to be irrefutable that it's him he shouldn't be playing surely. Yeah I agree
  11. Was his identity confirmed? I haven't really had my finger on the pulse lately so last I knew it was just rumoured to be him
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