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  1. Bit worried about Gibson not making they England squad. I hope he doesn't panic into looking more seriously at a transfer, but it is an indicator that he will be overlooked next summer if those given a squad place this time continue to do well. You're always to pick players doing well in the Premiership over doing it in the championship.
  2. Baker was my MoM tonight. Proper player that lad Had to settle for the radio tonight but it sounds like everything came through Baker, you'd think he'll replace Forshaw in the side this weekend
  3. Very surprised but sounds like downing is about to come on Edit: on for Tavernier
  4. Essentially, believe he started as a full back and can play anywhere down that side. From what I've seen he's been used left mid/wing mostly over the past year
  5. I know they're a division below us but I really do hope we put 4-5 past them just for confidence sake. Yeah deffo, Baker and Adama will have a big boost already, be great for Fletch to get one. A few players have given themselves the right to be knocking on the gaffa's door for Saturday
  6. Bouhafsi reporting we've turned down a bid from Lille of €10m but that they will be returning with an improved offer, were asking for €15m https://twitter.com/SFR_Sport/status/900061259793608704
  7. It is. So was that the moment of the shot at goal or was that the moment the ball was flicked on? Flicked on, it's Britt at the back post that was offside. That screenshot could actually be a bit misleading, if Gestede and his defender are jumping they could be on the 6 yard line right? When I saw it I thought it probably looked a good decision, think you're right about the picture being a bit misleading
  8. ^^^ Yep. Can't argue with that. Definitely encouraging that we really gave it a go... and very nearly got there. Well Karanka got us promoted, and, so far, Monk has got us 6 points from 4 games. I'm not saying I'd prefer AK back, but I'm going to see how it goes before I say what I'd rather watch. Karanka's football was a borefest. I'd rather try to get back in to a game when we are behind. I'd rather we made subs early to try and influence changes. I'd rather create a tonne of chances like we did today. (We just squandered them). We actually should have won the game today. We had so many clear chances, it was just wasteful. I'd rather win games and get promoted. Karanka did that, Monk hasn't. In the championship under karanka,I saw some dazzling performances, some grinds and some ugly wins. Fans tend too have a short memory because of how poor last year was. But Monk is the manager now. On another day Britt could have have a hat trick but he tried much too hard
  9. Ref is going my nut in, he's so fussy and pulling up for every fart for them. He's had a stinker in my book
  10. My coaching schedule for Adama would honestly just be crossing practice all day every day
  11. He's definitely on the right wing, can't figure out the formation but he's causing them issues straight away
  12. We should have been given the advantage there, that's crap that
  13. Britt is trying much to hard to quiet the crowd and is losing the ball every time
  14. I wish the camera man would utilize the zoom out function
  15. Read yesterday palace are close to closing a deal for him
  16. That's a huge huge blow for Hull's aspirations, he is a cracker at this level and will be tough for them to replace.
  17. I think first and foremost that if you want the fullbacks to provide the attacking width then you need fullbacks that can supply some sort of end product. Did we see that yesterday? I'd say we didn't from either fullback as willing as they both were to get forward. The three in midfield we started yesterday are too similar in their approach, I don't think any of them offer any incisiveness or creativity. Hopefully Baker will help us with that but he is one player and if he doesn't work out or gets injured then we're back to those three or some combination including Leadbitter perhaps, which is no different really. I felt that partly as a result of this, Sheff Utd were able to deal with us fairly comfortably and limit where and how we could attack them. I didn't and don't like a narrow three as we had yesterday. It's ok for people to say players were interchanging but it didn't lead to anything. Also, we just spent £15m on a striker that I assume has been brought in to score goals for us and I can't remember him ever looking like getting a chance. That's down to us not being able to get him in the game in key areas. I would much prefer at least one genuine attacking player coming from out wide, not a striker playing out there, but someone with the skill/ability to create chances for the goalscorers we have in the side. We had a front three yesterday that all really wanted to be playing down the middle and it looked badly unbalanced at times. Playing like that people will continue to get in each others way because they all want to occupy the same space, that's because of the players they are. Braithwaite from the very little I've seen is no different to that but he at least is more used to the role so I think he will do a better job when he returns. However then you're dropping Gestede who almost seemed to be the focal point yesterday in some respects and our target when we went from back to front. Who will we target if he's dropped and how will we target them? I'm unclear about that right now, hence my reservations about what I saw yesterday. I think (other than the full backs) you've addressed the issues that the club have already identified. That's why I say that it's hard to judge while we are told we still have business to do. That CM problem you mentioned, I think that's exactly what Baker was brought in to do. I'd agree we also need a back up option but again we've been told that there will be a few more to come and go. As for the wide player, again we've shown that we understand that as a club by attempting to bring in Ojo and being linked to similar players. I disagree about the full backs a bit, I thought Christie did a good job yesterday and generally has put decent quality into the area in the 3 games I've seen. But friend certainly didn't give us what you identified we needed. As I said yesterday, I thought we were far from the finished article but the signs were positive. While I can see where your concerns are, I think the club have been open in showing we are looking to address them in the coming fortnight.
  18. I'm in the "feeling positive" camp after the game, however for people citing the shape and personnel making up that shape, it's the 2nd game under a whole new set of staff playing a different formation and style plus the club have said there are still a few to come and go. I'm willing to be patient with us but I'd be genuinely interested in who you think the right personnel to play the system could be? I ask because to me I see a strong lineup with good and very different options to come off the bench. What do you think we need yourselves Duvel and CT? What kind of players do you think we are missing?
  19. Looks like Jése is finally coming to England, Stoke apparently want to create the boro dream team of him and Bojan
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