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  1. We played that today No we didn't, we played with 3 out and out strikers with Bamford dropping into the hole at times. That isn't what I was suggesting, I said I would like to play with 2 strikers: PB and BA with a Ramirez type player in behind. There is a difference. I think that's what we tried to do when we bought Baker on but we ended up getting pushed back
  2. Oh I thought that replay was stopped before the ball was whipped in, it's on DAZN over here so I don't get the after match stuff.
  3. Good signs of the team gelling today. Still very early so was a really decent exercise today. Sheff Utd were poor really which was fortunate for us but I think the Outlook is promising. Bamford's first touch was immaculate all day, Christie did really well, like Howson and I have to say Randolph was better with his distribution today. Need to really push for that second goal while we are dominating but it'll come. Onto Tuesday
  4. Never say anything like this before the final whistle again I am so so sorry... :( Lol, as it went in I genuinely thought "That's anglian's fault that"
  5. Should have been allowed but justice served as it was a blatant dive to win the free kick
  6. Never say anything like this before the final whistle again
  7. Think that speaks to the lack of clear cut chances we've created. Snatched at alot today
  8. I think we could have done with Adama for Gestede you know. We haven't got control of this game at the moment and I think he could really stretch them
  9. The way we've started is why I wanted a second while we were dominant. Here comes Baker, prob for Forshaw I'd guess
  10. Every time I see Assombalonga he's got a massive smile on his face. Great to see someone play like that. Reminds me a bit of Dwight Yorke
  11. He's done ok but Forshaw has for sure been the more involved in the final third
  12. Really want a second before half time while we are on top...
  13. Gestede hits the post with a header. He's such a threat with crosses in the box
  14. We should have another before half time, keep turning the screw
  15. About 10seconds before his goal, I turned to my right and said to my mate "Gestede's movement is absolutely awful isn't it" Guess it doesn't matter if you've got that in your locker!
  16. Colback set to leave Toon after training ground row with Rafa
  17. I haven't seen owt official on Braithwaite like, hopefully just a crap rumor!
  18. Just saw that Rowett didn't pick him at all last season, doesn't fancy him I guess
  19. Did it not flow very well? It sounded decent when I skimmed the article on it?
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