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  1. I think Traore is a terrific option of the bench, so I can't see sense in not picking him unless he's off. He's can give the game and team a totally different threat it just seems bizarre
  2. He *can be* but he's got no right to be considered one at the moment. Dunno if he needs confidence or game time but he doesn't look half the player he was before his "injury issues." On song he's an excellent defender at this level, Monk's got to figure out what he needs to do to get that player back.
  3. He made the same pass last week as today and got away with it. He looks desperately short on composure and focus. That could be confidence or lack of game time but he hasn't looked a reliable defender for 18 months now. We certainly need healthy competition for the right centre back spot and right now we don't have that
  4. I think the gap between midfield and attack is the first thing Garry will want to address this week, we need to get someone from midfield closer to the forwards.
  5. Not at the races today. Highlights that we still need a centre half and a creative midfielder. Early days, still loads of time to get it right. UTB
  6. Hate to say it, but we are missing the ability of Gaston today
  7. "We're getting over ran in midfield Garry" "OK fine, let's just not have one then, Rudy!"
  8. Someone needs to work with Randolph on his ball distribution
  9. Alright so we need a first choice centre back. Bartley and Flint have been noted, anyone for any ideas?
  10. Caught you in the lie because they haven't been without the ball!
  11. It's 45mins into a new season, away at a team that have a new manager and sense of hope after some big signings. I think we need a tinker of patience here
  12. The gap between our midfield and forwards is enormous
  13. Except he won most games :) Only poking the bear for fun lads, got to find some way to smile in this first half
  14. He's looked off since February 2016 mate. Went from being comfortably the best defender in this league to a player who shouldn't get into our starting line up
  15. Do you know what he did that last week against Augsburg and got away with it. What a liability he can be sometimes
  16. Brunners, only works when you do it mate. Come on now step your game up
  17. Free kick, Clayton to hit the wall or put it out no doubt....
  18. We'll get into it, they've come flying out the blocks. Opening day and that, I mean even we were good opening day last season :)
  19. You look abit silly now that it almost went in :) I'm going to insult his free kicks every single time if that's the outcome. Please do! :)
  20. You look abit silly now that it almost went in :)
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