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  1. Steele Varga Omeruo Woody George Leadbitter Chalobah Adomah Tomlin Ledesma Graham Subs: Osorio, Gibbo, Butters, Carayol, Whitehead, Main, Kamara
  2. I agree that Karanka deserves the plaudits for what he has achieved and making us difficult to beat. In response to your concerns I would maybe ask you to consider the other side of it, which would be: RE Changing formations: I completely agree that currently, the in attacking areas, we do not have all the right players for the system. However, as a coach, you need to implement your system and get people used to playing your style. Lets say we keep 6/11 of our current "starting 11" for next season. By next season they will have had lots of time to get to know the system and style and what is expected in COMPETITIVE football. That's a huge advantage and we will be able to hit the ground running hopefully. Its a big adaption and that time is needed, as we are currently seeing in our form, to get used to it and comfortable with it so that they can go an express themselves on the pitch. Therefore, I am happy for him to persevere with it until we find ourselves in a situation where we are fighting for survival or something drastic like that. RE Trying combinations: This again is his experimental period in my mind. He is seeing the players, getting to know them, and seeing how they perform and if they can perform in HIS system and style and if so where they are most effective. So again, I am happy with this for now again until something drastic happens. The beauty of this system from a coaching perspective is that the formation is fluid, and to have that fluidity you need players to be capable of playing and being affective in different areas of the front line. Therefore a "strikers-slash-attacking midfielders-slash-wingers" is actually exactly what you want, with each player to have one role that is primary (e.g striker) but have the ability to drop and make space for others to exploit. Rigid formations are often figured out quickly but if players can be versatile, it becomes very difficult to play against.
  3. Re Graham.. I know what your getting at there. But the issue is that we really dont have a player capable of playing those balls and that role at the club (Tomlin could possibly be, too early to judge). That another reason why we are having the attacking issues we are having. The players behind the striker dont really suit the system. I hope Tomlin turns out to be a good playmaker I really do, that what we need in there, someone who can see a pass.
  4. I thought that Friend had a choppy second half, seemed to panic a little when he bombed on down the line, strangely, perhaps because Karanka hasnt been getting him to bomb on recently. Still a decent performance like. Chalobah did well in the middle, but a few times tried to get ahead of the 3 supporting Graham which I didnt like, I think that hampered our ball retention in the centre. Id like to just sit, pop it about and give the front 4 the freedom and space instead. His passing was tidy though and if he sits I think he will be valuable in there with Leadbitter. Butterfield looked like he was trying to do too much with the ball when he had it, but ended up doing nothing with it consequently. I thought we looked alot brighter with Adomah and Ledesma, but that could be because they were brought on to change our style of play to a more attacking setup. Woody and Omeruo were solid today, well organised and tidy in possession. Good performance overall, but until the last 15-20 I didnt think we looked like breaking dry spell. Lots of positives though!
  5. Hiya Lads, finally can post after my forum technical difficulties (cheers DownSouth). Looking forward to chatting and banter.
  6. BoroBoy, your toilet skills amaze me.
  7. For me it was usually the nutter on the pitch you could probably have a pint with and name a burger after; - Windass, Poggy, Big Phil Stamp, French Franck and Festa (for the song). But there is something to be said for the players with abit of genius, the Juninho's and even Carbone's. I think Tomlin fits the mould to an extend. I could imagine having a pint and a pack of crisps with him after he got sent off for the 13th time that season.
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