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  1. Wasn't there somthing is watfords business today that would trigger ours? They just signed SARR
  2. This could of been us but we let Monk spunk it up the wall
  3. I've said this for days. Think our business finished with the Charlton rb, think there would be more leaks especially today. Hope I'm proven wrong
  4. So 24hours left, JW HAS said 1 more maybe. Who is this likely to be?
  5. Due to cutbacks the Internet only comes on at certain times.
  6. I did mention a Bournemouth player ? Not sure how reliable Nixon is mind ?
  7. We suddenly forgot how to defend. I thought defending was the basics and scoring was the hard part ???
  8. On a serious note, I find it frustrating that the club seem to have let Woodgate down a bit. They told him we would have someone in the door within 48 hours at the meet and greet, he then tells the fans in a honest manner and yet we still have nothing official.
  9. I know a bloke round the corner he owns a fish van think he could do a job right back ??
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