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  1. Of course he is, I mean, no sarcasm, he really is injured. I don't know what he needs to do for people to believe him, With regards to earlier conversation about our forward line maybe not being good enough, just remember Bournemouth stayed up with Junior Stanislas, Josh King, Glen Murray and Benik Afobe. I think we're better than people like to think. They had pace, though. Allowing them to hit teams on the counter and get behind the defence. Not saying it's utter tripe, beyond any means as these new players need time to gel but we need some pace, badly. A Victor Moses etc.
  2. I'd rather keep him and continuing negotiating throughout the season. We haven't got a lot of money tied up in the guy and he is important to the squad. If he goes on a free, he goes. Any offers would be less than what the club think he's worth anyway.
  3. Probably a bit ambitious but if we can't get Ramirez, I would love it if we could have a cheeky bid for Lima from Santos. Haven't seen anything linking him to a big European club and would probably cost north of £10m+ but this guy would no doubt definitely suit the Premier League. Quick, direct and his passing range is exceptional. Here's a little highlight vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVCkG18s2qY
  4. Sorry, false alarm. I think that's my source's gut feeling, not fact. Carry on with the celebrations, folks. :D Don't EVER scare me like that again, you hear me? Well I think at least one player will be moving on. If we complete the signing of Rhodes we'll have 9 players fighting over 4 positions. Rhodes Nugent Kike Kike Sola Ramirez Downing De Pena Adomah Stuani I would say 9 is the right number. 2 for each of the 3 behind the striker and three for the striker role De Pena loaned out, maybe?
  5. Personally I would give Nugent a try on the right wing, swapping with Stuani or McCormack if he was to come. Think he'll be better off coming in off the right into the box rather than playing the loan striker.
  6. If these transfers do come off, the fluidity a*** our front four positions will be incredible. Something has to give though, surely?
  7. We haven't signed any of them yet, feet firmly on the ground until then from me!
  8. Unless were going for more flexibility formation wise, I honestly cannot see Rhodes fitting into the system we have. McCormack would be the much better fit if he were to come.
  9. may also be a case of his reputation getting us to the bargaining table with the player quicker than other clubs I don't think our scouting system is necessarily advanced or unique in anyway, just a case of adapting and following the way modern football has gone in recent years. I'd be interesting to see with the appointment of Victor Orta will be the same as Bernard Lacombe's role at Lyon and the system they have in place there.
  10. Listening to Burnley commentary, they are in complete awe of Downing
  11. Are you on a wind up? :D Forgive me if I'm wrong, I might have just woken up from a coma but the last time I saw the table we were four points from the top of the table? I don't know what has happened since but we must be in a real slump right now.
  12. Got sucked into this life of euphoria and heartbreak by my dear old Granddad quite late on when I was about 10. Most of the family aren't really football supporters, those who are support Aston Villa as they're from that part of the world. And since they now live in Boro, thankfully didn't take me to a Villa game. For some reason, on a bit of a whim I suppose as the only game I went to beforehand was an England U-21 game, he decided to buy me a season ticket for THAT 2005-2006 season. Need I say more?
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