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  1. Bit of a long shot but anyone know if anyone is selling any tickets? Apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong thread
  2. Second the counter attacking style, fortunes have changed once I tried to use a high press as opposed to dominating the game with possession on Football Manager 21 haha!
  3. Couldn't have said it better tbh There's a reason he's a captain now, and would be a boost to any squad either on or off the pitch
  4. Just remembered about the de Pena guy we signed, is he getting moved on? Probably out of his depth even in the championship
  5. If Pearson were to be the next manager I would be ecstatic. Might not be to everyones taste but he knows how to get the job done
  6. Anyone else realise guzan got megged 3 times for the goals?
  7. Mulgrew could be an option, doubt he'd want to stay at Rovers after relegation, and an experienced head at the back
  8. Honestly if a couple of results went the other way / luck / other teams failed to win etc. I think we'd be talking about this season differently. The run of teams around us combined with us capitulating really knocked the wind out of most supporters. I won't say we're down till its mathematically impossible and will have hope going into the next few games. Should we stay up an overhaul is needed, the cracks in the team were just covered by our brilliant performance last season and came to light in the premier league. Personally, looking at it long term, relegation would be better for us thi
  9. Vardy a "squad player"? what are you on Whole team is built round him
  10. Personally I am really pleased with Fabio too as I remember slating him before he signed when we were linked with him but he's been a revelation, and definitely offers more to our team when he's in the side.
  11. ASDFC101

    De Roon

    Really? That entirely depends on how much of it is up front. Less than £10m up front then maybe as long as the rest was dependent on him becoming brilliant. He's a good player and has potential. But it wouldn't represent value for money for a while. agree 100% with this
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