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  1. That would almost be like going from Negrado to Gestede… who would be daft enough to do that 😬
  2. He’s South American 🤷‍♂️ That’s about as good as it gets for us!
  3. I’m not so confident on that last point 😂
  4. Brilliant practise for when we are launching 60 yard long balls down the pitch 🚀
  5. But ultimately his future will be the English promotion… let’s hope so 🤞
  6. We will be able to train that out of him don’t worry 😉
  7. Just the daily flight from Buenos Aires to Teesside 🤷‍♂️
  8. He became a free agent at 11pm our time, wonder if he’d fit within our £14k/week budget? We’d probably find a way to stop him scoring goals anyway 😬
  9. Should have resigned Gestede and stuck him in goal, he was pretty solid at making sure the ball didn’t hit the back of the net!
  10. Consistently in the bottom 3 for every stat, at least it makes me feel a lot better about Joe Lumley!
  11. Anyone looking to fill 5 minutes, EFL stats on Twitter are picking a team of the season, going through the stats of players in each position. So far covered keepers, turns out Bettinelli isn’t the worst keeper in the league... but he’s pretty close!
  12. The media team haven’t had too much to do lately, at least they’ve kept themselves busy!
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