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  1. Think I might look for jobs at Bulkhaul. Then never show up to work and just go play golf every day. Seems like Gibbo is adverse to sacking people!
  2. We have been in a downward spiral since McClaren left to be honest. Short of Mowbray steadying the ship and Karanka getting us promoted, we have been ran appallingly for well over a decade. Players have come and gone, managers and their back room staff have come and gone. A long hard look needs to be taken at the top. I’ve always been very pro Gibson, but I’m slowly starting to question that now. He needs to take charge of this situation, show some real leadership and be cut throat with everyone at the club. If he doesn’t have the appetite to do so, maybe it is time he hands the club over to someone who does.
  3. Gibson needs to step in and put an end to that at once. As you say, that only goes one way!
  4. I keep checking back every few hours expecting to see he has stepped down. I just don’t see how his position is tenable with fans turning on the team and the players seemingly not playing for him anymore.
  5. I usually only and sign in and comment during the transfer windows. But felt compelled to say yes!
  6. If we haven't used the half eaten parmo bun... I'll have it.
  7. Enjoy the golf ?️I am off there on Sunday for a round!
  8. If only we had adopted this approach when we got relegated, with at least some money to put towards getting the right kind of players in!
  9. "We're working to get one in" "We don't need to sell players" Swings and roundabouts I guess!
  10. OMG it's happening.... we are signing Messiiiiiiiiii
  11. That is a relief, it would be suicide to get rid of our better, more experienced players. We need to maintain a balance of youth and experience otherwise we could be in for a long old season imho!
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