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  1. Looks as though Spence may have fallen through at the last minute. BBC Nottingham say no more announcements expected tonight.
  2. I’m greedy but I just feel there might be one more surprise. A forward of some sort.
  3. Hopefully we may get an update to get us all excited in the next hour or so from @Raf smogor @diggerlad07.
  4. Berahino and Mendez-Laing to Sheffield Wednesday by the looks of it.
  5. IN: Šporar, Siliki, Burke and Bennett. OUT: Spence and Morsy.
  6. Just stuff I’ve been told. Obviously can’t say who but it’s someone I’d expect to know.
  7. We do. The ‘turnaround’ was supposedly due to disagreements on the loan fee.
  8. The club think Siliki is happening, would explain the Morsy rumours.
  9. When was this? Good to see Digger back though!
  10. I must say, if we could get Burke, Sporar, Hernandez and a left-back over the line I’d be delighted.
  11. Guess all the journalists must be busy with that Ronaldo fella. Been another relatively quiet day.
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