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  1. If anyone would be in a position to know it’d be McMahon, he’s on the unofficial coaching staff.
  2. Not really one to share info but been told tonight there is definite interest in Gibson and both parties want it to happen. This information is from the same guy that told me about Ste Walker starting against Stoke which I posted about in the matchday thread a good few days before. As I say just passing on information but makes it more interesting after Woody’s BBC Tees interview.
  3. There isn’t really anything to be misunderstood, it’s wrong on every level.
  4. I didn’t want to say anything but it’s definitely not the best thing to be posting.
  5. I’ve got a pal from Brum area and a lot of his Villa supporting mates saying word is that Britt is happening.
  6. Thanks for the info. Also, are you saying Randolph is gone for more than 5m or that it will take more than 5m for him to go? As for Clarke and Parrott, could they potentially be in not long after the Spurs game? Makes sense seeing as though they’ll be up from London.
  7. Strangely enough we’re actually favourites to sign Billy Sharp on SkyBet. To go with the other links on here, we’re also very much favourites for Jack Clarke.
  8. @DavidSJourno: MIDDLESBROUGH. Now favourites to sign Billy Sharp on loan. Wilder doesn’t want him to leave but Woodgate is a big fan and wants him in. #Boro Can’t see this being true but if we’re discussing a deal with Sheffield United could be used as a makeweight from their side.
  9. So if Roberts and Jones do come in and we go with the 3-4-3, it’d look something like this... —————Pears————— —Howson—Ayala—Fry— Spence—McNair—Tav—Coulson —Roberts—Fletcher—Jones.
  10. Been told today that young Ste Walker is starting on Friday night so will be interesting to see how he gets on.
  11. Just be told that Woodgate is on very thin ice and defeat at the weekend will see him out the door. Obviously just passing on information but it would explain the Warnock links over the past few days.
  12. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned anywhere but Alan Brazil said on TalkSport this morning he heard Woodgate was on his way out. Interesting baring in mind he’s very good pals with Neil Warnock.
  13. CWC

    Steve Gibson

    He’s never there to start anything anyway.
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