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  1. A potential option on the right-side of the three?
  2. Wonder who the player @Raf smogwas referring to when he said things could hit up tomorrow. Think a few assumed it was Muniz.
  3. That would be the biggest downgrade since we tried to replace Darren Randolph with Marcus Bettenelli.
  4. I’ll translate this for anyone that doesn’t have time to read… ‘We don’t have a f*cking scooby what’s going on.’
  5. Slightly more credible journalist - followed by Romano.
  6. Fu**ing hell we need an update with a bit of substance.
  7. As much as it was very exciting, I can’t see for one minute we’d have managed to get a deal done, have a player train and the media completed without one leak or report from a more established news source. (I’m praying this is the case). This is not a dig at all and I’d be delighted if I was proved wrong but this is Middlesbrough Football Club we’re talking about.
  8. One thing I did pick up on - When speaking to BBC Tees after the game Wilder seemed a lot more downbeat but said they were hopeful of maybe one. Then fast forward to after he’d spoken to the written press he’d mentioned we were close to 2/3 and also it was a case of just not getting them registered in time. Could he have received a positive update in between doing both?
  9. Digger risking his whole ITK reputation on this. Ballsy, I like it.
  10. Has our inside man at Rockliffe not got an update for us today?
  11. The account name isn’t really convincing 😅
  12. I’m not so sure why people are getting excited about it just yet, the account it’s come from actually invites people to DM them rumours on Twitter to post.
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