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  1. Like a few of the other lads, not claiming to be in the know but got a bit of info at the weekend. Came from someone within football that knows a few of our lads so got every reason to believe him. Supposedly we’ll go after Ikpeazu, the Wycombe striker, in the summer now that they’ve gone down. I don’t think he looks great in front of goal but he’s a real handful and caused us all sorts of bother the two times we played them this season. I don’t think he’d be coming in as a first-choice mind.
  2. I’m currently in the second year of studying sports journalism and would be willing to help out / contribute if this goes ahead.
  3. A genuine free-kick specialist as well. This is an exciting one.
  4. Hold on... Is this the surprise I was begging for...
  5. We’ve slung in a late bid for Messi haven’t we?
  6. I’m just gutted at the prospect of only one coming in.
  7. Surely with Wing and Roberts now going we’ll bring in more than one?
  8. I can’t believe Grosicki isn’t on the move. West Brom have signed about four players today, surely he’s available.
  9. Do we reckon there’ll be one more name tonight or will it be a case of waiting for Mendez-Laing?
  10. https://t.co/WdK7HNaLsb Dijon are fast becoming the French Aston Villa of 2015. Any player were linked with they make a move!
  11. Is Kamara a predominately a striker? Every time I’ve seen him play he’s played off the right.
  12. All gone a bit flat. Hopefully we’ll get something to get excited about later tonight. My guess is 5:00pm.
  13. I think that’ll be us done if Britt isn’t moving on.
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