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  1. Time to move on then. In fairness Warnock did say we’re talking to a couple out there.
  2. A few of the Flamengo fans on Twitter seem to believe he’s coming our way and are saying that’s what the Brazilian media are suggesting.
  3. I saw the posts but everyone seemed to just skip over it. Guess everyone is just sick of it now! 😅
  4. https://www.uol.com.br/esporte/futebol/ultimas-noticias/gazeta-esportiva/2021/07/29/atacante-rodrigo-muniz-pode-ter-transferencia-para-a-inglaterra-selada-nesta-semana.htm Posted today at 12:49pm: “Flamengo had to negotiate some of its players to balance this season's finances. Apparently, the cast should get rid of one more name. Attacker Rodrigo Muniz has been targeted by foreign clubs. However, Flamengo's board seems to have found a destination for the striker. Middlesbrough, from England, made an official proposal that was well accepted by the red-blacks. With this, the
  5. Pardon me for wanting the occasional bit of ITK! 😔
  6. Where’s RAF when you need him? Gave us all a boost of positivity last night and then since Fulham jumped ahead of us there hasn’t been much else reported. I need some positivity! 😅
  7. This thread and the Vítor talk has really got me feeling nostalgic. Does anyone remember ‘theinsider’ that was evidently one of the lads from the Gazette?
  8. I’m helplessly refreshing hoping for one more twist in the Muniz saga knowing full well he’s going to Fulham. For those that have been here long enough it’s given me real Eduardo Vargas / Vítor vibes.
  9. I’m just going to pretend I’ve read none of that.
  10. I’ve always felt even since we signed Ikpeazu he wouldn’t be first-choice. He’s a handful don’t get me wrong but there’s quite obvious flaws in his game. Even if we sign Muniz, I still think we’ll bring in a third striker.
  11. CWC


    Such sad news. The genuine OG ITK. Remember refreshing this site countless times waiting for his updates on the Rhodes transfer saga. RIP VB x
  12. They normally hold back a piece from Warnock’s quotes for the following day. We might hear something tomorrow hopefully.
  13. Seen Crooks getting compared to a lower league Fellaini last night and then saw this from when he won Championship Player of the Month: Could we see him playing in the role that Callum Paterson played for Warnock at Cardiff?
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