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  1. Brilliant graphic on Twitter regarding how many minutes our squad played in what positions last season and how long they have remaining on their contracts. It’s really not pleasant reading. Worth a look.
  2. Please god no not Kevin Stewart. Put on one of the worst individual displays I’ve ever seen for Hull at the KCOM.
  3. I can’t get my head round people that are insistent on bringing Marcus Maddison in. No doubting he’s a good League 1 player but there is obviously a reason why he hasn’t had one club approach him since becoming a free-agent. We’re talking about someone that didn’t pull up any trees in his short spell in the Championship, is reportedly asking for ridiculous wages crazy and to be honest if you’ve seen the way he acts like a spoilt 14 year old boy on social media you wouldn't want him anywhere near our team.
  4. At this stage I really cannot see why we are not looking very closely at Chris Martin. He’s a different type to Britt and Fletch and more in the mould of Moore. There would be no fee involved and I’d guess would be wanting similar terms to Moore.
  5. Considering pre-season starts next season it’s all a bit quiet and depressing really isn’t it. The club pushing Marcus Browne propaganda out scares the life out of me.
  6. There’s obviously substance to the Goode links and I hope there is. Watched him play in the play-offs and looked the type that just enjoys defending which is what we need and Warnock will want. He also looked very capable of making the step up.
  7. Funnily enough I have a close family member who played with Lyndon Dykes at reserve level in Scotland. Even when he moved over from Australia he didn’t seem to stand out and nobody really thought he’d go on to senior football so much so he was close to going back to Australia. I have to say I’d personally be very against paying the price that is being asked for him. Don’t get me wrong he’s doing well in Scotland but for that money I think it would be a crazy decision and we could certainly get much better.
  8. Seeing as though it’s relatively quiet, let’s have your predictions for the next week. I’m going Moore in, Friend and Johnson new deals announced.
  9. Seem to remember Amos being the best player on the park when we played QPR at the Riverside. Was always looking for the ball and keeping the play ticking which I think we miss massively. I’d definitely be happy with him, especially for the price mentioned.
  10. Funnily enough I was sat next to Adam Armstrong getting my hair cut yesterday. He mentioned how much he was loving it at Blackburn and that’s he’s happy Mogga is now playing him central so I don’t think there’ll be anything in that. For anyone interested he also mentioned that he thought Danny Graham would probably go back to Sunderland.
  11. Literally anyone that is Danish is a bargain in your eyes.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDgUeijAd36/?igshid=14g8ta8j9oj2u Haven’t seen this in the Gazette at all?
  13. Seems a bit strange that Warnock admitted today he hoped to have one in by the end of the week but there has been absolutely no rumours or info suggesting we’re close to signing anyone.
  14. Yes please! Anything concrete in this?
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