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  1. It’s disappointing knowing we probably aren’t going to ‘have a go’ in January. Obviously Covid circumstances make it a slightly easier pill to swallow but feel like there is a real opportunity to be taken this season. Financially, there’s some big hitters ahead of us but we’ve more than matched them in the games we’ve played against them. We’ve got a good core and just need to add a bit of quality that will allow us to eliminate some of of our inconsistency. No doubt having Fletcher back will help but that quality out wide I still think we miss and I still think we’re without genuine technical ability in midfield. Hourihane would give us exactly that so fingers crossed we can push through a loan deal. Yesterday’s result was a really hard one to take and watch so I’m hoping Gibson will have seen what we all saw and is willing to put his hands in his pocket and give us a real chance of breaking into the top six and establishing ourselves.
  2. We had a player signed and didn’t manage to announce him for nearly a fortnight so fingers crossed they aren’t pulling any of those moves.
  3. I must admit I thought we’d at least get one in but doesn’t even look like that will be happening now.
  4. Am I really seeing people turn their noses up at Danny Rose? It was only a few years back he was deemed the best left-back in the country and Man City were bidding upwards of 40m for him. I must say I can’t see it happening but come on, he’s country miles better than anything we have and probably better than most in the league.
  5. Honestly amazed how long they are taking to announce Roberts, especially after Warnock openly admitting it was pretty much done.
  6. In his BBC Tees interview he sounded very confident on another as well.
  7. Callum Paterson is off to Sheffield Wednesday for only £500,000. Quite shocked we weren’t even linked given Warnock’s connection with him.
  8. It’s alarmingly quiet with only a few weeks of the window left. We need bodies in.
  9. I’m praying we bring in a right-back or move Dijksteel to right wing-back. I personally think Spence is a liability, defensively he’s so poor and only isn’t exposed more because of his pace at times. (His only real asset). Shocked there was no mention of him after the Watford game as for me he looked the weakest link barring Saville.
  10. I’m actually a bit gutted if Sanogo has fallen through. He’s left field and gives us something different to what we have. Think Warnock would have got something out of him as well. More than anything it’s a body we NEED.
  11. Frustrating the press didn’t ask about Sanogo, as people have mentioned footyinsider have been one step ahead of everyone else so was hoping for a bit of positive news on him as well as Bettinelli.
  12. Our announcements are always 12:30 or 5:00. Perhaps Bettinelli 12:30 and Sanogo 5:00?
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