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  1. It's easy when the club chairman thinks you are his close friend and after every defeat you say what you would have done differently. It's really not that hard to imagine. Abyway lovely well articulated post by the way Tom, thought you had more about you than that. I see the curse of the mod has infected you as well.
  2. He is an absolute snake I wouldn't touch him with a barge poll. Doing a good job though. Haha why is he a snake? There's so much but look how he got the Swansea job, downed tools, was whispering in the chairmans ear and lead/organised a player revolt. Then positioned himself as gaffa. He's two faced with his players, staff and talks more *** to the media than AK.
  3. He is an absolute snake I wouldn't touch him with a barge poll. Doing a good job though.
  4. Is it? We are *** at set pieces and don't counter attack we counter possess. When was the last time we went box to box with two or three touches on the counter. I've seen us do it reverse. Every corner seems to be how quick can we get it to Valdes.
  5. What's really cost us was all that bull *** about teams not being in our league and mini leagues. It gave players and managers excuses for *** poor performances as long as it wasn't against a bottom 3 team.
  6. Would changing a manager at this point really do anything? Looking at it what can a new manager do? Clement at Swansea brought players in who had been shunned by Bradley and started to play players in their proper positions. You can say the same for Leicester. Who do we have that could come in and do anything Fischer, Downing, Husband, Bamford? Hull and Palace used the transfer window. Aside from that could we risk Agnew being in charge for some vital games? I don't believe ASK can keep us up, I think he's been castrated since the walk out but I also believe that our issues run
  7. I'd love to know how he coaches. Pep when he was at Barcelona gave people jobs and positions both defensively and offensively. His arguement was that a player should be able to pass a ball into space without looking if you are there. He should trust you to do your job. If you consistently didn't do it you got dropped. I recall Henry telling a story of how he drifted from left to right, picked up the ball and scored only to be given a bollocking at half time by Pep. For all the organisation we have defensively I don't see the same going forward. There's two things that strike me with
  8. Something wrong CT, that was only one sentence? I'm beginning to sense a trend here.
  9. On the upside if you believe in the multi verse then somewhere out there we are top of the league.
  10. I'm here for two weeks and have read through today's match day thread but just wondering what's the general mood on the team, players, managers, staff.
  11. Even Karankas not delusional enough to blame a time lord.
  12. Sorry Linjo you replied whilst I was typing other post was about Mikel. With regard to different directions If you look at the people we've signed who play the same position as each other it's hard to identify similar traits: Adama and Stuani. De Pena, Wildshutt, Fischer. Downing, Tomlin and Gaston. Even Negredo, Rhodes and Nugent. Probably the closest is our choice of left backs and Negredo and Kike. I think with those you can clearly see we have a type/model of player in mind. For me sometimes you don't need plan b but a change in personal doing plan a. I don't think hav
  13. @Linjo I don't know. I'd be surprised as I think he'll move onto bigger and better things. I'll put feelers out in the next few days and see if I get anything. There's a bunch of Spanish scouts staying in the same hotel.
  14. He looks a real player, think he something like a £40m buy out. I think we are quite active still in Spain and may just be working on the database. We've seen that we have scouted people for 2/3 years before signing them. It will also mean there's others we have paid interest in and not signed. I'll be interested to see what our squad is like after deadline day. When I look at our signings and who we are linked with it doesn't feel that all the recruitment team have the same ideas.
  15. Hi guys, Just read the last few pages so sorry if these are bullet points or repeats. It wasn't the Gazette that broke the news about Shay signing for us. It won't have had any impact on their relationship with the club. That said they ran that we signed Lindelof three times last Jan. I'm told Jese is a loan deal £2 5m and 70-75k a week. Deal has been agreed with the club but player needs to decided. The reverse is true of Bojan - personal terms are agreed but clubs apart on valuation. Think we will end up at about the £10.8 mark. I also believe Delafoofoo has agreed terms with
  16. fog could be worse I've got Everton
  17. on the subjet of Everton a really interesting article in the guardian https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/dec/29/vibrac-jg-funding-riverdance-everton-shadow-investor-mystery?CMP=share_btn_tw anyway see you guys at the end of the season utb
  18. Ayala struggled physically at Liverpool. Lots of injuries and there was doubt over whether his body would hold up. If you get the chance to see any early footage of Ayala he had a strange frame and awkward gate. From the people I've spoken to they all see he was very coachable but with that little bit of arrogance you need. Adama is hard one. He's a very unintelligent player and it doesn't appear as if the game comes naturally to him. There are times when you can see him trying to think what to do. Having spent 10 years at Barca I'm surprised at how basic of a player he is
  19. At that age it's a mixture of things Basic skills: What's their first touch like? Can they pass a ball? Physique: Sadly it's still a major part in identifying players. The days of Micky Quinn style bodies has gone. Footballing Intelligence: Are they positionally aware? Or are they running all over the pitch. Match Impact: At that age the players that make it are normally the best players on the pitch. Then it's attitude, how do they interact with other players, managers and coaches and coachability. If you tell them to change the way they do something do they attempt to chan
  20. Boro mate, think we (Shenhua) have our quota filled. Boro scouts been watching Espanyol a couple of times in recent weeks. And yeah ex Man City lad
  21. I'll put a word in with Gus. We've been watching Felipe Caicedo who I believe is available for circa £7m Just out of interest is there any PL players you are looking at that can be revealed? I'm not scouting anymore. With Shenhua I'm responsible for developing the coaching and scouting infrastructure. Essentially coaching the coaches and showing how to identify traits in youngsters. It's then putting in place an education system to develop the players. It's interesting because you are in a culture where youth football barely exists and where the government are really on
  22. I'll put a word in with Gus. We've been watching Felipe Caicedo who I believe is available for circa £7m
  23. Not sure I'd agree with that Nugent's never been a good top flight striker whilst we don't know what Rhodes can do. We'll also probably get a fee for Rhodes and will end up in profit. Ultimately though there is no point having 2 strikers in the squad that we aren't going to use. Only question that remains is did Karanka want Gestede?
  24. Just much much worse. Pointless We're just lucky that Friend, Fabio, Barragan, Adama, Stuani and Fischer have a great final ball.
  25. Gestede isn't really plan b. It's more like plan a version 2.
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